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  • Title: [SW Column] (Mohamed Abdulle Illal) CAN ANYONE BE A POLITICIAN
  • Posted by/on:[AAJ][17 Aug 2000]

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Mohamed Abdulle Illal


According to the definition of the Houghton Mifflin Dictionary of English language, "politician is a person skilled or experienced in science or administration of government". It is quite obvious therefore that this person is associable with the world of sagacity and greater enlightenment. In other words, he is with fully developed power of mind. On the other hand, this definition disqualifies indirectly anyone who upholds to be a politician, but doesn't have this distinctive qualification. In view of this, if the politician is aware of the fact that he will be favored or disapproved according to his/her ideas and actions, he/she automatically becomes an outreaching politician who cannot afford to have an ambition of tribalism. Because he/she knows full well that it will backfire on his/her career and political achievements as well. So it is both a patriotic duty, and his own interest to charge himself with the promotion of peace and unity, and abhor all infamous activities. In short, the genuine politician is the linchpin or the nerve center of his society, and not the contrary.

But, if we consider the so-called Somali politicians in the light of the Houghton's definition (given we are not blindfolded by clannish mentality), we will definitely understand that Somalia is taken hostage by unscrupulous hoodlums and untutored gangs whose aim is to quench their insatiable thirst for power and wealth. Their control system relies on outright slaughter as they think it the only way they can realize their selfish ends. And they do all they can to frustrate the attainment of common objectives if they don't see their interest through it. This is why they remain to be the source of confusion and disunity. Yet it is the reason why this once peaceful country is now reduced into a realm of danger and despair. In fact this sadistic attitude reminds me of Adolf Hitler's ruthlessness, . who once said, "if we cannot win, we will drag half the world down with us".

So having understood how wide is the gulf between the Somali type of politician and the one recognized by the civilized world, I believe it is the time we should direct the water to its normal course. And say loudly, enough to political impostors, enough to the bloodsuckers. Otherwise, we will be having only painful memories, and nothing to look forward.


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