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  • Title: [SW Country](Somaliland Forum, June 24, 2000) Once More, Clouds of War are gathering pace over the Horn of Africa
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  • Date [Saturday, June 24, 2000 5:10 PM EST ]

Once More, Clouds of War are gathering pace over the Horn of Africa

Story Filed: Saturday, June 24, 2000 5:10 PM EST

Somalia (Somaliland Forum, June 24, 2000) - A group of so called Somali traditional elders, who were hand picked by President Ismail Omer Guelleh, of Djibouti, have recently concluded their month long talk at Arta, Djibouti, over the political future of Somalia. It has been reported by the world media that these elders have agreed on a six- point plan, which covers everything from peace-making between their warring communities in former Somalia's South to re-inventing the failed Somali state.

The Somaliland Forum, welcomes the idea of peace making between the Somali communities.

For this essential component in human existence has been alluding Somalia for a very long time now. These elders, however, have over-stepped their traditional role in the Somali culture by denying the people of Somaliland their political independence! For example, they have once again made the same old mistake of calling for the formation of "Greater" Somali State, the mother of all Somali political troubles.

They have even gone further with their usual baseless claim over Somaliland's people by reiterating the point that "Somali political unity is sacrosanct!"

Therefore, we would like to inform the world community that this latest move by President Guelleh of Djibouti and his selected traditional elders, will undoubtedly jump start a new cycle of violence in the Horn of Africa. Evidently, there is going to be another renewed fratricidal war between the two Somali states. "This will add a new layer of complexity to the already prolonged political mismatch in the Somali peninsula of the Horn. It will also ignite another senseless war in the region, which is still reeling with the agony of the already miscalculated Ethio-Etritrean war of recent months," said Amina Malko, Chair of Somaliland Forum

As our government in Somaliland have already warned against such utterances, it is all but certain that Somaliland will strongly resist any imposition of illegitimate authority over its territory that might emerge from the conference at Arta, Djibouti. Such illegal claim over the political destiny of the people of Somaliland could manifest itself in several ways.

First, those at Arta are contemplating of allocating government seats to some individuals whose roots lie in Somaliland. While we like them to come back home and take part of nation building in Somaliland, we will consider them like the Palestinians in the Jordanian parliament and Cabinet, if they chose to take seats in the government of the newly invented Somali State. They both have the choice to go home, yet they both are participating in other country's political processes. After all, Jordan was part of the Old Syrian federation before the European colonialism, which consisted of Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Syria proper. So too is the current Somali story that is in the making at Arta. In other words, there is going to be three Somali states, in the Old Somali territories, Somaliland, the Republic of Djibouti and Somalia, which is still in the making. We welcome this three Somali-republics formula, but not the other way around, which will lead all of us to war.

Secondly, it is ill-conceivable for the international community to rush to judgement and blindly accept Arta's outcome, without making sure that there is a clear political demarcation line between Somaliland and Somalia. "The people of Somaliland have already spoken, and it is in the best interest of the Horn of Africa as a whole, that their voices should be heard and respected," said Amina Malko, chair of Somaliland Forum. Otherwise, as the Somaliland's spokesperson have already warned (See AFP despatch from Hargeisa on, June 16 ), the net result of Arta would be unnecessary war in the region. A region that is yet to embrace another darkened clouds of war, despite its myriad of other problems, including famine, a record number of refugee influx, and stagnant economic growth and development.

For further information, please contact Ms. Amina Malko, Canada Chairperson Somaliland Forum Email chair@somalilandforum.com Telephone: (905) 707-7442 or (416) 879-9279 Mr. Mahdi A. Gabose, USA. Vice Chair, Somaliland Forum Email: vice@somalilandforum.com Telephone: (703) 330-9502 or (703) 963-5156 Dahir Abdi Jama Tel: 0208 2922757 Mobile(Cell) 07947 797246 Email: Dahir@dahir.freeserve.co.uk


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