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  • Title: [SW News](Disgruntled Somalis) Government of Opportunists
  • Posted by/on:[AMJ][Friday, August 18, 2000]

 Most of the major clans do not support this cook-up. Only some opportunity-seekers who do not have the mandate of their clans, state governments, or the Somali community in general, in collusion with Djibouti authorities, would like the international community to believe that Somalia had formed its first national assembly and government after the civil war. And still worse, most of the members of the so-called National transitional Assembly concocted in Djibouti had a history of being the instruments of the old tyrannical regime that led the Somalis the doom they are in.

Recognizing such a cook-up as a legitimate representative of the Somali National Assembly will only:

  • complicate the already precarious situation and hinder the normal process of gradual pacification of Somalia, through legitimate local administrations which had been the trend in the Somali political arena.
  • Encourage another dictatorial regime to be imposed on Somalia after a ten-year old civil war prompted by an earlier dictatorial military rule.
  • threaten to destroy the peaceful cantonments of Somalia that would have served as the building blocks of Somali pacification and re-integration, and re-building of the Somali society.
  • rekindle the flames of civil war and pave the way for a new cycle of anarchy and an untold bloodshed and political uncertainty.
  • distract international attention from seeking other alternative solutions to the Somali problem, and shatter all hopes for on-going grassroots reconciliation attempts.

 We would like to appeal to the international community not to give green light to what would bring about an undemocratic and non-representative dictatorial authority, which will only plunge Somalia into further anarchy and only add new dimensions to the Somali suffering and insecurity at this juncture of its history.

 It is our hope that such meddling and non-constructive interference in the Somali politics would not serve the Somali people, and would be regarded by the Somalis as means of taking advantage of Somalia's unfortunate situation.

 We also appeal to the international community to help the Somali people to reconstitute a legitimate Somali state by encouraging the formation of representative local administrations - more building blocks like Puntland - that will circumvent the deep-rooted state of chaos and lack of direction, and to safeguard the Somali national integrity.

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