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Somalia Watch will serialize under The Genocide File the documented acts of Genocide  and other serious human Rights abuses committed to the Somali  people in the last 20-30 years. The documents we use shall be authentic to the best of our knowledge and will give sources and references whenever possible.

We also invite the contribution of our readers to the efforts of exposing the truth. Anyone with a genuine story to tell about the subject matter is welcome to send his/her contribution to Somalia Watch.  We shall use all the stories judged to be genuine. Names of the contributors shall not be used unless SW is instructed otherwise. 

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The Genocide File 


Galkio falls into the U.S.C hands


This document was released by USC Military Command on the occasion of the capture of Galkayo by the USC forces on 26 Feb 1991.

Golaha midnimada Somaliyeed   United Somali Congress ( USC)

Congresso dell'Unita Somalia


Ref. No.USC/DD/3/3/91 Date March 3, 91



Galkio falls into the U.S.C hands

The heroic Military Wing of the United Somali Congress-USC- which is Currently engaged in a large-scale offensive aimed at liberating Mudugh and Majertainia regions, has smashed the rest of Faqash (enemy) forces and liberated of Galkio Central Somalia.

On February 26th 1991, the USC forces led by Gen.-Mohammed Farah Aidid attacked Galkio and other towns of Mudugh region, inflicting heavy damage on the enemy and bringing the town under the USC control.

In the battle, enemy loses totaled 550 killed, 320 wounded and 200 captured. Mean while the so-called S.S.D.F redeployed an armed men to Baira from its base in Baladweyn in order to secure some strategic areas, but was confronted by USC resulting in another defeat.

The commander-in-Chief of the USC Military Forces and de facto leader of the organization has congratulated to the freedom fighters of USC and their ally Progressive forces, for the successful operations in Galkio and surrounding areas.

Democratic Forces of Somalia UNIT

Major-General Comrade Mohammed Farah Aidid ( signed )

The leader of USC and Commander-in-Chief of

Military Forces  Somalia.


Source Page : USC Military Communique Page 18

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