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  • Title: [SW Country](UN) UN Security Council's Presidential Statement on Somalia
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Security Council's Presidential Statement on Somalia

  1. The Security Council notes with appreciation the Secretary-General's report of 19 December 2000 on the situation in Somalia (S/2000/1211) and reaffirms its commitment to a comprehensive and lasting settlement of the situation in Somalia, consistent with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, bearing in mind respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity of Somalia.
  2. The Security Council welcomes the outcome of the Arta peace conference, the establishment of the Transitional National Assembly and the Transitional National Government. It expresses gratitude for the efforts undertaken by the Government and people of Djibouti in convening the peace conference. Furthermore, it recognises with appreciation the impetus provided to the process by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), including the mandate extended by the Ministerial meeting in Djibouti in March 2000.
  3. The Security Council further welcomes the efforts of the Transitional National Government to promote reconciliation within Somalia. It strongly urges all political groups in the country, in particular those which have remained outside the Arta peace process, to engage in peaceful and constructive dialogue with the Transitional National Government in order to promote national reconciliation and facilitate the democratic elections scheduled for 2003 as called for in the Transitional National Charter. It further calls upon all groups, in particular armed movements, to support and participate in the demobilisation efforts undertaken by the Transitional National Government. It encourages the Transitional National Government to continue, in a spirit of constructive dialogue, the process of engaging all groups in the country, including in the north-eastern and north-western areas, with the view to preparing for the installation of permanent governance arrangements.
  4. The Security Council underlines the massive challenges facing Somalia with respect to reconstruction and development, and the immediate need for urgent assistance, particularly in the areas of demobilisation (with special attention to measures to combat HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases), disarmament and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure. It calls upon the United Nations, its member states and specialised agencies, non-governmental organisations as well as the Bretton Woods institutions to assist in addressing these challenges.
  5. The Security Council, emphasising the importance of respect for human rights and international humanitarian law, notes with concern that the humanitarian and security situation remains fragile in several parts of Somalia, including Mogadishu. It strongly condemns attacks by armed groups on civilians and humanitarian personnel and calls upon all parties in Somalia to respect fully the security and safety of personnel of the United Nations and its specialised agencies and of non-governmental organisations, and to guarantee their complete freedom of movement and safe access throughout Somalia.
  6. The Security Council reiterates to all States their obligation to comply with the measures imposed by resolution 733 (1992) of 23 January 1992 and urges each State to take the necessary steps to ensure full implementation and enforcement of the arms embargo. It strongly condemns the illegal supply of weapons to recipients in Somalia. It reiterates its call upon all States, the United Nations and other international organisations and entities to report to the Committee established by resolution 751 (1992) of 24 April 1992 information on possible violations of the arms embargo.
  7. The Security Council strongly condemns the deployment of foreign forces in Somalia.
  8. The Security Council welcomes the Secretary-General's intention to put in place a trust fund for peace building in Somalia. It notes that despite the recent positive developments in Somalia, the security situation in the country is still a cause for serious concern. The Security Council therefore invites the Secretary-General to prepare a proposal for a peace building mission for Somalia. Such proposal should, with specific attention to the security situation in the country, outline possibly ways to advance the peace process further.
  9. The Security Council remains seized of the matter.

UN Security Council Presidential Statements - 2001

(S/PRST/2001/1 of 11 January 2001) The situation in Somalia



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