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  • Title: [SW Country] (PRESS STATEMENT) Support of  the Somali community living in Kenya for the position of the State Government of Puntland on Djibouti Peace Plan. 
  • From:[]
  • Date :[1 April 2000]


To: Puntland State Government of Somalia


To: President of The Djibouti

H. E. Ismail Omar Guelle - Djibouti

CC: Representative UN Secretary General

Mr. David Steven

CC: League of Arab States

Egyptian Envoy for Somalia, Nairobi

CC: IGAD Heads of State & Government (Nairobi)

CC: Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC)

CC: European Union Heads of State (Nairobi)

CC: President Of United States of America

H. E. Bill Clinton

C/o: USA Embassy, Nairobi






His Excellencies,

Following the recent announcement by the State Government of Puntland of Somalia and its entire civil society on the withdrawal of trust and support to the on-going Djibouti Peace Initiative.

Given the prevailing atmosphere of mistrust arising from the "Mishandling" of the peace process by Djibouti.

Owing to the apparent and unacceptable acts and methods committed by Djibouti with regards to the selection of the delegates and members of the so-called civil society which is being dominated at the moment by the members of certain favored communities.

Noting the acts of exclusion, suppression and marginalzation of the main stream Somali communities being practiced and imposed by Djibouti Government.

Understanding the nature of irregularities on the selection of the delegate and the practice of hand-picking the delegates to the preparatory symposium which is now openly in favor of certain favored clans.

And the fact that, Djibouti side-stepped its previously announced policy of respecting the wishes of all the Somali communities and their regional elected Administrations, its pledge to consider the occupied regions within Somalia.

We, members and the representatives of the Somali community living in Kenya wish to give our whole-hearted support to the State Government of Puntland and its entire civil society and the members of SPA on the withdrawal of trust and support to the on-going Djibouti peace conference. We would also like to make it clear that we do not have any confidence with the so-called intellectuals who formed the bulk of the Djibouti hand-picked "Preparatory Symposium" whom we regard as not possessing the right experience nor qualification to fill the gap of the Somali intellectuals.

We would like to express our total displeasure with the way most of the genuine Somali professionals has been side-stepped, alienated and ignored by Djibouti organizers or the government of Djibouti.

Last but not the least, we are seeking the intervention of the world community leaders to withdraw or transfer the venue of the conference from Djibouti to another neutral country within the "IGAD Regions". So that, the peace initiative can be salvaged from its apparent demise and premature failure.

This conference was supposed to put the "Foundation Stone" for the Somali National Unity.

Our hope is that justice will prevail.

Members and the representatives of the Somali community in Kenya (Diaspora)

