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  • Title: [SW News](Garowe) Summary Notes of President's Anniversary Speech
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XAFIISKA MADAXWEYNAHA                                                 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT






Mr Vice-President, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Isimadda, members of the public, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, 

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of our State – Puntland State of Somalia. We are together reviewing the situation of our region and the performance of the Government in the last two years as well as its plans for the coming years, 

I do not wish to boast the achievements of my government of the short two years nor do I wish to under estimate the constraints we have encountered in arriving where we stand on today. 


 a)      We all remember that after a seven years wait and failure to achieve national reconciliation and restoration of a central government, for which we made so many concessions ,the  legitimate representatives of the people of the five regions of Nugal, Sool, Sanaag, Bari, North Mudug and the Buhoodle District came to Garowe in 1998 and established the State of Puntland;

 b)      We also decided to remain an integral part of Somalia. We did all in our power to promote peace, national reconciliation and neighborly regional cooperation. We invited many Somali leaders from various regions of the country to Garowe to share with us ideas on all possible political options for the resolution of the Somali conflict;

 c)      With our very limited resources of qualified manpower, financial, material and inadequate infrastructure, the government managed: 

-         To establish all the vital State institutions, particularly the executive, legislative, judiciary branches and laid down many essential legislation;

 -         To ensure State security by establishing adequate Police Force to protect our frontiers from aggression, our sea from piracy and our urban centers from rampant crime; 

-         To rehabilitate, with some help from the international community, many public premises and important economic infrastructures such as the main tarmac road, Bosaso Port and airports; and 

-         To provide employment for over 6000 persons, which means feeding 60,000 family members. 

d) These may not appear to be big achievements but they certainly are a major progress over where we were two years ago, when the country was in a state of anarchy and disorder. And we did all this on self-reliance and without substantive assistance from the international community, who had clearly shown reluctance to aid Somalia in any meaningful way. 

  1. SOMALIA AND WORLD SITUATION: Let me now turn to, and outline the current Somali and world situation as it relates to Somalia:

a) The Somalia situation:

            ·        The civil strife is still going on in most of central and southern Somalia; 

·        There is hunger, starvation and famine in most of central and southern areas of the country due to constant fighting, insecurity and lack of national and international relief assistance or GURMAD;  

·        The Djibouti process also presented new dimensions of confusion, destabilization and disunity to the already difficult Somali situation; 

·        Fortunately, the whole Somali picture is not as gloomy as it sounds for the northern parts of Puntland and Northwest enjoy peace, stability and orderly administrations

 b) On the world scene as it relates to Somalia: 

·        There are many large-scale internal civil conflicts going on in the world at the same time, and particularly in Africa, that overshadows the Somali conflict (Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, Afghanistan, Congo, etc.); 

·        There is, therefore, much competition for world attention and for the limited international aid resources that may be available; 

·        In any case, the international community seems to have folded their arms about the Somali tragedy and remain indifferent observers on the Somali conflict, waiting to pat on the shoulder the blood-handed victors; 

·        In addition to the economic problems of globalization and post-cold war period of foreign policy priority changes and donor fatigue environment, a number of regional countries with opposing political and strategic interests are further complicating the Somali internal conflict; 

·        The Djibouti/Arta Conference is the last of about a dozen costly, failed National Reconciliation Conferences sponsored by the international community and held abroad. But the Djibouti Process may prove to be the most divisive and destabilizing of all its predecessors. 


a)      Under these difficult and complex conditions in Somalia as a whole and Puntland in particular, our government adopted a number of principles and strategies, including: 

-          The establishment of peace and security in Puntland, 

-          The urging of peace and reconciliation among many Somali political factions, 

-          The promotion of good neighborly relation and cooperation with all regions, 

-         Constant appeal to the international community to sincerely and generously assist all regions of Somalia in their efforts for peace, rehabilitation and development; and 

b)      Regarding the Djibouti Process, we learned the undemocratic management, partiality and consequent dangers of the initiative long before most people realized, and we forewarned our people, all Somalis and the international community about the serious risks that Djibouti Conference entails. Not many people believed us but truth is now on the board for everyone to see. 


