Warsidaha Puntland

Tirsi 67

5 Oktoober 2000

Garoowe - Puntland




























Puntland State of Somalia (PSS) has always played a leading role in the Somali National Reconciliation Process and in all efforts to reestablish a National Government that restores unity, integrity and respect to the Somali nation. The people of Puntland made great deal of sacrifice for nearly 8 years of waiting for a national resolution before they had to come to terms with post-Siad Barre and civil war political realities that required massive confidence-building the thorough review of the system of government in Somalia.


In spite of its strong commitment to national reconciliation, Puntland State has not taken part in the Djibouti sponsored "Somali peace and reconciliation process" as it disagreed with the Djibouti Government on all the approach, principles, participation, agenda and procedure of the whole process. Similarly, many Somali regions, political organizations and leaders declined to participate the "Arta Conference" mainly for the same reasons.

 Specifically, agreement were reached in writing with President Guelleh himself and his Foreign Minister on the terms and conditions Puntland would partake in the Djibouti Process. This followed the arrival of a Djibouti delegation in Garowe in May, 2000. it was on the basis of these agreements that Puntland sent a delegation consisting of 21 senior Elders and a government delegation led by the Puntland State vice-president. The agreed single objective of the Puntland delegation was CONSULTATION on timing of the proposed conference and modalities of selecting conference delegates from the regions and districts. Djibouti changed course, decided to select delegates in Djibouti and  broke the agreement with Puntland. The differences between the sponsoring Djibouti government and Puntland State Government proved irreconcilable.


We hasten to state clearly that Puntland State has no personal complaint against the brotherly people and the nation of Djibouti. Any differences, criticisms and complaints refer only to the partiality, mismanagement and fraudulent outcome of the "Arta Process" stage managed by the present Djibouti Government.




Puntland is stable, peaceful, self-governing regional State with a well functioning public administration firmly in place. It consists of 5 of the 18 Somalia regions and contains over one-third of the land surface and one-fourth of the population of the Republic of Somalia. The 2 year old State has democratic constitution, elected State of President, Legislative justice, good governance, and to protect human rights and the environment in Puntland.


PSS was the outcome of 8 painful years of quiet deliberations on the failures of all efforts on national reconciliation and the need for local political and administrative structures in Puntland. A series of Consultative and Constitutional Conferences attended by 600 representatives of these 5 regions of Puntland took place over a period of 12 months from October 1997 to August 1998. These  representatives from all sectors of Puntland society came together and jointly established, on their free will, the Puntland State of Somalia on 1st August 1998.


PSS is and integral part of the Somali Republic and strongly stands for the preservation of the unity, integrity and sovereignty of Somalia. It urges and appeals to the national and international communities to respect and uphold these fundamental principles. Our regional State has been ready to be one of the first pillars of a National Federal


Government, which should be all-inclusive, equitable and democratic that is untainted by involvement and influence of former dictatorial regime or by religious extremists.


In Puntland we have succeeded in establishing the basic government institutions, and enacted laws that guarantee the basic human rights and protect the environment. We have succeeded in banning the burning of wood for charcoal production for export, which was widely practiced before my government came to office. We have also banned the export of wild life from areas in my government's jurisdiction. We have removed from  Puntland Territorial Waters an estimated 3000 foreign vessels that illegally fished in our waters, or engaged in illegal activities like toxic waste dumping. In the 2 years my government has been in office, we have created a civil service and law enforcement force of nearly seven thousand (7,000) men and women that oversee the smooth functioning of our institutions. We have scheduled an election in mid 2001 when the term of 3-year interim period will end.




The Djibouti/Arta Process sponsoring government of Djibouti, organizer of the event and the Office of the UN Secretary General, which was acting as advisor to President Guelleh on the process, made frequent claims that participants were from the civil society, that clan elders from all regions of Somali supported the proceedings, that the process was democratic, that both "Parliament and President" were chosen legally and that the Arta outcome was legitimate. The truth is vastly different.


1.       The "Arta Conference" participants were not elected by the civil society and administrations in the districts and regions of the country a pledge first made by the sponsoring Djibouti President but later. SEE NEXT PAGE


2.      disregarded. Therefore, they  were not legitimate representatives of the Somali people.


