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  • Title: [SW News](Xiddigta Benadir) Xubnaha "TNA"
  • Posted by/on:[AMJ][Friday, August 18,2000]

Beesha Majertain:
Xasan Abshir Fa-arax, Jan. Maxamed Abshir Muu-se, Boqor C/llaahi Boqor Muuse, Aadan Maxamed Cali, Col. C/ris-aaq Muuse Xersi (Indh-ool), Sa-ciid Cusmaan Islaan, Yaasiin Da-ahir, Jaamac Beelda-aje, Jan. Ma-xamed Saciid Xersi Morgan, C/w-eli Indha-garaw, C/rashiid Xuse-en, C/rashiid Cumar-dheere, Ax-med Maxamed Gololey, Xersi Is-maaciil Cali, Muuse Madoobe, Saciid Warmajaanle, Muuse Cali Jaamac, Cusmaan Maxamed Faarax (Gamuure), Ma-xamed Daahir, nin magaciisa C/x-akiim oo kaliya nagu soo gaaray iyo Ha-weeney aan weli la magacaabin.
Beesha Mareexaan:

Xasan Faarax Xujaale
Mowliid Xasan Cumar
Barre Ugaas Geedi
Jan. Axmed Warsame Max'ed
Hilowle Aadan Maxamed
Shire Suudi Maxamuud
Maxamed Xaashi Gaani
Aadan Bile Maxamed
Maxamed Cali Cabdi
C/raxmaan Yuusuf Diiriye
Jan. Cumar Xaaji Masalle
Axmed Cabdi Gurxan
Nadiifa Sheekh Axmed

Beesha Ogaadeen:
Bile Rafle Guuleed
Maxamed Faarax Canshuur
C/llaahi Xasan Maxamuud
Maxamuud Bashiir
Jan. C/wahaab Mekahiye
C/Weli Maxamed Daa'uud
C/Wahaab Maxamed Xuseen
Cusmaan Sheekh Maxamed
Cumar Sheekh Maxamuud
Cumar Sheekh Cabdi.

Beesha Awrtable:
Yuusuf Axmed Max'ed [Xaraare]
Maxamed Cabdi Yuusuf
Fowsiya C/llaahi Nuur.

Beesha Meheri:
Axmed Maxamed (Beydari)
Faarax Sayid
Caasha Khaliif Cabdi (Indha-buur)

Beesha Dhulbahante:
Garaad Abshir Saalax
Cali Khaliif Galleyr
Faarax Cali Shire
C/qaadir Cawil Baacaluul
Ceydiid Xaaji Maxamed
Maxamed Xersi Ducaale
Daahir Khaliif.

Beesha reer Aw Xasan:
Mukhtaar Maxamed Yuusuf
Xasan Daahir Cabdi.

Beesha Jareer:
Ibraahim Maxamed Diiriye
Sheekh Abti Maxamed
Dr. Sadiiq Xasan
Prof. Cabaas
Faaduma Umaani.
 For the first time in almost a decade, Somalia has a Parliament; a transitional body was inaugurated yesterday in the neighboring State of Djibouti. The Parliament is part of an effort to bring lasting peace to Somalia, which has witnessed years of fighting between rival warring clans and factions. The ceremony took place in the town of Arta.... Now Abdullahi Sheik Ismail, a former Somali ambassador was yesterday chosen to be among the new crop of parliamentarians for Somalia's latest attempt to establish a government. Abdullahi Sheik Ismail comes from the Hawiya clan and was at one time a spokesman for the faction leader Ali Mahdi. On the line to Djibouti this morning, I asked him if I could now call him Honourable?

 A. S. Ismail: Well, you know, my name has been presented to be a candidate for parliament. Well, you can call me Honourable now. 

Frai Sevenzo: That is wonderful, honourable. So what real changes are we going to see now for Somalia arising from the Djibouti initiative? 

A.S. Ismail: The major thing that we're going to witness, you know, now we've got a parliament which constitutes, you know, the basis of our future political development of Somalia, and we've got a constitution which we shall relay to establish formal government. 

Frai Sevenzo: We know that the parliament has been chosen along clan lines. Do you thing that is good or a bad thing? 

A. S. Ismail: Well, to respect our reality, it is actually very fundamental issue and we have no parties established along ideological lines, therefore, we've to go back to our traditional ramification and I think that is correct. 

Frai Sevenzo: What guarantees are there so that there will be no return to the infighting we've seen for the last 10, 11 years? 

A. S. Ismail: Well from our side, we've been adamantly committed to establish peace for Somalia, but if some other people start, and again plunge Somalia into new awful situation it is something else. From our side, we’ve chosen peace, peace, peace. 

Frai Sevenzo: But even if you want peace, do you think parliamentarians will have the power to give its citizens safety? 

A.S. Ismail: Well, of course, we shall establish the steps which can ensure peace and restore security into Somalia, and that is what we're going to do, I think, when the government is established. Peace is the basic fundamental choice and the necessary instrument to establish a government. 

Frai Sevenzo: But the question into everybody's minds is, ok fine you're there along clan lines and you say you will build the structures to bolster citizen safety, but how will you do it? Will you have an army which can force some naughty clan or some defecting clan to behave themselves? 

A. S. Ismail: Well, the clans, as you know, well this is a commitment.. a reality for society, and we can't avoid it. The fact that the deputies are along clan lines means each clan has to respect their engagements, the commitments they have taken up on itself. 

Frai Sevenzo: That is Abdullahi Sheik Ismail who is a newly elected member of the "Somali Parliament".

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