  1. Haji Inrahim Osman (Unlaye)
  2. Abdi Mohamed Gese-Adde
  3. Mohamud Ali Biligse
  4. Abdullahoi Guled Loyal
  5. Kediya Ali Huniye
  6. Abdi
  7. Farah Ahmed Kulan (Cakabey)
  8. Osman Ali Yusuf (Dalab)
  9. Ismail Haji Warsame
  10. Abdi Haji Bale
  11. Col. Jama Mohamud Kadawe
  12. Aden Ali Egal
  13. Abdullahi Mohamed Safi
  14. Abdirizaq Mohamed Safi
  15. Abdirizaq Ali Sanweyne
  16. Abdirizaq Yusuf Nor-gade
  17. Aden Ismaaciil Haboone
  18. Ahmed Aden Sed (Ubah)
  19. Nuradin Haji Abdulahi Ali
  20. Abdiasis Abdullahi Hussein (Gair)
  21. Bashir Abdi Mire
  22. Mohamud Jama Abdulle
  23. Mohamud Ali Bihi
  24. Bashir Abdulle Ali
  25. Abdi Guled Halas
  26. Abdirizaq Guled Halag
  27. Dahir Abshir Aden
  28. Abdi Muse Sharib
  29. Ali Sheikh Aden (Sandhere)
  30. Mohamud Ali Holan
  31. Osman Isse Cirro
  32. Ahmed Adayo Omar
  33. Abdimajid Mohamed Ali
  34. Mursal haji Ali
  35. Mohamed Hassan Shuxul
  36. Abdirashid Yasin Mohamed (Ilaal)
  37. Abdi Sheikh Mohamud
  38. Abdiwahid Abdi Hashi
  39. Kediye Muse Guled
  40. Hussein Aw-Hashi
  41. Omar Isse Werara
  42. Haji Said Abdikarin (Lugabahsi)
  43. Haji Abdi Jama Adod
  44. Mohamud Mohamed Salah
  45. Abdiladif Said Hersi
  46. Dr. Abdullahi Abdi Gabayre
  47. Abdullahi Ali Guled
  48. Abdullahi Abdi Ali (Afti-Biley)
  49. Hussein Abdirahman Yusuf
  50. Abshir Jama Omar (Abshir Faarde)
  51. Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Ali (Dhagoseyn)
  52. Mohamed Said Isse
  53. Nur Gass Barre
  54. Said Aw-Samatar
  55. Hassan Hussein Mohamud (Il-Cade)
  56. Omar Abdisamad Yusuf
  57. Hassan Hussein Warsame
  58. Ali Omar Farah
  59. Abdi Aden Habone
  60. Mohamed Bashir Abdulle
  61. Abdiqani Abdirahman Yusuf
  62. Mahad Aden Yusuf
  63. Farah Hassan Warsame (Adeer)
  64. Ahmed Noor
  65. Mohamed Muse Hussein
  66. Gedi Hassan Uke
  67. Abduqafar Mohamed Nasar
  68. Dr. Mohamed Hussein Diriye (Timir)
  69. Dr. Abdullahi Abdi Farasle
  70. Eg. Mustafa Abdullahi Abukar (Gacmadhere)
  71. Dr. Mohamed Mohamud Qordoro
  72. Farah Muse Abdulle
  73. Ahmed Abdullahi Diriye Jama
  74. Ahmed-nur Abdi Mohamed
  75. Abdi Mohamed Dini
  76. Haji Barre Omar
  77. Ahmed Serar Dinih
  78. Ahmed Mohamed Hersi (Okiyo)
  79. Abdi Ahmed Mohamed
  80. Hussein Mohamed Abdulle (Farey)
  81. Osman Ige
  82. Sulub Hassan Hussein
  83. Mohamed Yusuf Cascasey
  84. Mohamed Osman Adan (Edison)
  85. Said Mohamed ____
  86. Jama Mohamed Egal (Gulwade)
  87. Ahmed Rashid Jama Busur
  88. Mohamed Warsame Islaan
  89. Nasro Yasin Nur Hassan
  90. Safiyo Osman Haji Hassan
  91. Ali Abndi Firin
  92. Dirir Yusuf Diriye
  93. Nur waaberi
  94. Yusuf Said Jama
  95. Said Dirir Yusuf
  96. Farxaam Aden Madoobe
  97. Calisaciid Mohamed Diriye (Jaajaale)
  98. Aar Ahmed Fajugo
  99. Sonkor Jama Geyre
  100. Abdifitah Said Hassan
  101. Col. Abdullahi Abdirahman (Indha Khamro)
  102. Said Hersi Warsame (Sanweyne)
  103. Ahmed Yusuf Abdirahman
  104. Abdirahman Nur Mire
  105. Abdirashid Yusuf Ali
  106. Shamso Adan (Qarjaf)
  107. Surer Abdi Firin
  108. Halimo Ali Aden
  109. Asha Mohamed (Asha-Agais)
  110. Sahro Mohamud Isse (Shamuro)
  111. Robo Haji Yasin Nur
  112. Said Gelle Diriye
  113. Farah Jama Farah
  114. Ahmed Aden Yaqub
  115. Takar Aden Ashkir
  116. Bashir Khalif Ali Farah
  117. Said Khalif Ali Farah
  118. Mohamed bdulle Jibril
  119. Mohamed Jama Nur
  120. Ali Farah Hajin
  121. Ahmed Adoyo Omar
  122. Mohamed Jama (JJ)
  123. Abdiwali Kilwe Awale
  124. Yusuf Nur Botan
  125. Yusuf Nur Hassan (Bide)
  126. Muse Ali Botan
  127. Abdi Hersi Mohamed Hanaf
  128. Ahmed Haji Aden (Haragweyn)
  129. Jama (Gange)
  130. Aideed Hersi Madow
  131. Mohamed Aden Ali Hosh
  132. Mohamed Mohamud Elmi Alas
  133. Mohamed Aden Hassan Gurey
  134. Adan Hassan Awl
  135. Adan Warfa Jama Osman
  136. Adan Ismail Ali Seed
  137. Ali Yusuf Hersi (Ali Doy)
  138. Abdirahman Mohamed (Afbuur)
  139. Farah Awad Jama
  140. Ahmed Yusuf Kooreeye
  141. Mohamed Yusuf Kooreeye
  142. Mohamed Yusuf Soore
  143. Ustaad Hussein Ali Elmi
  144. Ahmed Yusuf Gelle
  145. Abdi Hassan Aden (Jadoor)
  146. Abdi Farah Ninile
  147. Shiukri Hashi Godane
  148. Abdi Farah Abdulle
  149. Ali Mahdi Farah Abdulle
  150. Anab Abdi (Afgab)
  151. Mohamud Yasin Islan
  152. Hawo Abdi Koronto
  153. Surer Jama Mohamed
  154. Abdi Abdullahi Hashi (Goley)
  155. Hussein Ismail Anshur
  156. Ahmed Abdu Takar
  157. Ahmed Mohamed Abdulle
  158. Yasim Mohamed Abdulle
  159. Abdinur Ismail Anshur


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