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  • Date :[April 26, 2000 12:49 PM EST]

Djibouti Delegations Arrive in Somalia for Support

Story Filed: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 12:49 PM EST

MOGADISHU (April 26) XINHUA - The Djibouti government has dispatched two top level delegations to southern Somalia as part of its last attempts to seek further support for the Somalia Reconciliation Conference due to start in Djibouti in a week's time.

The landing of a Djibouti delegation in Baidoa town, Bay region on Wednesday turned out to be a victorious move in the wake of the latest breakthrough in the encouragement of the convening of the Djibouti peace conference for the Somalis.

The leaders of the Rahanwein Resistance Army (RRA) controlling the region had been among the outspoken leaders opposing to the Djibouti peace plan until early this week. However, underground talks have been continuing between the top leaders of the RRA and some Djiboutian diplomats who in the end seemed to have persuaded the RRA to join their fellow Somalis in the Djibouti conference.

As a result, the four-member delegation, which was led by Second Deputy Chairman of Djibouti parliament Iddiris Harbi Farah, were welcomed by hundreds of people at the airport. Among them were RRA Chairman Hassan Mohamed Nur Shargudud, Governor of Bay region Mohamed Ali Aden Qalinleh and dozens of officials from various social groups.

Qalinleh, when contacted on the telephone line Wednesday afternoon, told the reporter that the meeting with the Djibouti delegation is to start later soon, and that everything depends on the outcome of the meeting.

"If we agree we will attend the Djibouti conference, and if not we won't, " he said with a sound of optimism.

Before the delegation arrived in Baidoa, their plane landed in the regional capital of Hiran, Beleteuin town, where another four-member delegation was dropped for the people of Hiran.

Region Governor Hassan Abdulleh Qalad and Chairman of the local Islamic court Sheikh Abdullahi Ali Barkhadleh were among the dozens of high ranking officials and traditional leaders to welcome the delegation led by Abdullahi Hashi Ali.

The delegation had a closed-door meeting with local officials including Muslim scholars and traditional leaders. Although the details of their discussion are not known, it is widely believed that both the Djibouti delegations are conveying invitations for the local authorities in both regions to attend the forthcoming reconciliation conference.



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