3.      Clan Elders were invited before the actual conference started and they were specifically to advise President Guelleh on (a) the timing of the start of the conference and (b) methods of selection of participants from the districts and regions. The majority of Elders advised to delay the opening of the conference to allow sufficient time for delegate distribution and their election by their respective constituencies in the regions. Djouti government refused to consider these proposals of the elders.


4.      The election of the so-called "Parliament" and "President" in Djibouti can neither be democratic nor legal when the participants of the "Arta Conference" are not democratically or legally elected from their respective constituencies. In fact, many of the "Participants", especially those supposedly from Puntland, rejected the "Art Charter" which they said ignored the agreed principle of agreement by consensus.


5.      The people who gathered in Djibouti for the "Conference", mostly consisting of religious fundamentalists and remnants of the butchers of the discredited Siyad Barre regime and who are directly responsible for the Somali tragedy itself, were largely self-appoint, handpicked by Djibouti and without any official mandate by the Somali communities who were not given the chance to choose them. Such impostors were the participants of the "Arta Peace and Reconciliation Conference"!


6.      To further complicate the subject, the Djibouti government rejected all advice from Puntland, Somaliland and other political and traditional leaders and from the international community on ways and means to make the process more practical, democratic and equitable.  It is a common knowledge that the Djibouti government excluded important


7.      Somali, regional and international actors from the process for reasons only known to itself.


8.      The "Arta Peace and Reconciliation Process" was, thus, undemocratic, unrepresentative and illegal. It was neither transparent nor all-inclusive and its outcome is unacceptable.




Puntland State government maintains that the main obstacles to national reconciliation agreement and its effective implementation has been largely due to fear and distrust among the Somali communities as the bared nerves of the brutal civil war are still raw and festering. This deep-rooted fear and distrust needs to be overcome first. Indeed, the UN secretary General, in his august 16, 1999 Report to the Security Council, pointed out that the present Somali conflict was not over religious and ethnic divide or dispute over natural resources. "Rather...it is divided on clan lines with each clan fearful of the incursions of others" he wrote. The UN Secretary General continued that "the crucial missing ingredient is trust. Without trust, there can be no peace or security in Somalia and no central  government can be re-established".


These sensitivities, the discrediting failures of the past, public distrust of endless political processes that embrace the participation of criminals, extremists, warlordism, clanism and unqualified and illegitimate participants must take into consideration in any new pragmatic approach for national peace and reconciliation process. We believe that the most feasible proposition to finding a lasting solution is, thus, through the "Building blocks" approach from "bottom-up" process leading to a highly decentralized system of government in Somalia.


The Djibouti government ignored this vital approach. It rather embarked on a series of contradictory and conflicting actions, while Somalis and


 foreign observers agree that clanism, which should be de-institutionalized, is a divisive curse to be shunned, Djibouti insists it is a uniting cure for the Somalis and helped spread its infection even farther. As the vast majority of Somalis agree to adopt a Federal system of government for trust-building and regional development, Djibouti opted for a highly "centralized system of government through top-down process" it also denies the existence and status of the established self-governing regional States of Puntland and Somaliland which they and the "Arta Group" want dismantled and destabilized rather than at least considering them to be the foundation of a decentralized national state.


Another weird anomaly is the over-optimistic confidence that Djibouti government responses in leader who have abjectly failed to promote local conflict resolution and build local administration in their own constituencies for the past 10 years. Can such personalities be expected to resolve more complex and intractable national strife?


The PSS government is deeply concerned of what the unholy alliance of fundamentalists, Said Barre renegades, and warlords and society misfits at Arta portend for Somalia. This new Djibouti/Arta Group is aggressive. Both is pronouncements and its actions on the ground are cause for anxiety. The attacks and provocative statements of the "Arta Group"  leader, Abdiqasim Salad Boy, made in Mogadhisho and Cairo, among others, that he did that aims to break Somalia into mini states" are clear indication of the aggressive intentions of the new "Arta Group". Such statements and the fact that a large one-clan militia force being formed in Mogadishu are realities that risk to plunge Somalia into renewed fighting and civil war, causing nearly 100 deaths in the Benadir region and Mogadishu since the Arta outcome are alleged to be direct result of the Arta outcome itself. See next page




International mediation efforts at Somali national reconciliation failed 12 times in the past the 13th attempt at Djibouti/Arta is also destined to fail, as it is presently constituted. Many less publicized and less costly local regional endeavors over the years have produced more successful results in peace-making among many communities and in the establishment of regional administrations. We believe that there are very few people, if at all, who have the will, trust and commitment to organize or fund a 14th National Reconciliation Conference. A more realistic and creative approach is required. A new process must be fully Somali  owned and address the real and priority concerns of the Somali people. It should be well planned and based on certain fundamental principles.


