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                                          Tel: 2525-43-6457, FAX: 252543-4844

                                  P.O.Box 3885 Nairobi, Kenya


GECPD Background and Contex



  • To promote education for children particularly girl- child, women, youth and
    community at large for social reconstruction and peace rebuilding of Somali
  • To strengthen women's capacity to seek, defend and advocate for their
    fundamental rights in all sphere of life.


Legal Status:

 Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development is a Non-profit making
Organization, Non Governmental Organization registered with the Galkayo
Regional Court, registration number MDG/09/2000 on 29/01/2000 as corporate
with juridical personality, and recognized by the Puntland President's
Decree number 74 on 24/01/2000. GECPD enjoys tax-exempted status. It has
board of Directors and 252 membership 


Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development was established on the
objective of strengthening women's capacity to seek, defend and promote
political processes, accessing to greater economic resources, getting
provided with basic education and health services, protecting their
physical, psychological and social well being and promoting peace and
reconciliation among communities.

To achieve these objectives, GECPD directs its programs to promoting
programs for:

  • Women's and girls access to literacy, basic education and skill
    training for self employment,
  • Girl child's Education, welfare and her protection against Female
    Genital Mutilation and physical and psychological violence,
  • Establishment within the primary education and family life
    curriculum/syllabi, a program on Natural Resource Management
  • Peace Education " where there is no peace there is no life"
  • Women's legal and social rights to stand up against  violence,
    physical and emotional mistreatment, and elimination of social barriers that
    hinder women's empowerment,
  • Women's participation in the decision making and peace building
  • Women's access to meaningful economic resources, income generating 
    businesses, employable skills, loans, credit and subsidies,
  • Women's education on STD's, HIV/AIDS, community health and
  • Resource development and information dissemination networking about
    women's issues and gender based cultures,
  • Gender harmony and gender sensitive programs to allow women take
    part effectively in the country's reconstruction,
  • Women's collaboration and networking with other women's
    organizations in Puntland Regions, Somalia, Somali Community in the
    Diaspora, international women's organizations and groups, INGOs, donors and
    UN agencies


Facilities and Resources:

GECPD is now a fully-fledged center with most physical facilities built.

Administration Offices 2
Store 1
Skill Training rooms 3
Resource room/ Library 1 Rain destroyed to be built
Conference/meeting room (very large) 1
Class rooms 6
Kitchen (nutrition demonstration) 1 to be built
School toilettes 6
Shop (new out let) to sell skill training product 1 to be built
Residence 3 bedrooms and facilities 3
Water tank /water storage 2
Room for the generator 1
Room for the security people 1

GECPD offices are equipped with computers, Fax, Telephones, Video camera,
video and VCR for Educational purposes, , printing and duplicating machines,
typewriters and Generator for power supply

We secured assistance from the following community groups and organizations:


  •  Fund raised from Somali community: Canada, USA, Italy, Switzerland,
    Sweden,  UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, US$ 13,432
  • local individual  Somali contributors and friends  US$ 2,550
  • International organizations working in Somalia-- NOVIB, Horn Relieve and OTP US$ 4,200


Program implementation:

For the implementation of the education program---- we secured assistance
from Refugee/Emergency Relief  (PWRDG) of Canada, and Dr Barbara Fulford a
dear friend-Canada

We have 13 trained staff and volunteers

Activities Accomplished:

Since its inception GECPD carried out the following activities:


