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  • [SW Country] (zahra saidnur ) All Nugaal Women mobilization  to peace and reconciliation    :Posted on  [3 Jan 2001]

All Nugaal Women mobilization - to peace and reconciliation  

"zahra saidnur" 

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 Reconciliation and peace mobilization by all Nugaal Women was held at the old building of Garowe domestic school on 2nd Jan.2002 in the aim that Women must oppose to any political action that puts their life in jeopardy and that they can not tolerate any more the way is handled the political situation in Puntland, that certainly will bring about an armed confrontation in the Region. 

Mobilization activity which was continuing for the last couple of days and will continue till the Conference for All Puntland Women be held in Garowe on mid Jan. 2002. They have identified different key areas of action such as: to intensify further this mobilization for the following days till the expecting of All Puntland Women Conference is held in Garowe and to organize and set up the respective committees in this concern.

 In that mobilization activity, Nugaal Women who gathered there were sharing a strong feeling about their roles in Peace and solidarity among Women in Puntland, conflict resolutions and related early warning mechanisms, a call for the roles of civil society in and outside Puntland, the traditional peace making roles and their rights to equal

Involvement. Poems – Buraanbur – were best instrument that were used by Women gathered there to equip themselves and others as well toward the attainment of their objectives. ‘Either we have to face this reality and undertake affirmative action or withdraw from assuming our roles in the social life and the hope for a just and dignified existence and life’- was the main question posed in that mobilization activity.

 In that mobilization gathering, they set up 4 committees by 7 members of each:

1.      Hosting committee for Puntland Women Conference.

2.      Mobilization committee

3.      Finance and Administration committee

4.      Literature committee

They put down the assignments in which each and every committee has to be assumed and be implemented in order to address the success of the expecting All Puntland Women Conference in Garowe on mid Jan. 2002. The mobilization activity is continuing and has been so far attracted many people.



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