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  • Title: [SW News](The Republican) UN Taken to Task for Unethical Cloning 
  • Posted by/on:[AMJ][Sunday, December 10, 2000]

Newspaper takes UN to task for supporting Somali military build-up
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Dec 10, 2000

Text of editorial by the Somaliland weekly newspaper `The Republican' on 10th December

The UN, after producing a factional Somali government by cloning dictator Barre's regime, is now set on the dangerous road of providing direct financial and logistical support to Abdiqasim Salad's ongoing military build up in Mogadishu.

Faction leader Abdiqasim Salad [as published] has, since his appointment as president in August, been shedding crocodile tears that he needs money with which to demobilize thousands of armed militiamen in Mogadishu. The UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, and his representative in Somalia, David Stephen, joined Salad in an effort to blackmail the international community for Demobilization and Reintegration Programme (DRP) funds.

Sympathetic governments in Italy and the Arab world came up with financial commitments while asking other donors to do the same. Abdiqasim Salad has been so happy and encouraged with the feedback that he ordered two months ago the remobilization of dictator Barre's defeated army. Brandishing their medals and uniforms, Barre's soldiers and officers kept pouring into hastily set up camps in Mogadishu for their rehabilitation.

"The nation cannot be rebuilt and protected without you", Salad told soldiers in a battalion formation at one of the camps early last month.

Heavily armed militiamen loyal to [President] Abdiqasim are also encamping at specially selected sites in southern Mogadishu. Both military groups were assembled to attract donor funds. With millions of dollars denominated as DRP funds already earmarked by Kofi Annan for Abdiqasim's troops, Siyad Barre's former minister of interior seems to have never been a happier man. The international community is succumbing and ready to meet all the financial costs needed for sheltering, feeding and paying the personnel of his military forces. Last week, the UN chose not to be an onlooker when Libyan arms and military logistics arrived at Balidogle airport, about 100 km to the southwest of Mogadishu. Arms financed by Qatar and Sudan are next to arrive soon.

The whole exercise actually reminds one of the UNOSOM [UN Operation in Somalia] and the DRP experience in Angola, both UN undertakings that drastically failed during the 90s. One fundamental lesson drawn from disarmament, demoblization and reintegration experiences in Somaliland and a number of countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia say that the "total cessation of hostilities" is a prerequisite for the launching of a disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programmes involving armed personnel.

Politically, a genuine national reconciliation must have been achieved with a broad-based central authority in place to plan, implement and coordinate the disarmament and demobilization exercise. Of course, none of these terms and conditions are found applicable to the ongoing assembling of forces at Mogadishu.

The intention of Abdiqasim and his UN sponsors has never been the down sizing of armed forces. On the contrary, the objective has been to raise an army for Abdiqasim's faction within the next few months so that when the adequate force is ready Kofi Annan and David Stephen could legitimize and enhance their protege without this time UN forces slogging through [word illegible] quagmire.

Source: `The Republican', Hargeysa, in English 10 Dec 00

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