About the Blog


Hey there! I am a lifestyle blogger that has chosen to focus this blog on the struggles and accomplishments of the country, Somalia. I’ve always had a thing for history ever since secondary school. People are always telling only half the story. This has been a pet peeve of mines for years. As a result, I jumped at the chance to create a blog on Somalia. It isn’t every day that you get the chance to retell history. This blog allows me to combine both my love of writing and desire to acquire more historical knowledge. If you are a history buff or African culture lover, this blog is for you! I’m always interested in new challenges. Read these posts and get a glimpse into my recommendations and my perspective.


This blog details the history and culture of Somalia from past to present. This African country has been ridden with violence and conflict almost since its independence in 1960.  The rocky road that the people of Somalia have faced has been a major factor it’s cultural development. Years after constant warfare thankfully haven’t ruined the natural beauty destinations within the country. The blog provides a chronological report of the culture, history, and background of this country. It’s only been a little over half a century since this independent nation was formed. Yet, there has been more than a fair share of major historical events to be accounted for.


For decades, mainstream media has detailed the negative and unfortunate conflicts that have plagued the continent, Africa. People have seen it as its worst. The images of the sufferings of the Somali people have been sensationalized for the greatest impact on first world countries. The lives of Somalia people haven’t only been destructive and depressing. In fact, there are some hidden gems that are unknown to the average individual in the international community. I wanted this blog to be a place that showed the whole picture. I wanted it to be a place where readers got both the good and the bad of these interesting people. Through my articles, I plan on breaking down the misconception that African countries are only plagued with disaster and lacks any kind of culture.


There are many formats I plan on using throughout this blog to emphasize the reasons why I chose to create it. The first format would be the traditional historical timeline. I may choose to pick a specific time period and detail the yearly major events that are a must know of the Somali history. Another format I will use is list recommendations. I wouldn’t be a great blogger if I didn’t provide my own personal recommendations. I’ll make sure to include recommendations such as attraction musts for any future tourists of the culture filled land.