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About us

Mission Statement

SOMALIA WATCH is a Non Governmental Organization created to help increase  the understanding of the Somali issues. SOMALIA WATCH shall focus on the  Governance and Human Rights situation in Somalia.

On the governance, SW will focus to highlight the failure of the Somali State.  Somalia is experiencing the longest period of statelessness in the contemporary world. Why has this happened to one of Africa's most homogeneous society? If one takes the broad definition of what constitutes a nation to be common language and religion, certain geographical territory, common culture, history, tradition and racial origin, the Somali people would definitely qualify as a nation. But Somalia is also a living proof that these characteristics, however essential they may be for a state to qualify as a nation, are not in themselves enough to build a nation.

The country now is experiencing a process of re-birth, re-making of the  nation by constituent building blocks. This natural process will take time to crystallize and get established and  SW will highlight this process.

Since the civil war broke out in Somalia in January 1991, there has been  a great deal of atrocities and human rights abuses committed by various warring factions. Most of these human rights abuses have not been  reported or documented mainly due the collapse of the internal law and order and  the absence of credible organizations in the country.

SOMALIA WATCH Organization evolved over a period of time from a process of Media Watch that started late 1998.

SOMALIA WATCH shall try to:

•Help Increase the Understanding of the Somali Issues.

•Highlight the Plight and the Suffering of the Somali people.

•Promote the Virtues of Democracy and Human Rights in the New Somalia.

•Promote the Economic Potentials of Somalia in particular and the Horn of  Africa in General.

Contact Addresses

Ali A. Jama

Director - Somalia Watch, Box 50001, Umm Said, Qatar, Arabian Gulf. Tel. (974)  477 2071, (974) 477 9547, (974) 551 3901 (mobile) ,  fax/phone   ( 974) 477 2098, Email address jama@qatar.net.qa; ajama@qafco.com.qa


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