The right approach, in our view, is start institution-building from the grass roots level where the local and regional administrations could more realistically cope with the vital and complex questions of peace, stability, self-reliance and development.


In the light of the past discouraging experiences, in view of the sensitivities and the need for greater confidence building discussed above, the Puntland State government proposes a new initiatives with different approach and compose of 4-phases.




A local peace-making and conflict resolution process would be undertaken by Somalis with contributions of logistical assistance by the international organizations working in Somalia as they have some form of presence in most regions of the


country. The local process would target areas and regions in crisis to resolve clan conflicts, religious extremist threats and forceful, legal and traditional Action Plan would be put in place for the unconditional return of illegally seized, looted or occupied public and private property and assets to their rightful owners. A joint Somali and international community severe sanctions would be taken against aggressors, detractors and violators obstructing these activities.




To support the completion of the continuing process of building Blocks and the establishment of regional self-governing States which is in line with the principle of decentralization and inter-community trust-building. It would also lay a solid foundation for Federal System of Government in Somalia on which system the majority of Somalis agree. This process could, in part, develop in parallel with PHASE-1. This relatively simple, effective, unique, legitimate and unionist process the Puntland went through in establishing its State serves as a practical example.




On the realization of PHASES 1 and 2, the elected legitimate leaders of all the regional self-governing States would meet in a National Conference to discuss modalities of forming a National Federal Government at the earliest convenient time, possible within a period of 6 to 12 months.




During the transitional 6 to 12 months period, the leaders of the self-governing States of the day and one interim representative from other zones, chosen on


certain creditable criteria, would form a National Care-taker Council to act as the custodians of national unity and sovereign and for the coordination of regional and national policies as well as to represent Somalia at international forums. As new zonal States are established, their leaders would automatically join the Council replacing the interim representatives of their respective.


The Puntland State Government would be ready to elaborate all these ideas and submit more detailed proposals on necessary mechanisms to organize and implement these process. It is our considered opinion that this proposition for a durable solution to the Somali national crisis in a consistent and gradual steps deserves serious consideration.


We have learnt a bitter, unforgettable and useful lesson from the experience of our barbarous civil war; to concentrate our energies and resources on the creation and maintenance of efficient local institutions rather than blind dependence on a centralized state and government.


It should, perhaps, be added that, under the prevailing difficult political and security conditions in the country, the most  the "Arta Group" could contribute is to reign/control their untenable national ambitions and, instead, limit themselves in assisting community and political leaders in the Benadir region with conflict resolution and regional institution building. Surely, personalities who failed to make peace and reconciliation in their own constituencies cannot be expected to the more complex and intractable national strife.


Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed

Puntland State President

Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia








Raadiyow Gaalkacayo.



Madaxweynaha Dawlad Goboleedka Puntland Mudane C/laahi Yuusuf Axmed oo tan iyo intii uu ka soo noqday dalka Kenya kormeer hawleed ku marayey qaarka mid ah Gobolada dalka ayaa saddexdii beri oo ugu dambaysay joogay Magaalada Bosaaso ee Gobolka Bari intii uu joogay waxa uu shirar gooni gooni ah la yeelanayey mas'uuliyiinta iyo Maamulka Gobolka Bari, Isimada, Odayada iyo Ururada Bulshada, waxa uuna kala hadlayey adkaynta nabadgelyada iyo dardargelinta hawlaha ay ugu adeegayaan shacabka.


Madaxweynaha waxaa lagu wadaa in maalin nimada Jimcaha ah ee soo socda uu meel fagaara ah kala hadli doono shacabka ku dhaqan Bosaaso iyo agagaaraheeda, Madaxweynaha waxaa Gobolka loogu soo dhaweeyey si aad iyo aad.




1.         C/qaadir Islaan Maxamed, Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha & Amniga, wuxuu ka hadlay kulanweynihii fagaaraha xarunta Boliska ee ku taalla Caasimadda Dawlad Goboleedka Puntland, Garoowe, maalintii 26/9/2000  wuxuu shirkii  Madaxweynaha iyo Guurtida wuxuu ka yiri:-


(Hadda ka dib oggolaanmaynno in Puntland laba dawladood ka wada taliyaan... Puntland annaga dawlad ka ah, kana talinaynna, Ragga dibadda laga xukumo waxba ka yeeli maynno oggolaanmaynno rabshad la soo saaro Mark2, oo lagu soo geliyo Garoowe).