  • Rehabilitated, and built the Center's premises 273miters linear
    wall and 29 units
  • Identified 52 female teachers and conducted three orientation
    seminars (Three week )
  • Trained women as vocational training instructors for sewing and
  • Established a sewing and tailoring vocational/ skill training
    section with capacity of 160 trainees,
  • Organized 26 women, discussed women's participation in education
    and Peace processes and met the Puntland President about the issues.
  • Commemorated 8th International Women's Day with 120 women (
    business women, teachers, nurses, women activists and mothers)
  • Mobilized young girls/boys (Omar Samantar secondary and students
    from private schools) and organized four forums on education, health, 
    violence against women and gender equality and equity in education and
    employment rights for youth and women.
  • Organized young women support group on Puntland Constitution study
    and      training needs
  • Established Environmental Education Team and prepared the teamís 
    profile, organized quiz and debates on environment for primary and
    secondary students (reached 900 children and youth)
  • commemorated 17 April tree planting day, collected environment 
    education resource materials distributed trees
  • Trained 8 community outreach contact volunteers,
  • Trained 13 professional staff for the Center to implement education
    programs and women's focused projects,
  • Participated in the training and consultation meetings in which
    Women's Activists network (WAWA) was established.
  • Organized civic education project for 60 young boys and girls

The Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development has established, as
part of its program, a primary school for girls, adult education/literacy
program for adult women and skills training for young girls and women. There
are at present six classrooms and two skill-training rooms. 420 women and
young girls are learning different programs at the center morning and
afternoon. There are 200 girls age 8-16 ready to take the primary
education. These are girls who missed schooling during the civil war. 
Beside the ordinary syllabi, FGM, primary health education, and women's
rights, environmental education are included in the curriculum to raise the
girls' awareness on these issues. The girls' mothers and community women
elders also participate in these awareness-raising programs. Peace education
and conflict resolution among children and youth are included in the
program.  Because of the prolonged civil war and its traumatic effect on
children and women, we found that girls show very violent behavior and
hostile attitude to their peers in the neighborhood, at school and
everywhere.  We teach the girls how to sort out their differences peacefully
without resorting to violence and clan-based pride. We also teach all
students, volunteers, support groups conflict mediation.

Peace Building Education 

Peace Building Education is a major objective in our community education
program.  We organize seminars, Peace Demonstrations and informal discussion
meetings on Peace and reconciliation The approaches we have employed in
promoting the peace education comprise


1.      encouraging women, girls, and youth to talk about their experience in the conflict in open discussion

2.      highlighting the effect of the war on their lives-economic, social,
psychological, emotional, loss of loved ones, friends, loss of property

3.      describing effects of being refugee and dispersion of family members in many

4.      emphasizing on the importance of Statehood and Government
against Clan hood  system. 

Analysis of this on PRO and CONS.  We emphasize
on the importance of peaceful coexistence of different clans and tribes.
We use the religious teachings and the Prophet's sayings as moral directives
and guiding principles to reject hatred and repudiate violence among
brothers, sisters and human kind. We established Peace women support groups
north and south Galkayo

Established young boys/ girls support group on civic education. Some of the
topics include: (a) What is government, (b) the role of a government
(judiciary, legislative and executive), (c) The citizens rights (peace,
socio-economic, political and justice), (d) Duties and responsibilities of
citizen (defense, tax payment, production, patriotism) (e) The role of
international organizations UN, OAU, Islamic, League, Arab League IGAD

Informal structure:

GECPD has developed many informal structures in the community such as
women's groups who advocate for women's rights; youth groups who collaborate
with the center in matters that affect girls and boys lives, such as
education, environment, sports, violence against women, Peace and Puntland
Constitution Study and women's leadership training. Women religious leaders'
who cooperate with the center in matters relating to FGM, peace education
and women's rights.   We organize for these groups discussion forums at the
center on the above issues.  We are starting parent teacher association and
women teacher association. We also organize businesswomen's groups for
discussion and exchange of business information.  Professionals' groups such
as medical doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, politicians and others from
whom we draw facilitators for our training seminars and workshops and
general discussions.

Our needs are many, but the most urgent are:


1.    School furniture for six classrooms of 40 students

2.    Rebuilding a resource unit (library) 16mx4m) that was destroyed by the rain in May/2000

3.    Nutrition and health education unit (10mx9m)

4.    Educational materials


Brief Profile of Executive Director of Galkayo Education Centre for Peace and Development, GECPD (formerly known as Puntland Community development Centre), Hawa Adan Mohamed

Hawa Adan Mohamed was forced to flee from war torn Mogadishu in 1991, when the country collapsed. The first stop in her flight was Kenya and eventually to Canada. In Canada, she continued her outstanding work, which begun many years earlier in Mogadishu.

