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  • Title: [SW Country]GALKAYO-Puntland) Ban of Somali Livestock to Gulf Arab States -Statement by Puntland Business Community
  • Posted by/on:[AAJ][September 24, 2000]


Ban of Somali Livestock to Gulf Arab States -Statement by Puntland Business Community

September 24, 2000 - GALKAYO

The Business Community in Puntland State of Somalia that greatly benefits from the livestock sector considers the temporary ban on the Puntland and Somali livestock by the Gulf Co-operation Council as a very grave decision that could have catastrophic consequences on the economy of the country. We understand, fully, the health considerations that prompted the ban. However, we hope that meticulous and impartial investigations will be undertaken by the concerned international organisations in the region and beyond to uncover the reasons that are at the root of the ban. The economic and social stakes are very high in this decision.

 We appeal to the International Community, in particular to IGAD, OAU, EC, FAO and UN agencies to assist the Somali livestock owners by taking all necessary steps that can lead to a positive resolution of the ban. We further appeal to those countries that have imposed the ban on Somali livestock to release any information that may lead to a speedy resolution of the issue, which is affecting millions of people in the Horn of Africa. The Somali Business Community and the Puntland livestock owners are welcoming any initiative by the International Community intended to safeguard the health of our livestock and the economic base of this community.


September 24, 2000 - GALKAYO


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