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  • Title: [SW Country](SACB) SACB's Definition of Puntland
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 (If NEZ means Bari, Nugal and Mudug of Puntland,

what is the name given by the Nairobi-based SACB to 

Sool, Sanag&the District of Buhodle?)

NEZ Monthly Progress Report – November 2000


I. Overall Zonal Developments: Security, Political, Economic and Weather Developments.

 NEZ was calm. No major security incidents were reported. Visiting Eyl and Bandar Bayla districts require prior security Clearance.

 No market demands for the livestock in Arabian Gulf countries as the Arabian Gulf countries put ban on the importation of Somali livestock as well as other Horn of African countries. These countries claimed that the livestock from the Horn of Africa is subject of rift valley fever that killed, as Saudi media reported, number of people in Saudi Arabia and in Yemen. Despite such claims, no independent confirmation on whether the Horn African animals are infected or not.

 We are in the middle Dayr (Automn) Season. Although not very abundant, the three regions of the zone received different amounts of rains. The nomads suffering for the ban of the livestock exportation to the Arabian Gulf countries felt big relief. The camels are just started to give birth while the goats and the sheep started earlier in the beginning of the season. This is compensation from Allah in return of livestock exportation benefits.


II. Programme Progress


1.      Health and Nutrition


1.1 Health 


a. National Immunization Days (NIDs): The third round of NIDs campaign organized and implemented in the three regions of Puntland on 14,15,16 November 2000. Before the campaign two days meeting aimed at reviewing weakness and strengths of the first two rounds conducted in Garowe. All supervisors from MOSA and other agencies involved in NIDs campaigns in Puntland attended the meeting. 

b. Extended Programme of Immunization (EPI): EPI outreach activities implemented in the villages surrounding Burtinle town.8 –11 November 200. EPI supplies and health kits were delivered to AAH, Garowe, Burtinle, Galkayo and Galdogob.  

c. Reproductive Health: Fifty locally developed clean delivery kits of were received from Hargeisa. Pre-testing activities for the clean delivery kit are ongoing in Bari, Nugal and Mudug region of Puntland.

  1.2 Nutrition 

Health and nutrition survey checking on the health and nutritional status among children between 6 - 59 months conducted in Galdogob town on 6 -10 November 2000. A total of 626 households were visited during survey and 554 children between 6 - 59 months were checked their health and nutritional status. The compilation and analyzed of the raw data is going on and will be finalized in the next two weeks. 

2.     Water and Environmental Sanitation (WES)


a. Rehabilitation of rural water supply systems: 

§         Completed minor remaining works of eight bore wells in Puntland – Hala-Boqat, Bur-Salah, Harfo#2, Riig-Omane, Ciidle, Boocle, Ceel Dofar and Jerriban;

§         Transported 667 pcs of uPVC pipes (4") via sea to Habbo Water System;

§         Transported 833 pcs of uPVC pipes (4") to Gardo Water System;

§         A local CBO in Gardo is laying down 5000 meters long water supply pipeline from College bore well to the site of the new elevated tank and parts of the town.


b. Hand pumps Programme: 

§         Evaluated the Afridev hand pumps installed by KAALO NGO in Garowe.


c. Environmental sanitation: 

§         Provided 2kgs of chlorine powder to 2 commercial wells in Bossaso.

§         Distributed 12 sets of sanitation tools to Bulla Abow - cholera prevention activities at Bossaso IDP camps.

§         Provided training session to 50 women and elders on chlorination and cholera preventive messages.


d. SSH Programme:  

§         Followed up SSH Programme in 2 schools in Bossaso - Al-Shafici and Haji Mire primary schools 


e. General 

§         Prepared plans, bill of quantities, designs and supervised construction works at Bossaso MCH

§         Organized women and youth (male and female) groups in Bossaso to attend FGM session held at UNICEF Bossaso training hall by Dr. Ahmed Ragab (Al-Azhar University).

§         Prepared presentation materials for WES annual meeting in Hargeisa.

§         Prepared presentation materials for annual review following formats provided by M&E section.