In Mogadishu, she had established the first Woman's Adult Education Development Centre, a centre whose track record in well known. In the 80's, during the influx of many ethnics Somali refugees into Somalia Hawa spearheaded refugee Women's relief and development and worked tirelessly for their cause, not knowing many years later she too would be a "refugee".

In 1996, Hawa's journey and her heart took her back to Somalia to establish a women's development centre in Kismayo, a city of over 80% displaced and destitute population. Hawa returned to a city where she was neither born, raised or had worked. Hawa chose to return to Kismayo because it was a city of uprooted innocent civilians, displaced from their homes, regions, cities, towns and villages through floods, civil war and as a result of clan and family divisions.

Hawa returned out of hope and a determination to make a difference in the lives of the suffering population. The Juba Women's Development Centre (JWDC), a non-profit non-governmental organization, was then founded by Hawa, other refugees, displaced and returned grass-roots, women from various clans and sub clans. Their mandate was to serve, educate, and improve health and vocational training for economic development.

The centre served over 500 women and children in Kismayo. Some activities to date were literacy and health education, primary school for young students (including the only girl's public school in Kismayo), establishment of health unit for the centerís population, income generating and skill training (small business and market training, sewing instruction, a revolving income), support for 50 orphans and educational seminars towards improved health.

Through Hawa's networking and a call for assistance and support, a network of support of JWDC was established in Toronto and two volunteer health workers joined her in Kismayo, through a train the trainer-health project, funded in part by local Canadian NGOs. The first phase of a major project to establish a health centre for women and children was completed. The health workers have since returned to Canada. They attest to the work Hawa was carrying and the difference the effort has made in the lives of hundreds of destitute population of Kismayo.

But their struggles have developed a united front with the motto of "enough is enough! Action not rhetoric, for peace and reconstruction is needed". Hawa was invited to attend the recently held Somali Studies Congress held at Toronto's York University. During a meeting with the community she told them that, "you are our windows of hope to the outside world to tell our struggle and plight".

She promised to help Puntland People start successful models of schooling for community development. The above project, GECPD, is the first of many rewarding projects in the future.


Her Past Accomplishments:

Hawa Adan created the JWDC, a Somali NGO (non-governmental organization) managed by an executive director with a grass roots membership. Its mandate is to promote woman's health, social, political and economic development. JWDC serves those who are or have been uprooted refugee returnees and/or displaced. The centre is supported through private donations, international funding, local community support and in kind voluntary work.

Three years ago, the centre found a permanent home through a multi-clan and overall general community agreement, the completely destroyed former Bilal School compound was taken over after compensating displaced persons occupying it. Kismayo was under siege for a long time forcing JWDC to adopt the policy to " run when their is danger and return to carry on the work as the immediate danger subsides". 

From the ruins and destroyed remnants of the former Bilal School, JWDC has carried out extensive renovations, rehabilitation, and reconstruction and built new sections. The centre manged in a short time to create:

-Two administration offices

- One store

- Three Skill Training Rooms

- Resource and library room

- Very large Conference/Meeting room

- 6 Class Rooms

- Two Rooms/Health unit

- One Kitchen (nutrition Demonstration)

- Two Rooms/Bakery Unit (new with two ovens traditional and modern)

- Three School Toilets/Three showers (new with running water)

- Shop (new outlet) to sell student skill training products (teach basic business practice)

- Residence (newly-built) three bedrooms with facilities

- Water piping and water tank (a well dug with pipes running 150 meters)

- Two generators (new) for power supply

Other programs JWDC has initiated were a literacy project, an income generating program and a basic health education/promotion component integrated into literacy/skills program


Anyone who is interested in viewing the GECPD project, please contact Toronto Videographer Mr Abdirashid Buubiye at:
Tel:  416- 565-5604
Pager: 416-339-6911


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