2.      Maxamed Xaaji Aadan, Wasiirka Xanaanada Xoolaha, Dhirta iyo Deegaanka...wuxuu ka hadlay shirkii


3.      Madaxweynuhu hoolka Gobolka kula yeeshay guurtida, Maalintii 25/9/2000 iyo shirkii fagaaraha xarunta Booliiska ee 26/9/2000, hadalladiisiina waxaa ka mid ahaa:-


(Waa mahad Ilaahay haddii aad doorateen Cabdullaahi Yuusuf, anigu waan idinka maqnaaye, arintaas waad assiibteen.



Carta haddii ay rajo leedahay aniga ayaa aadi-lahaa, aniga ayaa cidla-joog ahaaye... Carta aniga kaga quusta... Ninkii dibad wax ku samaysta xeerkii aniga la igu qaaday ayaa lagu qaadayaa.


Tigidhkii Carta la igu casumay, weli   waan hayaa taliskii Maxamed Siyaad Barre, mar labaad ayay Carta wax ku dhisteen... tii hore aannu awrta u soo rarannay ayay daafacan-lahaayeen, haddii ay wax daafacanayaan.


Muqdisho waxay leedahay toddoba Dawladood.. toddoba Airport iyo toddoba reer Carta Muqdisho ayaanay ka soo dhammaanayn..


Ragga Carta inaga tagey waa soo noqonayaan, sida aan amba u soo noqday.


Wadaaddada Itixaadku ma aha inay wax shuqashuqeeyaan, waxaannu wadaaddadaas leennahay:- Jiib noomtaani, waa nimanka nagu yiri:- waa khiyaamo maslaxadi ku jirto... ina Salaad Booy waa ninkii yiri hal reer ha la xeereeyo oo xero lagu ilaaliyo ha loo dhigo.


Maxamed Siyaad ayaa ka diiday isaguna halkan ma  imanayo, Wasiir isaga ka socdaana halkan ma imaanayo.


Ma imankaro waannu isku naf-baxaynaa, aad ayaan ugu faraxsanahay inaan idinkula kulmo Garoowe oo ah Caasimada Dawlad Goboleedka Puntland..Garoowe aad ayay isu-beddeshay oo uga faa'iidaysatay Caasimadnimadii laba sano ka hor ayaad samaysateen nadaam iyo kala-danbeyn waa inaad ku mintiddaan.


Reer Garoowe dadka soo dhowysta oo ha iska eryina. Anigu mar haddii aan Carta ka baaqday wixii kale waa la iga saamaxayaa.


4.      (Axmed Cabdi Xaabsade, Wasiirka Ganacsiga iyo Warshadaha wuxuu ka hadlay kulan kii weynaa ee fagaaraha Xarunta Booliska ee Garoowe, wuxuuna yiri:-


Maamulkii Maxamed Siyaad Barre, waynnu la wada dagaallannay, oo waynnu wada ridnay laakiin markii aynu wada ridnay ayaa arrintii qabiil noo rogay oo Maxamed Siyaad iyo ninkii riday la israaciyey oo isku mid laga dhigay.. Dawladnnimada Carta waa been ninkasta oo la yimaadda Dawladnnimo Carta waxa halkan joga nin ina adeerkii ahoo ma jirto oranaya... Janaraal Galaalka ina Salaad-Booy ciidanka uu ururinayaa, sow ma aha kii isagu laayay Prof. Abyan, Xaaji Muuse Aadan, Dr. C/laahi Axmed Tuuhe iyo raggii kale ee uu ardaagiisa wada dhigay???


Garowe, waa inaga wada dhexaysaa!!! Haddii cid gaar ahi sheegato, arrintu waxay la mid noqonaysaa tii Muqdisho. Cidda gaarka ahi sheegato, joogista xukuumaddu.

Garoowe sanadkoo dhan joogeyso ayaa dib loo habaynayaa si xukuumaddu muddooyin is-le'eg u joogto dhammaan magaalo-Madaxyada Gobollada Puntland iyo Buuhoodle..




