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  • Title: [SW News] (Africa News Service) Nine journalists killed in first weeks of 2000
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  • Date :[Friday, March 03, 2000 9:28 PM EST ]

Nine journalists killed in first weeks of 2000

Story Filed: Friday, March 03, 2000 9:28 PM EST

Toronto (The International Freedom Of Expression Exchange, March 3, 2000) - After an appalling 12 months in which 87 journalists and media staff were killed, the year 2000 has already seen more brutal violence, with 9 journalists killed in the first 9 weeks of the new year.

The first victim was a Sri Lankan journalist who was assassinated just after midnight on 31 December 1999. This was followed by the killing of a publisher in Bangladesh on 15 January. He had earlier received death threats. The suicide by an Ethiopian Editor-in-Chief clearly related to the continued persecution by the Central Investigation Department on 18 January, was a tragic reminder that there are a variety of ways to silence journalists.

In Turkey, the savagely tortured body of a well-known woman writer was discovered along with dozens of others beneath hide-outs of a religious terror group.

Another journalist was shot dead in Somalia while reporting in Mogadishu's Bakara market, on 26 January.

In Colombia, two journalists were assassinated in early February.

A photo journalist was kidnapped and later reportedly shot in Chechnya on 20 February.

On 24 February, a Uruguayan news director and radio station owner was murdered, apparently by a former public official who felt that his career had been ruined by the journalist. After he shot the journalist he killed himself.

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