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  • Title: [SW News](AFP English Wire) - Southern Somali faction tells rival to get out or face violence
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  • Date :[Wednesday March 8, 2000 , 10:01 GMT]

Southern Somali faction tells rival to get out or face violence Agence France Presse English Wire , Wednesday , March 8, 2000 , 10:01 GMT MOGADISHU, March 8 (AFP) -- A Somali armed faction has told members of a rival clan to quit the country's southern Lower Shabelle region or face action that will "cost them more lives", aspokesman for the group said Wednesday. "If the Habr Gedir militiamen and all their clansmen do not leave the area taking all their belongings to Mogadishu or elsewhere in Somalia, they might face a humiliating defeat which could cost themmore lives," Asad Mohamed Abdi, spokesman for the Digil Salvation Army (DSA) told AFP in Mogadishu. Abdi also urged humanitarian agencies intending to send aid workers to Lower Shabelle to take precautions because the security situation there was volatile. Leaflets have circulated in the towns of Janale, Qoryoley and Kurtunwarey since the weekend warning that violence would be used to evict members of the Habr Gedirclan from Lower Shabelle if they did not leave voluntarily. Many members of theHabr Gedir clan, who mainly reside in central Somalia, settled in the fertile banana-producing Lower Shabelle following the collapse of the government of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. Lower Shabelle's main inhabitants are the Bantu,Dir, Hawiye clans and some Digil subclans. Rivalries engendered by land ownership issues are believed to be the cause of escalating violence in the area. At least 22 people were killed in factional fighting in the town of Qoryoley at the weekend. Meanwhile, the Ayamaha newspaper reported Wednesday that more Ethiopian troops had arrived in the south-central town Baidoa. The Ethiopians, who have backed the Rahanwein Resistance Army (RRA) faction and the DSA in their campaign against militiamen loyal to south Mogadishu warlord Hussein Aidid during the pastfour years, arrived on Tuesday and were backed by tanks and other armoured vehicles. str-amu/jnm/nb Copyright 2000 Agence France Presse. All rights reserved

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