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  • Title: [SW News] (BBC Monitoring) Eritrea Says Fierce Fighting With Ethiopia SouthWestern Front
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  • Date :[13 May 2000]


100% match; BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom ; 13-May-2000 12:00:00 am ; 194 words

Text of report in English by Eritrean Foreign Ministry on 13th May


Ethiopia's war of aggression against Eritrea continued with intensity today [13th May]. Fierce fighting is raging on the Mereb-Setit [southwestern Eritrea] front.

Ethiopia resumed its war of aggression in the early morning hours yesterday, 12th May. Ethiopia's repeated assaults along the Mereb-Setit front were repulsed, with Ethiopian forces suffering heavy casualties. The Ethiopian regime also carried out intensive shelling on the Alitena-Mereb [southern Eritrea] front. But the front line was quiet at [the] present time this morning.

Eritrea yesterday requested the UN Security Council to condemn Ethiopia. In a letter sent to the president of the Security Council, Eritrea underlined that "Ethiopia's renewed resort to force is in flagrant violation of the OAU Framework Agreement and modalities, which commit both parties to refrain from the use of force. It is also a violation of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations". Recalling that the Security Council has repeatedly "resolved that the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia constitutes a threat to international peace and security", Eritrea called on the Security Council to:

"1. Strongly condemn Ethiopia's resumption of its war of aggression against Eritrea.

2. Support Eritrea's legitimate right of self defence".

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asmara, 13th May 2000

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