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  • Title: [SW Column] the Somali republic will have a standing armed force.(Xoogga Dalka)
  • Posted by/on: [AAJ][3 Sept 2000]
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     the Somali Republic will have a standing armed force. (Xoogga Dalka)

    There is a clause in the new interim charter, stating that the Somali
    republic will have a standing armed force.(Xoogga Dalka)
    I personally think this is a very dangerous trap for the future generations
    of Somalia.
    By including this poorly worded clause in the interim constitution, the
    participants of the well-intended Arte conference appear to have failed to
    really understand the roots of the Somali civil war (probably because the
    place was full of former colonels, maybe..?).

    There is no doubt that it was the combination of clanism and militarism
    that's behind the destruction of our nation, the supposedly "new"
    constitution is taking us exactly where we were in 1960, the new
    constitution as it stands now lacks originality, it also lacks adaptibility
    to the new realities of our people in particular and the world in general,
    and by allowing this clause to become part of the constitution, I must say
    that the participants of the Arta Conference have in effect planted the
    seeds for a future military take-overs, poverty, war between us and our
    neighbors or war among ourselves, in other words, with their
    short-sightedness they have reset another ticking time bomb for Somalia.

    I can understand the inevitability of clanism in the minds of some our
    people, but I can see no reason for our country to waste its limited
    resources in the procurement of military equipment to arm a standing
    military force that we can neither afford nor useful in practical terms.

    Some would argue that in Africa a nation cannot exist without having a
    Defence Force, I beg to differ in that case, maybe we Somalis should start a
    new way of thinking for Africa, maybe we should set an example and prove
    that we Africans can and deserve to have a nation without an armed military
    force, and dedicate every penny of our resources toward civilian and
    business endeavors.

    What is the point of having an armed force when we lack the
    technological base to even manufacture a simple pistol ? or one single
    bullet ? Can a nation be defended with imported weapons ? or if you like in
    the case of western Somalia, can a land be liberated with imported arms ?
    and if so, then for how long ? and after spending all the money in tanks,
    warplanes and artillery guns, and because the nation can no longer afford to
    feed its own people, how long before everybody else will have to go hungry
    except the generals and their soldiers, who will then seize power and say
    they did so in order to save us from corrupt civilian governments?

    Experience has shown us that a bullet acquired leads to a bullet fired, a
    standing armed force will always find a way to use its fire power, and when
    the "foreign enemy" proves to be too tough for them, they will start
    practicing their "skill" on their own people, us, the Somalis.

    Its my hope that the first amendment to the new constitution ought to deal
    with the role of the Armed Forces in the future of our nation, and its my
    sincerest wish that enough of us will one day realize the waste and see the
    necessity to abolish it altogether.


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