Wuxuu ka hadlay shirkii Madxweynuhu maalintii 25/9/2000 guurtida kula yeeshay hoolka shirarka ee Gobolka Nugaal, waxaana hadalladiisii ka mid ahaa markii uu duceeyay ka dib:-

(Xukuumadda si wanaagsan ayaannu uga guddoonnay salaanta iyo barnaamijka labadaba..Cuqaasha maanta dalkan u nool, labo keliya, ayaa caaqilnnimada iiga horreyay... heerka horumarka ee dalkani  maanta marayo, weligii ma uu gaarin.. waana wax tacab


Eeg Bogga xiga.


 ku yimid ee ma aha wax iska yimid.. maanta waxaynnu ku dhownahay in dhismaha magaaalooyinkeennu iswada qabsado...oo iswada gaaro...Madaxweynaha, sidii aannu kuu dooraannay, waad ku bannaan tahay.. oo waannu kugu aragnaa.


Markii aannu ku doorannay, dadka ayaannu ka mid ahayn.


Laakiin maanta dadka waannu u horraynnaa... cadowga dibadda naga celi annagana na kala celi.. adiga iyo Maxamed Xaaji Aadan cadowga dibadda waad naga celin kartaan.


Ma mucaarad li'id mana mucaarad la'aanaysid ku  talo-gal, waannu ku garab-taagannahaye.. doqoni ehel ma aha ee yeynnaan doqon ehel moodin.. Ibleeys sixir ahi yuu isku keen dirin dawladdeenna aan wada aamminno. Abuu-Jahal walba waxaa leenahay maya.


6.      Cali Jaamac (Cali-Dheer), wuxuu ka hadlay shirkii Madaxweynuhu la yeeshay guurtida maalintii 25/9/2000 waxaana hadalkiisii ka mid ahaa:-


(Baarlamaanku sheegga Carta lagu dhisay wax lagu saleeyay ma jiro.


Anigu waxaan ka mid ahaa raggii Islaan Maxamed u weydaartay Carta waxaa aannu Carta ka ahayn ma jirto... Axdiga la sheegayo annaga oo maqan ayaa la anxixiyay cidina nama tebin miro gunti ku jira lama daadiyo lo'fariisanweyday sac ayay sidaa.. nabadda aan ku mintidnno... Somali-weyn aan Cartaba ool ayaannu u ololeyneynnay.




Wuxuu ka hadlay shirkii Madaxweynuhu la yeeshay guurtida maalintii 25/9/2000 iyo



kulankii weynaa ee maalintii 26/9/2000 ee fagaaraha Booliiska, waxaana hadaladiisii ka mid ahaa:-


(Waan da' weynahay ilaa markii Ingiriisku Garoowe xukumayay ayaan shaqaynayay.. gobolladani maanta ayay ugu wanaagsan yihiin.. Nimanka rabshadda wada meel aan golahan ahayn ayaannu ku wada hadlaynnaa.


Ina Cumar Geelle wuxuu soo saaray kooxdiisii iyo dal meel uu ka jiro aan la aqoon.. dadka nabadda ayaa deeqda... nabad ayaynnu haysannaa... aan ilaashanno yaynnaan ku ciyaarin aan ku far-adaygno aan isku darno xamdi iyo xagsasho waxa aynnu haysanno..


Carta waxba inooma dhalin waxaynu leenahay maamul, Madaxweyne, Ciidammo, Wasiiro, Shaqaale, hab iyo nadaam.

Carta wadaaddo ayaa iiga muuqnayay. Maxay inoo yihiin..???? ilaalinta danteennu Madaxweynaha keliya ma saarna waa ina wada saarantahay mucaaridka Maamulka ku jira ha laga saaro... mucaaridka dibadd jooga ha lagu beddelo waa isku mid waa labo mucaarad Ninka Carta rabaa nabad ha ku sugo inuu ka hordhacaa waa belo abuur.


Nin belaayo abuuraa isagaa ku bexee... ina ma kambaa haddii nabad la waayo, wallaahay inaan nina seexan karayn waxaan Maxaed Xaaji Aadan ka maqlayay, belo waan ka soo horay waar dadow, belo haddii Maxamed Xaaji Aadanba ka horay waar dadow belo ha laga haro.



Nabadda ayaa dadka deeqda ilaahow towfiiqda na waafaji, Sulddaan Caliyow (Calidoob) haddii aynnu wada joogno, dhaqaale ku kala dhiman maynno.




