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Somali Support Committee

Monday, September 04, 2000

Press Release

Somalia: From Barre to Bore government

Washington DC: Somali Support Committee and Somali Development Council are hereby denouncing and dismaying the so-called government that Mr. Guelleh and his financier Mr. Bore put it together. The Somali Community through out the US and Canada had meetings denouncing the out come of the so-called Djibouti peace process and its so-called government. One of those meetings was held in Virginia on Sunday, September 3, 2000. The Somali Community in Washington and Virginia area was in hand to participate the meeting. The leaders of the community and prominent Somali scholars and politicians made speeches denouncing the government, also similar meetings and protests was reported through out Somalia, especially Garowe, Bosaso, Qardho, Galkaio, Hargaisa, and Kismayo. Nine of the Sixteen Somali regions are against the so-called government in Somalia, which is more than Seventy five percent of the Somali Country. Puntland, which controls five regions, Somali land who controls three regions and Jubba land as one region.

In a randomly gathered Polls from the Somali Community inside and outside the Country the out come was obvious 23% in favor of the government and 77% oppose the government, on the same Poll but with different question 15% favor Mr. Qasim as president and 85% oppose. With all who favor come mainly from the South, especially Mogadishu and its neighborhood. The Poll has margin of error of 3 to 4.

According to our reliable sources SDC and SSC has learned that the Djiboutian Tycoon Mr. Bore spent Five million dollars on the peace process not to mention the suitcases full of Money that some of the participants were received and delivered into their Hotel rooms. We also learned that the election process was fraud and forged election papers were printed.

The question that every one is asking is why Mr. Bore spent all that money?
1. Is it, because he was bothered by the Somali problems and decided to help, or
2. He gave that to the Somali government as a loan, or
3. He invested that money.

You guessed right; he invested all that money and gambled with it to persuade any other options beside his. He picked his candidates and lobbied them till the end.

According to a high reliable source we learned that Mr. Bore has a sugar and other commodity business in Mogadishu and his representative is the brother of Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hasan, the so called elected or picked president, which stayed Mr. Bore's own Villa from the day of his inauguration, also Mr. Bore has a communication business in Somalia and his representative is Mr. Ali Khalif Galyr, the so called prime minister to be.

Can I say that Mr. Bore is the only man in Africa who made his own country? Maybe not but he made and picked the influential people like the president and the Prime Minister of the one Somali country.

According to Mr. Robert Oakley, former US ambassador to Somalia to his interview to the editors of Jamhuuriya and the Republican "I don't know what is going on in Djibouti but seeing so many of the same old people, I would be surprised if you get any thing but the same old solutions. And if you have something on paper that doesn't mean it is going to happen. Though it's true to some degree in the US as well but I noticed in Somalia over the many years that something on paper doesn't necessary mean it is actually going to happen."

Also in a reference to Ian Fisher's Article (Somali gets a leader now they need a nation) dated August 31, 2000) which stated as follows: - "Though Somalis often talk about the dangers of clan, one of Mr. Salad's main qualifications was, in fact, his clan background: He is a leader of the Hawiye, specifically the Habr Gidir subclan, which dominates Mogadishu, the main area of unrest. He also gained credibility because, unlike some candidates, he lives in Mogadishu, and in recent years had overseen a broad effort to re-unite the Hawiye. He is said to be personally tough and dogged, and in the interview, he outlined an ambitious vision for transforming Somalia from a sick state into one of the leaders of the Horn of Africa, itself a region of instability. Mr. Salad's critics point to his long career in the Siad Barre regime."

I believe that says all, the so-called Somali leader Mr. Hassan has a long history on all the problems of Somalia, starting from Barre's regime and his human right abuse and the massacre of the Somaliland people to the civil war era which he himself called Somalia a sick State the one he played a big role fueling the hatred and the massacre of some of the hawiye and all the none hawiye people.

In our earlier article (Djibouti: friend or Foe?) published August 24,2000 and was written August 22, 2000, Five days before the election, we unveiled the truth behind the peace process and who will be the President and the Prime minister. "Yes" we were on the money.

Most of the candidates for the high office are the same people who committed gross human right violations against the people of Somalia, the same people those who were responsible under their management to loot and took all the countries resources and reserve into their private bank accounts in Europe and North America, the same people who forced the brightest Somali intellectuals to leave the Country, the same people who caused the civil war.

One must know that Somalia and the Somalis are tired of the instability and the mad militia that the civil war created, but on the other hand we can not forget one while seeing the other, which is seeing the same people like Abdiqasim and his delegates who caused all of this and today trying to change face and put on another jacket. Somalis are proud and decent people, and it seems that they could not find a solution for themselves without calling back the old guards, as the so-called president Mr. Qasim said on his interview with IRIN, The first generation of independence are largely dead or of a very old age. The second generation is my generation, and practically everyone of my generation had a role in twenty years of government. So that generation is the generation who can run the government now. The third generation is the generation of the 10 years (of civil war), who are not in a position to lead.

Mr. Qasim are you referring your group as the third generation that can not be trusted if I may count as Aden Abdull's government as first generation, Abdirashid's government as second and Barre's as third and the civil war generation?

As we outlined before the forefront of Djibouti so-called government posts are the remaining of the dictatorial Barre's regime and Warlords. With all due respect Mr. Guelleh or Bore was that what you had in mind?

Somali Support Committee will support, work closely and welcomes all those who sincerely are working to get back their lost dignity and state as the rest of the Somali's inside and outside the country. But disagrees the Djibouti's current Bore's government. The government of Djibouti strongly undermines the power of those who oppose the so-called government that will benefit the warmongers and some few Djibouti's who want to look only their interests.

We are calling all the intellectuals, the forgotten generations and all the leaders of the stable and peaceful regions which have enjoyed relative stability in the last nine years like Puntland and Somaliland to come forward to deem their rights as a nationalist and bring all the Somalis together. Somalia is all one, Somaliland, Puntland, Bay, Bakol, Mogadisho, Hiran, Barava, Jubba Land and etc. We can work our difference without Mr. Bore or Mr. Guelleh and their conditional agenda.

Mohamed Abdullahi
Founder and Chairman of
Somali Support Committee
Somali Support Committee and the Somali Development Council are a Non Governmental Organizations created to help examine the long-term political solutions and economic initiatives in Somalia.

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