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  • Title: [SW News]( Qurashi) Dimness, haze, obscurity and venturesome are what is happening in Arta!
  • Posted by/on:[AMJ][Friday, 18 August, 2000]

Dimness, haze, obscurity and venturesome are what is happening in Arta!


When I have heard that there was going to be Somali reconciliation
conference in Djibouti, I was overjoyed, I thought to myself this is
going to make difference " this was after I have examined the pros
and the cons".  I was elated to hear the method that Mr Galleh is going
to employ. It was somewhat dissimilar to whose procedure, which has been
utilised in the other musters.

Furthermore, I suspect this reconciliation conference is once more
failing. Let us just examine what is taking place in Arta.

Couple weeks ago, when the people decided that they are going to set
up Somali Parliament, there was a huge disagreement as to how they
are going to appoint the members of the new Parliament. A lot people put
forward that we should adapt the universal way of electing the
member's parliament, hence for a constituency " based on regions".
Other group was so sceptical about this way, since they knew that one
tribe will be the dominant one, they felt this is utterly cheating.
Other clans thought they would lose out, because they do not reside a
confined region. This was the major dispute; some clans walked out of
the conference because they thought that it was immoral for them to
be participated such thing.

I regard this sort of discord is utterly fruitlessly futile, it is
something that can be solved quite facilely.

Considering I am not specialist in this field, I shall attempt to
rationalise and resolve this problem without compromising the parts

First of all, we have been out of government for nearly a decade "
some of us feel they were out of one 12 years". We will not have a
problem if we remain without a government for another 2 years. This
is my proposition: -

We shall base the constiuncy on merits of how populated the regions
are. We shall locate every MP for 10 thousand " or any other number
agreed". We shall say for example, if there is 100 thousand people in
sanag region whose are eligible to vote then Sanag will have 10 MPs.
And if Banadir, have 1 million people whose are eligible to vote,
then Banadir should have 100 MP, and this should apply to the rest of
Somalia. In this scenario the system will be 1 man 1 vote. It is fair
and sound. But question may arise, that is: there minority people in
Somalia don't they deserve to be represented in the house of Commons,
surely that is a equitable inquisition, and my response will be this:
even though we have to allocate a certain seats for those groups
whose numbers are not suitable enough to gain MPs.

We have to bare in mind that this so called affirmative action, or
positive discrimination is thoroughly non-existence in both Europe
and USA when it comes to politics. I live in England, there is no such
thing, and It should be mentioned that you can find it in textbooks,
but they are not implemented. What even made me chuckle was to see
ladies allocated certain seats of the Parliament!. This is strange,
which country does this. We live in a liberal countries and do we see
such thing taking place in these countries! The answer is evidently
No. This is of course an assay for Somalis, and it seems they have
delivered what the examinees wanted! Bravo people, you passed the
test. I am not announcing that I am to some extent male chauvinist,
but I am solely exercising my thoughts.

Now, what is the situation in Arta?. We are all aware the fact that
number of tribes feel that they have been deceived and also cheated
by Mr Galleh. They believe that they did not procure their share of the
doe. These clans include: Leelkase, Hawadle, Murursade, And most of
all Dhulbahante and Abgaal. 

The above named tribes whose reside different regions in Somalia and
they feel that this was utterly fraudulently counterfeit thing, and
they are not partaking any of this.

What I even find more startling was to see the list of the MPs and
among those were the blood aficionados, whose murdered hundred of
innocent Somalis in Somalia!. Where does this take us.

I give credence to the fact; this conference would not be  more then
the previous gatherings, even may be more dangerously venturesome!.
God forbid but I fear a fresh imminent civil war that will engulf
once more the country I love.

I prospect that you the reader may not fathom this article as one
which is provoked by a tribe wrath. I assuredly tell you that this is
from the base of my grey matter in the skull.



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