Wuxuu ka hadlay shirkii weynaa ee fagaaraha Booliiska, waxaana hadalladiisii ka mid ahaa:-


(Issim Cusub ayaan ahay, oo waan idiin ducaynayaa...


Waxaan idinka codsanaynaa adkaynta nabadda, waxaad mooddaan inaannan Cashuur soo hoyn annaga ayaa doorannay oo ku tashannay oo qorshaysannay in Cashuurtayaddu soo gasho Garoowe, annagoo tixgelinay arrimo siyaasadda la xiriira, xoolo kale oo  baddanna waanu soo wadnaa".


9.      Xaliimo Cabdi Warsame:- kulankii weynaa ee fagaaraha Booliiska ayay ka tirisay Buraanbur qiimo badan oo Waanno iyo Hogo-tusaalayn ah, halku-dhegiisuna yahay " waxaa la doonayaa".


10.  (Ciidamada Qalabka Sidaa ee D/G/P/L), waxay weli diyaar u yihiin xaalad kasta oo soo food saarta reer Puntland", waxaa sidaase maalintii 28/09/00, Hoolka weyn ee Qaybta 54-aad kaga warbixiyey Gaashaanle Dhexe Maxamed Shiikh Cabdi Daahir oo kulankii Madaxweynuhu halkaas kula yeeshay Ciidamadda ku furay Qur'aan iyo Wacdi.


11.  (Ciidamadda oo isku duubni wax ay qabteen hawlo fara badan oo kala duwan oo ku kulmay, imminkana waxay diyaar u yihiin in ay fuliyaan hawl  kasta oo looga baahdo}}.

Waxaa sidaas yiri " Talyaha Ciidanka Daraawiishta Puntland G/sare C/laahi Cali Mire (Careys).  




Wasiirka Arrimaha Bulshada waxa uu 28/9/2000 soo saaray qoraal codsi ah kaasoo lagu baneeynayo xarumaha Isboortiga iyo dhalinyarada kuna socday Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha iyo Amniga ogaysiina ay ku lahaa Taliyaha Ciidanka Daraawiishta oo labaduba fadhigoodu yahay Garoowe.

Wasiirku waxa uu ka codsaday Madaxdaas in labaneeyo Garoomada kubada Kolayga ee Garoowe iyo Gaalkacayo, kuwaas oo tan iyo buburkii noqday Suuq Jaad iyo rug ciidan, dhismayaashoodiina wax weyn  laga badalay.


Sidoo kale Wasiirku waxa uu qoraal jawaab bixin ah ka soo saaray  qulqulqtooyinkii kulan ciyaareedkii labada kooxood ee Garoowe iyo Laas-coono jimcihii 15/09/00 ee magaalada Laascaanood ka dhacday.


Wasiirka Arrimaha Bulshada Dr. Faarax Warsame Cismaan wuxuu faray dhammaan kooxaha Gobolada iyo Degmooyinka ee caadaystay muddooyinkaan dambe in ay si aan qorshaysnayn isu abaabulaan uguna kala gooshaan Gobol ilaa Gobol wuxuu faray in ay ka waantoobaan, taasoo uu ku sheegay inay suuragal tahay in ay shilal keento.


Wasiirku waxa kale oo uu dhammaan kooxaha faray in ay la socodsiiyaan dhaqdhaqaaqyadooda Agaasinka Isboortiga iyo Dhalinyarada iyo Guddiga Olombiga Puntland si ay u noqoto mid wada jir ahaan looga wada shaqeeyo.


Dhanka kale Agaasinka Isboortiga iyo dhalinyarada ayaa isna wuxuu soo saaray qoraal ku socoda xiriirka kubada cagta ee GOS ogaysiina ay ku leeyihiin Guddiga iyo Guddoomiyaha GOS-ba , taasoo ay kaga codsanayeen in baahi weyn loo qabo Tababaro dhanka farsamada iyo Isboortiga ayna qoraalkooda ku sheegeen in aan Puntland iyo GOS aysan wax xiriira yeelan mudadii ka dambaysay tartankii 17aad ee Ciyaarihii


Gobolada ee lagu qabtay Garoowe bishii 3aad iyo 4aad ee sanadkaan 2000.

Agaasinku waxa uu xiriirka kubada cagta ee fadhigiisu yahay Muqdisho ka codsaday in baahidooda wax looga qabto.       

