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BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom ; 06-Sep-2000 12:00:00 am ; 261 words

Text of report by Somaliland's Hargeysa radio on 6th September

The Council of Elders of the Somaliland republic has warned the world against being misled by the outcome of the Arta [in Djibouti] conference which, it said, can result in deception, destruction and fighting worse than the previous one.

In a statement sent to the UN Security Council, the OAU, the EU, IGAD [Inter-Governmental Authority on Development] and the Arab League, the council said the man who claimed to be Somalia's president was a product of Djibouti president Gelleh's dreams. The MPs said the conference had elected Abdiqasim [Salad Hasan, new Somali president] and other men who had committed serious crimes, as well as leaders of the Al-Ittihad [armed Islamists] who instigated violence in Somalia and neighbouring countries.

The council said that the Arta conference was a plot against the Somali people and Somaliland. A foreign country was chosen to host the conference despite the fact that many such previous conferences held outside the country had failed. It was worth-mentioning that Somaliland held a conference in the country and it bore tangible results. The council said Somaliland people had in the past sacrificed their lives in search of Greater Somalia, a cause betrayed by Djibouti.

The Council of Elders urged Somaliland people to support their government and its various organs in order to overcome the plot being hatched by the self-appointed group and their sponsors. The MPs pledged their devotion to the Somaliland nationalist cause with the help of the civilian population and national institutions.

Source: Radio Hargeysa, Voice of the Republic of Somaliland, in Somali 1700 gmt 6 Sep 00

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