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  • Title: [SW Country] ( SW El - Berde)  the El Berde Declaration
  • Posted by/on: [AAJ] [26 Jan 2001]


Creation of National Restoration Council (NRC)

January 24, 2001

I. The El-Berde Meeting of four Somali political
organizations and Puntland State of Somalia has
decided to establish the National Restoration Council
(NRC).The NRC, which is currently composed of RRA,
SPM, SNF, SSNM/BIREM and the State of Puntland, shall
strive through dialogue to achieve an all-encompassing
and representative national institution that brings
together all Somali entities and political movements.

II. The objectives of the NRC are:

1. To restore trust and mutual confidence among Somali
communities throughout Somalia.
2. To initiate afresh the peace and reconciliation
process on a realistic, representative and genuine
3. To restore and safeguard national unity and the
territorial integrity of Somalia.
4. To act as custodian of national sovereignty and to
represent Somalia in international forum.
5. To promote the Building-blocks approach for the
establishment of self-governing regional states and to
re-affirm the principle of federal system of
government in Somalia.
6. To confront all destabilization and renewed
conflicts waged by the un-holy alliance of the Arta
Faction and extremist groups.

III. The NRC will convene a general conference in
Baydoa within forty-five days and invites all
political movements to participate in the conference.
The conference is to tackle the implementation of the
objectives outlined in paragraph II above.

IV. The Meeting appeals to the international
community, particularly the UN Secretary-General and
Arab states to refrain from extending diplomatic
recognition and financial assistance to the
unrepresentative Arta Faction as such support would
lead to renewed conflicts in the country.


1. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed _______________ Puntland State of Somalia
2. Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nur_____________ RRA
3. Omar Haji Mohamed (Masale)___________ SNF
4. Abdirizak Issak Bihi___________________ SNF
5. Mohamud Sayed Aden ________________ SNF
6. Aden Abdullahi Nur__________________ SPM
7. Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail_______________ SSNM/BIREM



January 22, 2001

The leaders of the political movements of the South
and Southwest Regions of Somalia held a close door
Meeting in El-Barde in Bakol Region to discuss
pressing political and security issues in their
regions. The political movements include: RRA, SPM,
SNF and  SSNM. A Puntland delegation led by State
President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed also attended the

Issues discussed  in the Meeting include:

a) Local regional peace-making and reconciliation
among the communities of the six regions of Bay,
Bakol, Lower Shabelle, Gedo, Middle and Lower Juba;
b) Establishment of self-governing regional state (s);
c) Security issues arising out of the forceful
occupation of regions and the new threats of
destabilization by the Arta faction in Mogadishu;
d) All inclusive national reconciliation based on the
principles of building blocks approach and Federal
System of Government in Somalia.

In their opening statements, the leaders condemned the
armed aggression, naked destabilization acts and
provocations of the Arta faction in all regions of the
country and the wider sub-region. The leaders
expressed their alarm at the United Nations
Secretariat's open partiality for the Arta faction in
its aggression and destabilization conduct. The
leaders welcome the ongoing meeting of Political
leaders in Mogadishu and their steadfast opposition to
the unrepresentative Arta faction and calls for an
early all-inclusive reconciliation conference to
discuss realistic and practical steps to restore
inter-community trust, national unity and a central
federal government.

The speakers further expressed dismay at the misguided
and biased support by Arab countries, particularly
Yemen, Sudan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The leaders
reminded the UN and these Arab States that their
continuing unbalanced political and financial support
for the Arta faction will re-ignite the civil war in

The Meeting called on the international community and,
particularly IGAD and the frontline States, to
forestall a renewed conflict of greater proportions in
Somalia and to reinvigorate their efforts in peace and
the reconciliation process.

The leaders seize this opportunity to express their
gratitude and appreciation for the governments and
peoples of Ethiopia and Kenya for their positive and
necessary role in Somali reconciliation and for their
generous hospitality for hundreds of thousands of
Somali refugees in their respective countries.

Sheikh Adan Mohamed Nur
Chairman of the El-Barde Meeting & Acting Chairman of


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