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  • Title: [SW News](BBC/Ethiopia) Foreign Minister Condemns UN For Sympathizing With Eritrea/Statement Issued by the Prime Minister's Office
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  • Date :[13 May 2000]

100% match; BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom ; 13-May-2000 12:00:00 am ; 269 words

Text of report by Ethiopian radio on 13th May


Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin has said that the UN Security Council had not made any effort to stop the fighting launched by the Eritrean government against the Ethiopia. In his letter sent yesterday to the current president of the Security Council, the foreign minister said the Security Council [word indistinct] had not accepted the fact that Ethiopia had been invaded. Eshetu Abera has the details:

[Eshetu] Mr Seyoum said the council had not made any effort to stop the war but rather had sympathized with the Eritrean aggression. As a result, the fighting had continued for more than two years. Mr Seyoum said it was also sad that the Security Council had not exploited the Algiers proximity talks, because, had the council wanted to resolve the problem it would have put pressure on Eritrea to accept the [Algiers] talks to amend the technical arrangements. Mr Seyoum, in his letter, said it would have been possible to create other avenues for talks but Eritrea, by resolutely bringing up obstacles, succeeded in killing the Algiers talks.

In his letter the minister condemned the council for presenting Eritrea as an innocent country, which had not committed any crime against Ethiopia and its people. Mr Seyoum wondered how Ethiopia could seek justice from the Security Council when the situation remained as stated. He also questioned whether violation of international norms in Africa did not worry the Security Council. In his letter, the foreign minister expressed dismay, wondering whether the Security Council hated aggression. He wanted to know what the council's principles were in bringing peace and stability to our subregion.

Finally, the minister affirmed Ethiopia's readiness to support the OAU's effort to bring peace in Africa.

Source: Radio Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, in Amharic 1000 gmt 13 May 00


Statement Issued by the Prime Minister's Office

May 13, 2000 (8:20 pm local time)

Over two years ago, a flagrant and an unprovoked aggression was committed against Ethiopia by Eritrea.
In response to this an unexpected act of aggression, the House of People's
Representatives passed a Decision on 13 May, 1998, which has governed the activities

of the Federal Government aimed at reversing the aggression and ensuring the restoration

of sovereignty and the dignity of our people. The Decision of the House of Peoples' Representatives

requests the Executive Branch to ensure the reversal of the aggression peacefully, if that is possible,

and by whatever means necessary, if the peaceful means failed to produce results.

Accordingly, the Government of Ethiopia has so far left no stone unturned
to pave the way for a peaceful resolution of the crisis and to secure the
reversal of the Eritrean aggression by peaceful means. We have, while
always reserving our right of self-defence, cooperated with all
peacemakers, foremost among them the Organization of African Unity, fully and

with no reservation. We have conducted ourselves, in all phases of the peace process,

with patience and a full sense of responsibility.
Whatever the situation in the military scene----whether the intensity of
the fighting was high or low-----we have never relinquished our right of
self-defence. While affirming this right, like all self-respecting nations
would, we have pursued the peaceful avenue with vigour, including during
times when the scale and intensity of fighting was high.


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