§         Attended WES annual meeting in Hargeisa.

§         Prepared Draft paper on Proposed Strategy Sanitation & Hygiene Programme, Puntland State of Somalia.

§         Prepared Draft paper on Proposed Strategy Water Programme, Puntland State of Somalia.


2.1 Bossaso Water Project (BWP) 

During the reporting period, the following activities were completed:

 §         Satisfactorily completed construction of one water kiosk at Girible section of Bossaso town;

§         Completed 4,000 meter of pipeline installation as part of construction of Phase II of Bossaso water System;

§         Assisted management company (GUMCO), installation pipeline and water meters in property connection;

§         Survey on rising main pipeline easement in Gardo water system;

§         Transport 5,000m PVC pipes to Gardo Water Project;

§         1,000m of pipes installed as rising mains from the borewell to proposed water tank at the middle of town;

§         Completed bill of quantity, cost estimation and agreement for rehabilitation of Bossaso Water Authority office and send to USSC for approval.


3.     Education Programme

During November, the main activities performed by the Education Programme were the following: 

a.      Completed:


§         Distributed 2 education kits As to DAN primary school and Bossaso Technical School in Bossaso town;

§         Provided 1 education kit A and EMIS supplies to Bargal primary school. DANDOR local NGO and WHO are respectively partners in these schools. Additionally, we have supplies 1400 of grade 1-5 primary school subjects with teacher’s guides to 18 primary schools supported by Africa 70 in Bossaso district;

§         Distributed sport supplies including uniforms  (attached annex) to female and male youth groups through Bari and Nugal regional Olympic Committees;

§         Funded basic teachers training of 114 primary school teachers from Gardo, Iskushuban, B/Bayla and Mudug region. AAH Gardo and APS Galkayo implemented these workshops;

§         Carried out visualized documentation of all education activities in Puntland. Two videocassettes containing section coverage of the year is produced;

§         Procured 161 sets of school furniture for 8 primary schools in Bari region and furniture for 8 primary school offices. Also started locally procurement process of sports supplies including sport uniforms, baseball rings/nets footballs, etc.


b. The section has Completed Rehabilitation/construction of the following primary schools, playgrounds and Library construction projects:


§         Completion of Julie primary schools rehabilitation;

§         Completion of Dalweyn primary schools rehabilitation;

§         Completion of Rako primary schools rehabilitation;

§         Completion of Gardo new primary schools construction;

§         Completion of Bossaso secondary school basketball playground construction;

§         Completion of Gardo Ga’an-libah basketball playground construction;

§         Completion of Burtinle Primary school basketball playground construction;

§         Completion of Goldogob primary  school basketball playground construction;

§         Completion of Galkayo-Al-Nawawi primary school basketball playground construction;

§         Completion of Iskushuban town basketball playground construction;

§         Completion of Galkayo Public library construction at Ummadda primary school compound.


c. On the other hand, the section started rehabilitation of:


§         Bareda Primary school in Allula district;

§         Habo Primary school in Allula district.


d. We, also, performed:


§         Procured and delivered 3 set of library furniture to Bossaso public library, Galkayo public library and GEC&PD library in Galkayo town. In addition to this, we have supplied library books to Bossaso library;

§         In collaboration with WES section, started installation of out-door game facilities in Bossaso MCH compound for children coming for vaccination;

§         Carried out various routine field supervision on on-going activities/project sites;

§         As a traditional year-end exercise, carried out annual Programme review exercise, which include reviewing of PPA implementation level vis financial utilization status, set follow-up directions and forecasted impacts.


