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  • [SW Country]  USAID -  Building Democracy in Somalia  :Posted on 31 May 2002

Building Democracy in Somalia

This year, USAID is requesting funds for and notifying the Somalia program separately from the larger Greater Horn of Africa Initiative (GHAI). In past years, Development Assistance (DA) activities funded in Somalia were grouped together with other activities in the remaining eight countries that comprise the Greater Horn. The results sought and reported were thus not Somalia- specific. With this change, it will become easier to understand and track what USAID implements and proposes to fund with DA in Somalia. In this transition year, however, Somalia-specific performance measures and targets are still being finalized for the Somalia-specific objectives.

In 2001, the Integrated Strategic Plan for Somalia set the goal: "A More Secure, Less Vulnerable Somalia in Transition Towards Sustainable Development." This strategy supports the "building blocks/peace dividend" approach to Somalia, which rewards the accomplishments of regional administrations-relative stability, militia disarmament or control, expanded civil society, participatory governance structures, and security. At the same time, the critical needs of the most vulnerable Somalis-those affected by drought and conflict-must be met. Development Assistance, Child Survival and Disease (CSD), International Disaster Assistance (IDA), food aid, refugee assistance, and mine action funds all aim to promote a more secure, less vulnerable Somalia in transition towards sustainable development.

The FY 2002 Democracy and Governance program will continue
to build the capacity of civil society organizations and strengthen the judiciary at the regional level. USAID-funded conflict mitigation and reconciliation activities will also continue through an NGO.


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