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  • [SW Country]  women peace campaign in Galkayo - the civil socity speaks out !! :Posted on [3 Jan 2001]

women peace campaign in Galkayo

Peace Campaign in Galkayo on December 25, 2001.

The Women’s Movement of the five Regions of Puntland organized a big forum for Peace and Peaceful resolution of the present political crisis in Somalia in general and Puntland in particular. The big forum was held at Galkayo Education center for Peace and Development in Galkayo. Over 1200 adult people and 500 students participated in the assembly. The participants comprised of:

Clan Leaders and clan elders


Women poets from the five regions

Activities (48 women activists from Bari, Nugaal, Sanaag, Sool)

Local and International NGOs

P/L Youth organizations

Students, mainly female students

Business people

Communities members (women & men) from many villages and towns in the North Mudug regions (Women organizations and groups from Galkayo, Gadogob, Kariiban, Bali Busle, Bur-Saalah, Bayra, Ba’ad Weyn and Harfo).

Media groups were called and briefed , BBC, and Hama-dhowr , Kaaha Bari, Yool and Sahan of Bosaso Yamayska lsho of Galkayo , Radio Galkayo , Midnimo, SBC of Bosaso,

All were present

Purpose of the Forum

To encourage civil society and the political leadership to refrain from any action that will lead to civil war and conflict.

To resolve present political crisis in Puntland in a peaceful, democratic and constitutional way rather than by means of war and military confrontation.

To hold more forums for discussion and conflict resolution in all regions to mobilize people and avert civil war and civil strife

To raise Women’s Voice and to give Women the opportunity to be part of the peace and political process.

Mode of the Forum’s Organization

The Puntland Women’s Network Organization (WAWA) and its affiliates (Horn Relief & its affiliates (Horn Relief & GECPD) have found it necessary to mobilize women in these regions under the Motto:

No War Anymore!

In order to popularize this Motto and make it an effective instrument for Peace, Democracy and Human Right, the Women’s Network established a committee in each regions of Mudug, Sool, Nugaal, Sanaag and Bari to hold forums, discussion meetings and awareness raising assembles.

The First Meeting (forum) was held in Galkayo on December 25, 2001, while general meetings will follow in Baran, Bosaso, and Las Anood and Garowe towns before January 20, 2002.


A technical Committee consisting of ten women education supervisors and teachers, ten women organization in Galkayo, Galdogob, Jariiban ten men support group was set up to prepare the program, which consisted:

Writing of the program objectives, activities and mode of execution

Identifying of focus groups (clan leaders, women groups, business community, youth and political leadership.

Distribution of the program to all focus group in advance.

Inform media and brief all journals, radios in Galkayo, Garowe Bosaso, Las-Aanod and BBC/Hama-Dhowr representative

Writing of slogans, mottos in banners, expressing omen’s position and desire on the current political and security crisis, such as:

o Peace is the basis of life and prosperity

o Peace guarantee your children’s life, your community life and your nation

o Peace is the basis for Development, Prosperity and Stability

o Peace is what everyone aspired to get, to enjoy it and possess it

o We want Peace, Peace and Peace

o We want government and nation building

o We want Peaceful resolution of conflicts

o We want Dialogue and Peaceful coexistence of P/L Peoples and Communities

o War destroys the nation’s human and economic wealth

o War causes Hunger, Disease and Human displacement

o War produces orphans, widows and family disruption

o War instills hatred among people and nations

o We hate war

o We hate destruction and displacement

o We hate civil wars, blood shedding and death

o We hate being refugees, hungry and displaced

We appeal to all political leaders, clan leaders, elders and all stakeholders in the political process:

To work for peace and secure stability in the Puntland and Somalia

To avoid using military force for conflict resolution

Tow work for nation-building and people’s reconciliation

To organize forums of reconciliation and dialogue-based structures

To respect human rights and democratic principles in ascending to political power

In the forum women representative from each region was given an opportunity to speak (Ref: See the tape)

The forum was well attended except the Isimo. Some sent apology

The Galkayo women groups are following up why the Isimada did not come

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