4.  Programme Communication and Social Mobilization (PCSM) 


PCSM completed, during the reporting period, the following activities: 

a. Developed, with NIDs Social Mobilization committees, the 3rd round Social Mobilization plan.  

b. Implemented most of the planned NIDs Social Mobilization activities that include Sound tracks in the major towns, Radio Programmes, Articles in the Newspapers, and Imams preach in the Friday prayers. However, two planned activities: Door to Door mobilization in the major towns, and the development of the NIDs Leaflet and demonstration in the Schools were not carried out due to shortage of time.

 c. Disseminated two radio programmes: Facts of life and Child rights convention in Radio Galkayo.


d. Erected the cholera Billboard near kiosk # 6 of the BWP. On the billboard was printed the visualized three key messages of SACB on cholera control/prevention programme. 

e. Prepared presentation of communication strategies lessons learned for the communication strategy meeting in Nairobi. However, the SM did not attend the meeting due to visa problems and dispatched the presentation to USSC.


5. Operations


Operations provided Administrative, Personnel, Financial & Logistical assistance to the various Programme activities in the zone.


The Number TAs released in reporting period are 47, and number of cars Hired are 26 for various destinations in Puntland related to field Programme assessments, follow-up/monitoring trips, workshops/ meetings, supervisions and supplies delivery.  

The section assisted to UNICEF Health and Nutrition Section, and WHO to the implementation of NIDs in the zone. The section prepared the logistics of the NIDs and performed all payments related to the different NIDs activities. 

Short notice of incoming supplies from Offshore is limiting factor for logistic activities that prevents to pre-set the administrative formalities with local authorities.    


6. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Section

 Monitoring and evaluation carried out the following activities:  

a. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Mission: Secondly, as USSC planned and the tour study group recommended in the trip report, consultative meeting were supposed to be implemented in the three zones. For NEZ, unfortunately, because of the negative attitude of the D. G. of Health, the meeting was postponed up to indefinite time without any clear reasons or justifications. Despite this, Dr. Ahmed Ragab, Egyptian expert on Reproductive Health and on FGM, visited the zone with the objective to train and/or to collect (according to the target group) information/feedback on the subject in question. In Bossaso, Dr. Ragab trained the Women’s groups (5 NGOs), Youth groups (male – 10 and female – 10) and UNICEF staff.

  In Garowe, he, also, met with the two sheiks participated Cairo Tour Study on FGM, SRCS Health Officer and DIAKONIA Education and Gender coordinators. Dr. Ahmed discussed with this group on the reproductive health and the FGM problems in Puntland. During the discussions, which were very interesting, Dr. Ragab explained that FGM has serious medical implications and that Islam disqualifies. It is, therefore, must to stop this harmful practice. From the participants, Dr. Ragab received well-elaborated feedback on the best way to implement the Programme of the total eradication of the FGM in Puntland.    

 b. KAP Study on Communication Channels: After the implementation of the fieldwork and translation of the data from Af-Somali to English, we contra-checked the translated documents. After finalization, all KAP documents (filled questionnaires from the field, translated data in hard copies and in diskettes) dispatched to USSC.

 c.  Problem Solving with Local Administration: In Bari region, the governor restored unilateral order instructing that all expatriates should take a permission letter, called “Gate Pass” from the regional administration authorities. We met with the governor and vice-governor and discussed the issue. They informed us that there is circular from the governor’s office and distributed to all international agencies. We confirmed that we, UNICEF as well as other agencies, did not receive such circular. We, also, argumented that such circular will damage Puntland reputation of the security. Despite this, the governor and his second insisted on the application of the circular which, in reality, never existed. In order to avoid the implementation of such harassing practice, UNICEF Bossaso Office decided to take the issue up to ministerial/government level and sent a mission to Garowe. The mission met with Minister of Interior and public security, Minister Livestock and Agriculture, Minister Public Works and Transport and Vice-President of Puntland. All these higher officials disapproved this circular and asked the Minister of Interior to take an immediate action, which he did. In the morning of 19th November at 9:30, Minister sent a radio message to the governor and instructed him to remove immediately the circular and to stop harassing the international expatriates who, after having the Puntland visa, has free movement rights. The governor received the message and will, hopefully, take into application.     

d. Organized Programme/Operations staff meetings, produced minutes and distributed to the participants. 

e. Prepared monthly (November) report: the report was collected from the sections, compiled, and revised. Then, submitted to the OIC for final clarification. 



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