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Republic of Somaliland

Sunday 27 August 2000


On Saturday, 26 August 2000, the so called "Transitional National Assembly" members in Arta, Republic of Djibouti, appointed a man to become what they call the "next president of Somalia". The man appointed at Arta himself claimed that he will be a president for "the former Italian territory of Somalia" and Somaliland.

As the people and the Government of Somaliland have stated clearly before, and since Somaliland did not take part in this exercise nor has been represented in any capacity, government or civilian, the appointment does not concern Somaliland. The position of Somaliland Republic has been all along that the conference at Djibouti deal with the issue of peace and reconciliation in "the former Italian territory of Somalia" and not concern Somaliland. Our hopes were that a government representing "the former Italian territory of Somalia" alone with a broad support will be formed, after which Somaliland and "the former Italian territory of Somalia" should have discussions about their future relationship.

The Republic of Somaliland wishes to make its position clear:

  1. Somaliland will only discuss future relations with a broad based government of "the former Italian territory of" Somalia which is democratically elected and accepted by all the population of "the former Italian territory of" Somalia and which is in complete control of its territories.

  2. Somaliland will not meet with a government or parliament that includes individuals claiming to represent Somaliland.

This being the position of Somaliland, it is worth mentioning that a significant and influential number of the participants of the Arta conference held high positions in the government of Mohamed Siad Barre. Some of these were directly or indirectly responsible for the brutal massacres in Somaliland of the victims whose remains so often we find in unmarked shallow mass graves. These victims included children, young people and elderly of both sexes alike, tied together in tens and shot through the back of the head. The Government of Somaliland forwarded the list of the war criminals responsible for these crimes to the International Human Rights and asked them to help bring the perpetrators to justice. Such names include General Morgan and General Gani who are today taking pivotal roles in the Arta conference. It is impossible for the people and the Government of Somaliland to meet such men in any conference and discussion. 

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