In the past two years, our priority was the establishment of the State government, its various public institutions and administrative working infrastructure. In the final year of its 3-year mandate, the government will devote its efforts and resources on institutional consolidation, conference preparation, socio-economic development planning and the defense of our people and national interests. In the implementation of these programs, we cannot and we shall not rely on much international assistance. 

You know how very limited are our financial and material resources. The regions of Puntland have always been long neglected and called GAARIWAA (unreachable). By establishing Puntland State, the people and government together made them reachable and much coveted. You are fully aware of the situation. Nevertheless, we are determined to move forward relying on our brains and labor. On this objective, planned government activities for the next year include the following: 

            POLITICAL PROGRAM:  

·        The preparation for the 2001 Constitutional Conference as required by the Puntland Charter, activities consisting of:  

-         Drafting of a fully fledged Puntland Constitution that will guarantee all the rights the people want;  

-         Taking of Puntland population census for democratic distribution of representation and for effective development planning; 

-         The appointment of an electoral commission to organize and manage all the electoral process required; 

-         The appointment of a Conference Preparatory Committee for the preparation and organization of the 2001 Puntland Conference. 

·        Puntland support and promotion of the “building blocks” approach in future national reconciliation processes, whereby individual zonal administrations are formed first and then mandated, representative leaders meet to discuss the formation of a Federal Central Government in a practical, equitable and democratic manner; 

·        The forging of political and military alliances with like-minded Somali leaders, organizations and regional administrations to pull our common ideas and resources in self-defense and for the search for a peaceful and democratic national solution. 

·        Government’s continued encouragement and challenge to our Somali neighboring Self-governing States and regions to meet us on the peace table for dialogue, cooperation and coordination of efforts for reconciliation, reconstruction and development for the suffering Somali people; 

·        Government’s continued request to the international community to give their informed and impartial mediation, reconstruction and development support to Somalia and revive and practically apply the "peace-dividend” policy.    


·        The Preparation of a Socio-Economic Development Plan creating employment through infrastructure, social services and housing development giving particular attention to women, youth, unemployed and the vulnerables; 

·        The Puntland socio-economic agenda must give priority consideration and allocate greater resources in the future for the development of the rural economy, where the majority of our people and most of the resources are located.  

·        The promotion of an overall private sector development, including government support for export promotion, overseas product marketing, economic infrastructure and institutional development, business training, livestock, fishery and crops producer support and IT introduction; and 

·        Also high in the government’s development plans is the protection of the environment in terms of coastal pollution and waste dumping, charcoal burning and urban planning. 

·        We are renewing our appeal to the international donor community to join us in partnership in the reconstruction and development of Puntland;  


·        The security policies and activities of the government will mainly feature on: 

1.      The finalization of a peaceful settlement of Galkayo and Mudug Region security concerns and the forging of inter-community trust and cooperation, 

2.      The application of renewed policy and efforts in Jubaland and Kismayo and to return them to their legitimate owners preferably through dialogue and peaceful means; 

3.      The protection of Puntland peace and security from ambitious war mongers and other enemies disguised as Djibouti born “national government”; 

4.      The government is deeply concerned about the unconscionable, treacherous, continued and contraband export of female livestock, Beeyo trees (frankincense) and protected game species. This is serious economic sabotage and sellout of our children’s inheritance. The government will apply existing laws and introduce new and stronger protective legislation, if necessary. In the meantime, the security forces are instructed to be more vigilant and ensure that no more such exports take place again in any port of Puntland. 


Fellow countrymen and women, 

 I invite you to join us in the government for this challenge to rebuild and develop Puntland so that we can play greater positive role in the national reconciliation and reconstruction.  

Thank you. 

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