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  • Title: [SW Column] (SW- Thinker,Filosofer and Nomad ) A man, Somalilander, stunned by his southern brethren!
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  • Date :[19 Jun 2000]

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Name: Thinker,Filosofer and Nomad (From: [en] (Win95; I))
Website: A man stunned by his southern brethren!
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From: Usa
Time: 2000-06-19 05:47:18

I have perused some of the most popular Somali Internet Forums regarding the Djibouti Conference for a couple of days only to find myself shaking my head at Somalis in general and my Southern brethren in particular.Firstly, I am a Somalilander (let's not hide ourselves,we're all free people in this world). What baffles me is that in a conference to bring peace to the 'warring parties' of former Somalia, so much of the attention is focused on the question of Somaliland and its "secession" or 'revocation of unity with the South' depending on who's talking. No one talks about the continuous warfare that takes place in parts (if not most) of Mogadishu, the military campaign of musical chairs in Kismayo, the wholesale destruction of the farmbelt of Somalia (Baydhabo) by all factions in the South (this has resulted in continuous famine in the one area where there should be an abundance of food). No one discusses the fact that most regions in former Somalia have not even started preliminary schooling for young children nor indigenous health care systems that are not dependent on foreign aid handouts that disappear everytime there's a small security threat in that local area. No, actually none of those burning issues, seem to resonate with my brothers and sisters in former Somalia. The only thing that seems to peak their interest and insatiable resentment is that the old lady in Somaliland has taken her own matters in to her own hands, rebuilt her 'bakhaar', put a roof on the remains of her home that was flattened by the 'Glorious Air Force of Somalia' and demined her front street from the mines that were left by her former gov't. This obsession with the affairs of this old lady trying to put her house in order is known simply as 'xaasidnimo', a trait often found in human beings when they have no solutions to the plights that affect them. My brothers and sisters, let's agree to disagree for now. First make peace with yourselves, solve the burning issues in your backyard, then we can finally take up the issue of how to interact with each other and under what system or systems. Assalaamu Aleikum Ali Shakur P.S. I apologize for lumping so many Somalis together in their viewpoints but diversity of opinions is not well-known among Somalis worldwide


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