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  • [SW Country] (DGPL - Bosaso )  PRESS RELEASE - SBC Violates  Journalistic Ethics -   :Posted on 23 May 2002

Bosaso,  22 May 2002

PRESS RELEASE - SBC Violates  Journalistic Ethics

SBC was given a commercial broadcasting license by the administration for business advertisement purposes only, and in no way was authorized to engage in either politics, dissemination of hate material or instigation of violence among the people of Puntland.

Since its inception, SBC has been in gross violation of journalistic ethics and has promoted the hate-mongering interest of its al-Itihad management. Abdi Aware, the proprietor of this radio, is a well-known al-Itihad figure, who fled the country as the military forces of Puntland were re-ntering  Bosaso. 

 As of the successful completion of Operation Stability First, SBC after a lull of few   days, continued to disseminate false information and kept on propagating its hate-  mongering propaganda.

Moreover, Riyaaq, the official mouthpiece of al-Itihad movement in Puntland is run by Ahmed Kismayo, the current BBC Somali Section Reporter in Puntland State.

BBC Somali Section, knowing the political background of these personalities, had hired them for whatever reasons it had in mind, Mr. Kismayo as a Local Reporter and SBC as FM  relay station.

Therefore, after much debate and analysis; after observing the rights of the free media and of Puntland's relentless promotion of fair and free media, we had no choice but to withdraw the commercial license of SBC, for it has been mercilessly abusing and did not have other licenses to continue its operations in Boosaaso or any other city and or locality in Puntland. As for Ahmed Kismayo, a final warning has been forwarded, and from hereon forward, all are again reminded that adherence to the rules and objectives of balanced and fair news reporting in Puntland will be strictly observed and painstakingly enforced.

Ismail H. Warsame
Chief of Cabinet 


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