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  • [SW Country] ( Eldoret - VP of DGPL) Press Release - New Hostilities and Provocations from Northwest Somalia  :Posted on 9 Dec 2002


DAWLADDA PUNTLAND                                      PUNTLAND STATE OF

EE SOOMAALIYA                                   SOMALIA


XAFIISKA MADAXWEYNE K/XIGEENKA                                               OFFICE OF THE VP PRESIDENT

Eldoret, Kenya, 07 December 2002 



The Administration of the Northwest Somalia must and immediately withdraw its invading forces and the delegation headed by Mr. Dahir Riyale Kahim from Sool Region of Puntland State of Somalia. Instead of attending the on-going Somalia National Reconciliation Conference in Eldoret, Kenya, the Administration of the Northwest had chosen to engage in hostilities and provocation against peaceful region of Sool within the State of Puntland. 

Today at 9:00 am a heavily armed units of the Northwest Somalia Administration supported by more than thirty battle-wagons led by the President Dahir Riyale Kahin had forcefully entered the Puntland State city of Las Anood, resulting death and injury of the residents there. 

Las Anood City is now in a  state tension and escalation of violence that may engulf the entire region and beyond, a recipe for wider and open armed confrontation between Puntland State and Northwest Somalia, the Two Recovery Zones of the country. 

The Administration of Puntland State urges the leadership of the Northwest Somalia to immediately withdraw its invading army units and the uninvited delegation led Mr. Dahir Riyale Kahin otherwise the entire responsibility of the ensuing violence there will be unilaterally and squarely on the shoulders of the Mr. Kahin and his administration. 

Puntland State of Somalia also appeals to and urges the members of the international community to take a serious note on the renewed Somaliland provocations and escalation of hostilities in the peaceful parts of Somalia and take the necessary sanctions against this irresponsible action on the part of the Administration of Somaliland. 

 Mohamed Abdi Hashi

Vice President of the State Government of Puntland


Eldoret, Kenya, 9 December 2002 

The Puntland delegation to the Somali National Reconciliation Conference (SNRC) in Eldoret wishes to draw the urgent attention of the SNRC, IGAD Technical Committee and the International Community to the serious hostilities and increasing tension in Northern Somalia following the armed invasion of Sool Region of Puntland State by the secessionist Northwest Zone of Somalia (aka Somaliland) on Saturday, December 6 2002. 

It is particularly noteworthy that the armed invasion was led by non other than Col. Dahir Riyale Kahin, the President of Northwest Zone of Somalia, causing heavy loss of human life and destruction of property in the heavily populated town of Las-Anod, Capital of Sool Region,  and violating the territorial integrity of the State of Puntland. 

It is of obvious that this irresponsible and provocative hostile action by President Riyale Kahin is intended to open armed confrontation between Puntland State and North-West Zone, a recipe for the spread of conflict that may also engulf the entire region and beyond. This aggression is further intended to wreck the Eldoret Conference and in violation of the Declaration Secession of Hostilities in the whole Somali Republic. We call on the Eldoret Somali Conference, the IGAD Technical Committee (ITC) and the International Community to condemn in the strongest terms the hostile action of the leadership of the Northwest Zone and to take all necessary steps to penalize the aggressors and require them to join the peace process from now on.We would like to advise the SNRC, ITC and the international community that failure to take appropriate actions on the violations of the Northwest and in view of the increasing tension in northern Somalia, the continued participation of the Puntland Delegation in the SNRC may prove to be untenable if circumstances go beyond its capacity. Puntland attaches great importance to the Eldoret SNRC and will do all in its power to contribute to its success. The IGAD Technical Committee to should honor its initial Somali peace process terms and all the conditions of the Declaration of Hostilities and Principles. There should be justice and fairness in all and should be seen to be done. 

Mohamed Abdi Hashin.     

Vice President and Acting Head of Puntland Delegation

TO:     The brothers and sisters of Puntland in the Diaspora,

Worldwide ( Please duplicate and distribute this message to all) 

Frm:   The Puntland Delegation to the Elodoret Somali Conference.

Eldoret, Kenya, 9 December 2002 



Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

The Puntland Delegation at the Eldoret Somali Conference and the Administration in Puntland will do their level best to keep you informed of further developments on the flagrant act of aggression against the Puntland State of Somalia by the Northwest Zone authorities in Hargeisa. We are aware that most of you are in direct contact with the sources of information in Puntland and getting the news from there. However, we need to compare notes constantly. Press Statements issued on the issue by the delegation are internet websites.  While the Puntland State Government and people wish to live in peace and good neighbourliness with all its neighbouring regions and communities, the Government is making all necessary mobilization and preparation against any further external hostility and violation of its territory. 

It would be appreciated if you would disseminate the truth about this conflict to both the Somali and international communities abroad and to play your usual role for the just resolution of the conflict. You may also wish to organize manifestations, including peaceful demonstrations and resource mobilization.   

With the assurance of our close contact, coordination and cooperation, 

Yours Sincerely, 

Mohamed Abdi Hashi

Vice President and Acting Head of Puntland Delegation.    


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