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  • Title: [SW News] MOGADISHU, (XINHUA) Flood Hits Southern Somalia
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  • Date:  [Sunday, May 21, 2000 8:57 AM EST ]

Flood Hits Southern Somalia

Story Filed: Sunday, May 21, 2000 8:57 AM EST

MOGADISHU (May 21) XINHUA - Drought-hit southern Somalia has welcomed the long-waited rainfall, but when it comes, it has caused flooding in many towns and villages furthering the sufferings in to the drought hit people there. The Jubba River, the largest in Somalia, which rarely flooded is now taking its turn in competing with the river Shabelleh for the worst each can do to its neighborhood.

An area of more than 40 square kilometers between the towns of Jilib and Jamama of Middle and Lower Jubba regions is now being inundated as the flood from the Jubba river have merged those of the rains.

The floods from Jubba River have caused heavy damages to the Southern port town of Kismaio, 500 Km South of Mogadishu, by cutting the road linking the capital to Kismaio.

All of the commercial movements via terra between Mogadishu and Kismaio have stopped earlier in the week after the threat has increased and the farmers began to move.

According to Shuriyeh Umiyeh Addaweh, a traveler who reached Mogadishu last night, the road is cut off but there are boats in place now working between the town of Jilib and the strategic bridge of Kansuma, about 100Km North of Kismaio town.

According to eyewitnesses contacted on the VHF radio in Jilib town, hundreds of farms stretched along the river have been abandoned after the river has crushed its banks in the areas where it did three years ago during the major flood disaster in Southern Somalia.

The major crop the farmers have looked forward to good harvest has been the sesame, which now ended in dismay under floodwaters.

The central region of Hiran is not now any better as the Shabelleh River has flooded into two of its main residential quarters inside the regional capital, Beletuein.

According to the reports reaching here in Mogadishu, over 600 families who fled their houses in Beletuein are now scattered at Chentoh Kuindisheh area where the road linking Mogadishu to the central regions pass-by.

According to the people in Hiran region, hundreds of families in Hawo Takoh and Hawlwadag residential areas have left their houses after the river burst its banks dangerously streaming into their houses and streets.

Residents in Hawlwadag said the main bridge of Liqliqatoh is now in danger which if its cut, the town will be bisected into two incommunicable parts.

Hassan Abdulleh Qalad, the governor of the region who spoke with the reporters on the VHF radio said the situation is alarming. The governor said his people who suffered from widespread malaria and cholera can not now withstand this extra burden of displacement.

He appealed that unless something quick is done, his people will start dying in their dozens for lack of food, shelter and medicine.



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