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  • Title: [SW News](BBC MONITORING/Mandeeq) Somaliland council of elders says no to unification with Somalia.
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  • Date :[April 03, 2000]


Somaliland council of elders says no to unification with Somalia

BBC MONITORING INTERNATIONAL REPORTS , April 03, 2000 Text of report by the Somaliland newspaper `Mandeeq' on 3rd April Somaliland's Council of Elders has released a statement to the UN, the Arab League,OAU, IGAD (Inter-Governmental Authority for Development) and the UN Security Council discussing their stand and the country's stand on the Djibouti Conference. The council's statement gave a stern warning to countries and individuals working against Somaliland's independence. The statement, which was read bythe secretary of the council, says: "Even though three organs of the government, namely the executive, the council of elders and the legislature havedetermined Somaliland's position on the planned Djibouti conference, we take this opportunity to state our feelings by issuing a statement as a council following our recently concluded 10th session. We state the following: This is not the first time that we have advised the international community on our position regarding the independence of Somaliland, which was as a result of the Burco conference of 1991, the Boorama conference of 1993 and the 1997 convention in Hargeysa (all towns in Somaliland). The existence of Somaliland and its sovereignty stands for and manifests the aspirations and feelings of the people. It is highly treasured and was attained through thesacrifice of lives and property. This is a fortune which cannot be traded for anything apart from independence and dignity. We, as Somalilanders, seethe conference which is being organized by Djibouti as a political offensive, openly aimed at Somaliland, since it negates and nakedly contravenes the people's fundamental rights of independence and self-determination. Moreover, the Djibouti conference is not on the right path, and cannot provide an avenue where the interests of Somalis will be fulfilled through cooperation, mutual help and lasting peace. However, the circumstances and the formula being used will make things worse and may bring loss, calamity and destruction. Supporting the government's statement on the Djibouti Conference, we would like to state that the pursuit of peace for our southern Somalia brothers, whose suffering we abhor, should be pursued directly. When peace and reconstruction are achieved for "Southern Somalia" (formerly Italian Somaliland) we can hold talks as two parties (two governments), democratically and rationally. It is only after that the level of cooperation between the two sides can be determined. Hence, we declare to the international community and to the various agencies that they should not harbour the dream of unification (between Somaliland and the rest of Somalia) through coercion. This (dream) is far-fetched, oblivious of the situation on the ground, and cannot come without the support of the people. Finally, if an attempt is madeto implement what we have highlighted (forced unification) there would be bloodshed and further repercussions. We especially urge parties involved inthis matter that they would be bear the sole responsibility for their actions and would not escape the repercussions of their futile action. Somaliland's House of Representatives has enacted a law that forbids participation in the Djibouti Conference at any level, even at the personal level. This action was sanctioned by the government, the council of elders and the people of Somaliland who held demonstrations in the districts in support of the decision. Source: `Mandeeq', Hargeysa, in Somali 03 Apr 00 p 1

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