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  • Title: [SW Country] (IPR) 2nd Reconstruction Strategic Conference
  • Posted by/on:[AMJ][Thursday, Sept. 28, 2000]

Second Reconstruction Strategies Conference
"A Celebration of Peace"
The Institute for Practical Research and Training (IPR)
July 21-25, 2000



Conference Descriptions

 Contact Persons

Venue:        The conference will take place at the campus of the    University  of Hargeisa
Registration:           July 20: 8am to 12 and 3pm to 6pm at IPR
                                   July 21: 7am to 9am at the University of Hargeisa
Registration fee:    US $100, the registration fee will cover:
                                   Airport Pickup,
                                   Daily transportation to and from the Campus, 
                                   The Welcome Reception and a Conference Banquet.

A welcome reception will take place at 8pm on July 20 at Hargeisa Club.

Preliminary list of speakers (overseas speakers only):

Dr. Abdirazak Awaleh (IFAD, Nairobi)
Community-Based Poverty Reduction Strategies, IFAD's Experience

Dr. Osman Sheikh Ahmed (World Bank, Washington, DC)
The Private Sector in Post-War Reconstruction

Professor Richard Ford (Clark University, Worcester, MA USA)
Linking Grassroots Mobilizing and Peace Building

Professor Abdirahman Abokor (Fayetteville State University, NC, USA)
A Comprehensive and Innovative Approach to National Development

Professor Hussein Adam (College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, USA)
Facilitating Peace and Reconstruction

David Rieff (Writer: New Times and New Yorker)
The Role of International Agencies in Humanitarian Relief

Saeed Megag Samater
An Appropriate Sustainable Urban Plan

Faisal Ali Warabe (Finland)
The Danger of Liberal Economic Policies

Abdulrahman Ismail (Somaliland Forum, Kuwait)
The Contribution of the Overseas Community in the Internet Age

Abib Hadi Jama, MBA
Prime Microeconomics Revitalizers: The Tug Wajaale Project Example

Dr. Saeed Salah (WHO Somalia/Nairobi)
Public Health in Somaliland

Susan Lucas (ICD/UK)
AIDS in Somaliland: The Results of the ICD Survey

Dr. Mark Ottenweller (HOPE Worldwide, Philadelphia, PA)
Building a National AIDS Program, HOPE'S Experience in South Africa and the Ivory Coast

Dr. Jim Megill (CAMEO, Montreal, Canada)
Building a National Demining Program

Matt Bryden (WSP/UNRIDS, Nairobi)
Reflections on Peace and Governance in the Somali Territories-the WSP

Qania Ismail (Marymount University, VA)
Developing Educational Priorities

Abdirahman Mohamed (Abusite)
Diaspora Contributions



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