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  • Title: [SW Country](Africa News Online). Will Arta Reverse Course or will it Follow the Camp David Route? 
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Will Arta Reverse Course or will it Follow the Camp David Route

Story Filed: Thursday, July 27, 2000 3:35 PM EST

Washington DC, (Somali Support Committee, July 27, 2000) - After the Somali State collapsed in 1991, 13 conferences variously hosted or convened by the US, UN, Ethiopia and Egypt failed to make significant progress leaving Somalia without government for nearly a decade.

1998 the Chair of IGAD, former Djibouti president, Mr. Hassan Gulled Aptidon, asserted that any Somali peace process should be moved away from faction leaders and warlords. The initiative to hold the next conference in Djibouti was taken in March - April 1999 when newly elected Djiboutian president; Mr. Ismail Omar Gelle took over the IGAD chair.

That was that and now than?

According to the Somali Support Committee's source in Djibouti, the peace plan was diverted from its original direction in the sense that it fundamentally undermines the need of federal system as a governmental form for the re- integration of the Somali people and the fact that the plan systematically supports clan interests above the nation's survival and give back the power of the transitional government to the warlords, collaborators of warlords and former ministers and generals who put the country where it is now.

Most of the candidates for the high office are the same people who committed gross human right violations against the people of Somalia, the same people who presided over the collapse of the Somali economy, the same people who were responsible under their management to loot and took all the countries resources and reserve into their private bank accounts in Europe and North America, the same people who led the brightest Somali intellectuals to leave the country, the same people who caused the civil war.

Somali Support Committee will support, work closely and welcomes all those who sincerely are working the peace processes as the rest of the Somali's inside and outside the country. But is displeased the Djibouti's current peace plan. The government of Djibouti strongly undermines the power of those who oppose the so-called peace initiative that brings back all the wounds that was healing before this came up.

Finally, we call upon the leadership of Djibouti government and the participants to show impartiality towards the peace process and to give equal respect to all peace participants, and support the establishment of effective regional administration and the recognition of regional representatives. And support the election of the parliament to be based on regional vote not a clan vote. And with all financial and the economic needs to continue the process are nearly Zero the SSC predicts if the current peace plan didn't get the necessary timely jump start the peace process will follow the same direction to the Camp David one.

Mohamed Abdullahi Founder and Chairman of Somali Support Committee

Somali Support Committee is a Non Governmental Organization created to help examine the long-term political solutions and economic initiatives in Somalia.

CONTACT: Mohsar12@msn.com

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