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After nearly ten years without a government Somalia now has a new leader, Abdulkassim Salat Hassan.

Is Somalia slowly moving away from unending chaos and anarchy? Will the country's warlords take any notice? Will the new head of state manage to bring Somaliland and Puntland back into the fold?

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This is a new dimension to the chaos

Abdirahman, Somalia

A new faction leader is on the rampage

The new faction leader would make difference only if he pacifies the chaotic city of Mogadishu, shuns being the president of Somalia and starts dialog with the local administrations of the states like Puntland and Somaliland on how to bring Somalia to a federal system. But if he miscalculates like late Aidid, his kinsman, or like late Siyad Barre, his mentor, there is no end in sight to the Somali chaos.
Abdirahman, Somalia


A New Faction Adds to the heat in Somalia

GALKAIO (PUNTIN) - For the occasion of inauguration and the swearing in of the Djibouti-groomed so-called "President of Somalia", the Djibouti President, Ismail Omar Guelleh, invited a number of president and other dignitaries from some foreign countries and organizations. The function was attended held on August 27, and by Presidents of Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea and the envoys from Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Arab league and OAU and UN, who all made speeches except Melez Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia and Issias Afworki, the President of Eritrea.

The speakers stressed the inviolability of Somali unity and integrity, but stopped short of giving recognition to the "new government" except President Bashir of Sudan who offered Sudan's outright recognition and support to the "Somali government" formed in Arta, a resort town, around 40 km to the south of Djibouti.

The new "government", seen by many Somali political analysts as yet another faction in Somalia's intricate political scene, will add heat to already volatile situation.

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