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  • Title: [SW News] (Somali Support Comittee) Djibouti: Friend Or Foe
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Djibouti: Friend Or Foe?


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Washington DC

After the Somali state and dignity was traded to Mad Max land in 1991, 12 conferences variously hosted or convened by the US, UN, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Egypt failed to make any progress. In 1999 the Djibouti president Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh took a burden that seemed so easy at the time when he told the UN that he would convene and host the Djibouti peace process that is going now.

Mr. Guelleh tried all he can to do it the right way and offered invitations to all Somali's and start the process from bottom-up, and emphasize the need of federal system as a governmental form for the re- integration of the Somali people, but things was diverted from it's original direction when he put in charge of the process to the warlords, collaborators of warlords and former ministers and generals who put the country where it lies now.

According to the SDC and SSC'S source in Djibouti, the peace plans become power struggle and pick and choose plan with no clear agenda or objectives behind it. Mr. Guelleh is looking for a way out of the mess, and he chose to go the easy way which neither helps the poor Somali's who had a high hope to get back their lost State nor the international Communities that he promised he will solve the Somali problem once for all. Mr. Guelleh has become a mini dictator and does whatever he want in the process and ads number on the delegates from 225 as agreed and signed by the blind participants to 245 delegates now. The sources outlined that the whole process is fixed and the President and the Prime Ministers Mr. Abdiqasim Salad, Ali Khalif Galyr and Hassan Abshir Farah are already working their acceptance speech with out the delegations vote. We also learned that some members were denied to speak out after they in counter mismanagement and in justice from the management of the process.

Most of the candidates for the high office are the same people who committed gross human right violations against the people of Somalia, the same who were responsible under their management to loot and took all the countries resources and reserve into their private bank accounts in Europe and North America, the same people who forced the brightest Somali intellectuals to leave the Country, the same people who caused the civil war.

As we outlined before the forefront of Djibouti so-called peace process are the remaining of the dictatorial Barre's regime and Warlords. To name a few: - Ali Khalif Galyr, Abdiqasim Salad Hassan, Omar Haji Massale, Hassan Abshir Farah, Mohamed Sheik Osman, Adan Mohamed Ali, Ali Ugas, Gaani, Bile Rafle Guleed, Abdullahi Ossoble Siyaad, Jama Mohamed Qalib, Osman Jama Ali (Kaluun), Jiliow, Ali Mahdi Mohamed, Abdi Qaybdiid, Awaale, Abdirahman Tuur, Mohamed Ali Jama, Abdullahi Addow, Farah Anshur, Darmaan, and the only missing person was their leader and as they called him (Father Siyad Barre). With all that in mind we want to put the floor an open question to the all the Somali People and the decent participants of the peace process: 1. By just looking the names above do those candidates talk or put forward what each will do about the issues like Education, health, crimes and etc. 2. Did they give any apology about their actions either on the prior government or the civil war era?

How on earth can the good conscious Somali people support or accept the leadership of someone who took an extreme hard position, fueling the civil war and in person took a microphone around the city advocating the ethnic cleansing and the elimination of a particular group because of their tribe or region? By not talking about the past and not answering or explaining any involvement will be and is being considered admission of guilt.

Is this the new version of African Democracy?

To take you a little tour to the American elections that is heating up now, Vice President Al Gore is trying to distant himself from a very popular president, which under his administration has very high ratings, the lowest un-employment rate, the lowest on welfare recipients, the lowest crime rate, and the economy is in the highest peak. But all of that will not help Mr. AlGore to sit the presidential seat in the white house unless he explains the American people that he has nothing to do with President Clinton's behavior and Moral character.

In contrary here in Africa especially the Arta so-called peace process the candidates are hiding under the umbrella of their tribe that each one has bloodless Somali's on his side, and we put an okay stamp and legitimize all his previous actions if he become a leader or in the parliament.

On behalf of all the Somali people we want to thank the people of Djibouti for their hospitality. And we also want to thank the President and the Cabinet of Djibouti for trying putting this black mark on our history book whatever intentions they might had, and time will tell if Djibouti is friend or Foe.

Somali Support Committee will support, work closely and welcomes all those who sincerely are working the peace processes as the rest of the Somali's inside and outside the country. But is displeased the Djibouti's current peace plan. The government of Djibouti strongly undermines the power of those who oppose the so-called peace initiative that brings back all the wounds that was healing before this came up.

Finally, we call upon the leadership of Djibouti government and the participants to show impartiality towards the peace process and to give equal respect to all peace participants, and support the establishment of effective regional administration and the recognition of regional representatives. And to give each candidate at least half an hour to represent himself, his issues, the apology or May I say the admission of their past. And to tell us why we can trust him today?

Mohamed Abdullahi Founder and Chairman of Somali Support Committee Somali Support Committee and the Somali Development Council are a Non Governmental Organizations created to help examine the long-term political solutions and economic initiatives in Somalia. Contact: Mohamud60@hotmail.com

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