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  • Title: [SW Country] An Appeal for Help, An Appeal for Help
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  • Date :[30 March 2000]

An Appeal for Help, An Appeal for Help ..

Dear Sir/Madam

We would like to bring to the attention of caring individuals and/or organizations the plight of a 10-month-old baby girl born in Bosaso - Puntland- Somalia, with congenital abnormality described by her doctors in attachment 1 as Ectopia Vesicae.  An appeal for help from the child's father is also attached (attach 2). A picture of the child's abnormal organ is also attached hereto.

This desperate child needs help. It is the opinion of her doctors that specialized surgical procedures will be required to correct the defects. The required medical treatments can not be offered to this child  in Somalia. 

On behalf of this desperate child Somalia Watch Organization appeals for help to caring individuals and organizations that are in a position to alleviate the pain and suffering of this small child. For more medical details the child's doctor can be contacted directly at the following address:


Dr Dahir Aden Mohamed, WHO Bosaso, Somalia Tel. 252-523-4644/6676

The child's father can also be contacted at:

Abdihakim Said Awale C/o Bosaso Somalia, Tel: 252-523-4644, fax: 252.523.4501, and   P.O.Box 28074 Dubai, UAE.

Somalia Watch Organization is coordinating the initial efforts for the help of this child, and we are looking forward to a positive response to this urgent humanitarian case.

Best Regards
Ali A.Jama

Director Somalia Watch (www.somaliawatch.org)

 Attach 1 -  Doctor's Report

Rahma Paediatric Clinics

Rugta Daweynta Carruurta

Date: .20.02.2000

Diagnosis : Ectopia Vesicae

After having examined completely this small daughter with the age of IO months, I came up to the conclusion, this child has congenital abnormality diagnosed with Ectopia Vesicae. It is not possible to reconstruct the bladder here in Somalia, therefore it is required to get specialized pediatric surgery institution capable of fulfilling this kind of operation.


Dr. Dahir Adan Mohamad


Bosaso, Somalia



Attach2 - Father's Appeal


World Wide Pediatric Surgeons, World Wide General Physicians & Surgeons, Charity Groups, World Wide International Organizations,Governments, foundations,Corporations

From: Abdihakim Said Awale C/o Bosaso Somalia, Tel: 252-523-4644, fax: 252.523.4501, and P.O.Box 28074 Dubai, UAE

Subiect: Patient with Ectopia Vesicae

I am Somali Veterinarian living in Bosaso town of North east of Somalia, married with 6 children. Unfortunately, one of my children with the age of IO months who is female was delivered with congenital disease. This was diagnosed as " Ectopia Vesicae" Bladder extrophy. This is associated with skeletal abnormality, and fusion of the Symphysis Pubis. She has incontinence of urine relating to the problem of the bladder, and also is not present vulva and vagina.

As you know, at currently Somalia is an unstable country with civil war, therefore, all health infrastructures are collapsed and are not almost functioning properly, for this reason, it is not possible to carry out the surgical reconstruction of this congenital abnormality.

I am not able to fund this kind of operation absolutely by myself. Hence, please kindly I request your help to save the life of this young daughter.

I am kindly looking forward hearing from you, making your help available for this poor young daughter.


Thanks and best regards


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