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  • Title: [SW News] (Xog-Ogaal) Muse Sudi Warns
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 BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom ; 26-Aug-2000 12:00:00 am ; 204 words

Text of report by Somali newspaper 'Xog-Ogaal' on 26th August

Mogadishu leader warns international agencies, governments off Djibouti meeting

Text of report by Somali newspaper 'Xog-Ogaal' on 26th August

A Mogadishu faction leader, with a considerable militia force and who controls the southwestern Mogadishu districts, Musa Sudi Yalahow, said in a press statement he issued yesterday that the Djibouti conference was a conspiracy which intended to renew tribal clashes in Somalia. He said the conference had been organized by alliance group which was composed of the Djibouti government, Somali businesmen, religious groups and the remnants of the former Somali regime. He said the aim of these groups is to usurp power with the view of achieving their personal interests.

He said: "The results of the conference were decided in advance and it was known to every one, and the out come of the conference would not represent the consensus of all Somali people. In view of this, I call upon the international organizations and those countries which are interested in Somali affairs not to recognized the results of the Djibouti conference," adding, "I am sure that the Arta conference out come will spark off new clashes in Somalia, and warns all those concerned not to support the results of the conference for the general interst of the Somali people."

Source: 'Xog-Ogaal', Mogadishu, in Somali 26 Aug 00 p 2

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