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  • Title: [SW News] Heroic Ethiopian Forces Destroy Eight Eritrean Divisions
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  • Date :13 May 2000]


Ethiopian Government spokesperson

May 13, 2000 (9:40 pm local time)

Heroic Ethiopian Forces Destroy Eight Eritrean Divisions


During heavy fighting today in the vicinity of the Mereb River, the heroic Ethiopian defense forces

completely destroyed Eritrea's heavily-fortified trenches along with eight divisions

(more than 40,000 soldiers) of the Eritrean army. The trenches being overrun by the

Ethiopian forces stretch between the Tekezie and Mereb Rivers. The Eritrean army is

retreating in disarray as the Ethiopian ground forces pursue them and destroy them as they flee.

In coordination with the ground forces, the valiant Ethiopian air force repeatedly penetrated Eritrean

territory. They returned safely from their successful missions, attacking strategic positions around

Mendefera and between the Mereb and Tekezie Rivers.

During the past two days of fighting, the courageous Ethiopian forces captured strategic positions

that were previously under the control of the Eritrean army. The captured positions include Dakonomia,

Bishka, Mailam, Folina, Wehabit, Berkelatsia, Tsibra, Sifa, Binbina, Girme, Shilalo, Hadamo, Jarbit,

Gojajilai, and Darsenay, among others.

On the heels of these significant and decisive military victories, the Ethiopian forces are proceeding

to capture more strategic positions.

The Eritrean army sustained heavy material and human losses in the past two days. Thousands of

soldiers have been killed and wounded and many others have been captured.

In addition to the heavy fighting near the Mereb River, there were also exchanges of heavy artillery

at the Zalambessa-Egala and Bure fronts. ______________________________________________________________________________________

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