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  • Title: [SW Country] (The Somaliland Forum, ) Horn Of Africa, On The Brink Of Un-Engineered Civil War
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  • Date :[July 4, 2000]

Horn Of Africa, On The Brink Of Un-Engineered Civil War

Story Filed: Wednesday, July 05, 2000 10:57 AM EST

Somalia (The Somaliland Forum, July 4, 2000) - It has become commonplace
these days for the UN political appointee on the Somali affairs, Mr. David
Stephen, to spread propaganda for the so-called Somalia conference in
Djibouti. His latest unorthodox diplomatic tactics have, for example,
confused the Security Council members of the UN in their recent session on
the Somali issue. As a result, the large majority of the Third World
rotating members of the council in that session adopted Mr. Stephen's mantra
of "Greater Somalia!"

Fortunately, however, the keen observers of the Somali Affairs in the
Council, most notably the representatives of the United States of America,
the United Kingdom and the Netherlands Representatives have departed from
the UN officially sanctioned script in the discussion, prepared by Mr.
Stephen for this extraordinary session of the UN Security Council and read
by its under-secretary for political affairs. These three important
countries have shown courage and leadership by putting forth the true and
undistorted political picture of the Somali peninsula over the last decade.
The true picture is, as the representatives of these great powers have so
aptly explained in the session, that Somaliland is a peaceful, stable, and
politically responsible nation, which should not be mixed with the southern
Somali warring factions. In addition, as the American representative in the
session, Ms. Susan Sodenberg, also stated anything that would disturb the
peace in Somaliland and other stable parts of the former Somali republic
would create war, not peace. Indeed, it is the lasting-peace that the
Somaliland people made among themselves, that the world community should be
proud of, rather than undermining it by heeding to Mr. Stephen's latest
round of political deception and misleading statements on the Somali issue
at the international level. But how did the Somaliland's peaceful
environment come about?

"It came about after the SNM had relinquished power to its people in 1993,
and Somaliland clan families undertook a long and very methodical peace
process at Burao, Borama, and Hargeisa, Somaliland. This process, which, was
based on our social and cultural mechanisms, has created an acceptable
political framework for the country, including a national charter.
Ironically, the international community is now clamouring about what may or
may not come out of Arta, while at the same time ignoring Somaliland's
national charter conference that has already come to fruition", said Amina
Malko, the Chair of Somaliland Forum.

In this regard, The people of Somaliland are no longer part of Somalia as
much as Eritrea is not part of Ethiopia, or Ukraine is not part of Russia.
But the people of Somaliland support peace for Somalia.

Now a few known facts about the Arta conference, which has been organized by
President Guelleh of Djibouti:

1. The conference attendants, or many of whom, are overseas Somalis and
tourists, who have given themselves such sweeping powers of representation
that they are calling for the abrogation of the sovereignty of Somaliland.
They have also given themselves the task of usurping the rights and the
sovereignty of the people of Somaliland without having consultations with
their elected representatives. And, this is tantamount to a declaration of
war, which can engulf with flames of war in the whole region of the Horn,
including the Republic of Djibouti itself.

2. The conference organisers and their host, Mr. Guelleh, are stating that
the people of Somaliland are present at the conference through the presence
of a few dissidents. Thus, they are equating Somaliland with a few
dissidents. But, the people of Somaliland have already made their political
choices, and it is quixotic and illogical to just suggest that they, the 3
million people of Somaliland, are represented in Djibouti.

3. Even for the people of Somalia proper, the conference is not
representative by any measure of traditional leaders or of civil society.
Worse of all, some of the personalities meeting in Djibouti include Gen.
Mohamed Hashi Ganni, the first butcher of Hargeisa, who paradoxically has
been entrusted with the committee for disarming the populations of the
ex-Somalia! Indeed, Gen. Ganni is a war criminal, who needs to be brought
before an international war crimes tribunal, let alone chair a committee for
disarmament. "How is it that Bosnia's notorious war criminals such as
Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic are under World Court indictment, whereas
Gen. Ganni and Gen. Morgan are being asked to form a state for the same
people whose lives they had destroyed?" said Amina-Malko, the Chair of the
Somaliland Forum. "Or, is it because Somalilanders are Africans", she
continued to say, "and the inhumane crimes committed against them don't
really matter, in the same way that Rwandan genocide was not that of a big
deal at UN headquarters!"

All that is known about this conference, but what is not known is how far
the UN representative, Mr. Stephen, is going to spread the propaganda for a
conference aimed at destroying the peace of the whole region. We do not
understand why the UN has been made itself, through her regional
representative, a better and the helper of people who want to bring another
mass civil war to the Horn of Africa. Let there be no doubt about this that
the UN shall be held responsible for what is being recommended at this
conference, which is nothing less than a total usurpation of the rights of
the people of Somaliland under the auspices of the UN. And, the consequences
of this miss-guided UN action will be another mass war in the Horn of
Africa, for that is the logical outcome of denying the existence of the
State of Somaliland.

The people of Somaliland have severed their unworkable political ties with
Somalia after thirty-one years of a stormy relationship between the two.
Somaliland has since embarked on development and peace. The UN has not
helped the people Somaliland in any way, since they have reclaimed their
independence, while it has spent billions of dollars in trying to bring
peace and governance to Somalia. Furthermore, they have established peace
and governance without any expenses to the world community. They have also
rebuilt their homes, restarted new and old business enterprises, schools and
social services.

In sum, all we ask of the world community and the UN is recognition. Even if
that is not forthcoming, all we ask now is to be left alone, so we can
prosper at our own pace and in own terms. We ask that the world body should
come to its senses; the UN has been set up to champion for the protection of
human rights and the rights of the peoples of the world. However, some
functionary ideologues, together with a few countries such as Djibouti are
using it to take away the rights of the people of Somaliland. We, therefore,
appeal to the UN to respect and protect our rights; our political and civil
rights, that is, which have been enshrined in the UN's International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights whose first Article reads that: "All
peoples have the right to self-determination." We also know that the cost of
war and destruction will affect everyone, and we hope that the UN will heed
this advice.

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