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  • Title: [SW Editorial] Nuclear Waste Dumped on Somali Waters
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  • Date :[]29 Aug 1999

Release - SW/AAJ 25/99,  29 Aug 1999 

 Nuclear Waste Dumped on Somali Waters

There are reports of Nuclear Waste Dumping activities on Somali Waters (attach). This is yet another episode of the sad maritime situation in Somalia Waters. Lately, the illegal maritime activities have been on the rise, and there have been many cases of dead marine animals washing off at the coasts of Somalia, especially on the Indian Ocean side.

The General-Secretary of the UN suggested in Para 71 of his report - Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the situation in Somalia- dated 16 Aug 1999 - that;

quote, " ....action could be taken by the international community to assist Somalia to recover its sovereignty in certain limited fields, for example the protection of offshore natural resources. Efforts could also be made to limit the introduction of illegal arms and weapons into the country...." , unquote

Somalia Watch Organization (SW) also made several news releases  on  the subject matter and can be read in our home page www.somaliawatch.org.

 SW hopes that the security council and the international community will address this tragic situation by helping Somalia recover its sovereignty as a nation along the guidelines recommended by the General Secretary so that the nuclear and other toxic waste dumping in Somalia can be stopped.



100% match; BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom ; 27-Aug-1999 04:43:27 pm ; 106 words - Source: `Qaran', Mogadishu, in Somali 25 Aug 99

Thousands of dead fish and other sea creatures have been washed onto the beaches between Mogadishu and Galguduud Region [central Somalia], especially along open stretches.

Ali Jeleh, an official of Dr Husayn Bod [the chairman of the Somali Consultative Council], said that the animals had died as a result of nuclear waste which had been dumped in Somalia's territorial waters by a foreign country. He appealed to the UN, the OAU and IGAD [Inter-Governmental Authority on Development] to monitor the dumping of this dangerous chemical.  End

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