Faarax K.K




Wasiirka Arrimaha Bulshada oo tan iyo intii uu xilka Wasaaradiisa la wareegay aan wax kulan ah la yeelan shaqaalaha Wasaaradda ayaa markii ugu horeysay 3/10/2000 kulan kula yeeshay xarunta kumeel gaarka ee Wasaaradda ee REO Nugaal.


Shirkaas oo ay ka soo qaybgaleen dhammaan shaqaalaha Wasaaradda waxaa looga hadlay afar qodob oo kala ah:-


shirkaas oo ahaa kii ugu horeeyey ee Wasaaradda Arrimaha Bulshada kana mid ah Wasaaradaha ugu shaqaalaha Badan.


1.      In shaqaalaha Wasaaradda oo badan hadda ka horna aan is arag in ay isbartaan.


2.      In la  ilaaliyo mas'uuliyada Shaqada.

3.      In la sameeyo Guddiyo iyo xeer hoosaadyo maadaama uu shaqaalihii batay.


4.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     4.     In shirarka noocakan ay noqoto kuwo joogto ah oo bishiiba labo jeer la qabto si looga faa'iidaysto aqoonta shaqaalaha laguna saxo wixii dhaliilo ee ka yimaada dhinaca shaqada iyo waliba si loogu ogaado kartida iyo shaqada shaqsi kasta oo ka mid ah shaqaalaha.

Faarax K.K



Xaflad qalin jabin tababar oo si weyn loosoo Agaasimay ayaa 1/10/2000 ka dhacday Hoolka shirarka ee Macha-dka Maamulka iyo Maaraynta Garoo-we.


Xafladdaas oo ay ka qalin jabinayeen 20 ka mid ah shaqaalaha Wasaaradaha iyo Hay'adaha  Madaxa  Banaan ee Puntland ayaa ah Dufcaddii 4aad ee


ka qalin jabisay Machadkaas iyadoo ay jirto dufcad kale oo iyana halkaas uu tababar uga socdo:-


Tababaradaan oo ay dufcaddaani ku tahay 80 qof oo shaqaalaha Dawladda inta ka qalin jabisay waxaa soo qor-sheeyey Agaasinka, Guud ee shaqada iyo shaqaalaha, Maalgelintana waxaa ku sameeyey UNDP/CBF, Agabka Waxbarashadana waxaa leh Diakonia Sweden, halka uu Ururka wadaniga ah ee KAALO-an ayaana ka fulisay.


Maamulaha Machadka Cabdi Muuse oo halkaasi warbixin kooban ka jeediyay ayaa sheegay in Dufcada 4aad ay u bilaabatay koorsada 26/09/2000 uuna socotay 28 cisho ayna ku barteen Afar Barnaamij (Mavis, Ms Windows, Ms, Word, Ms Excel) ay ahaayeen kuwii ugu dadaa-lka iyo firfircoonida badnaa kooxihii machadka ka baxay, taasoo dadaal-kooda laga dareemi karo xafladaa oo ay iyagu soo qaba qaabiyeen halka ay kuwii hore iyagu aysan dareensanayn.


Qaarka mid ardaydii ka qalin jabisay oo ka hadlay halkaasi ayaa tilmaamay sida weyn oo ay weli baahida ugu qabaan waxbarashada iyo inay weli u baahan yihiin tababar intaasi sii dheer, waxayna aad ugu mahad celiyeen macalimiintii iyo dhammaan Hay'adi-hii iska soo kaashaday hawl qabad-kooda waxbarasho.


Waxaa kale oo hadallo kooban ka jeediyay Guddoomiyaha KAALO, Maxamed Sh. Xaamid,  isu duwaha UNDP/CPF,  Cali Xaaji C/lle, Agaasinka Guud ee Shaqada iyo Shaqaalaha Mudane C/laahi Axmed (AZHARI) iyo Xildhibaan Khaliif Aw-Cali.  Waxayna Ardaydii kaga mahad celiyeen dadaalkii dheeraadka ahaa ee ay soo sameeyeen iyo sida weyn ee ay u xuseen oo lama ilaaw-aanka ah, waxayna balan qaadeen in ay Warbixino siin doonaan Hay'adihii ay ka kala shaqaynayeen, lana abaal marindoono haddii ay tahay dhanka Waxbarashada iyo dhan kaleba waxa  kale oo ay aad ugula dardaarmeen faa'iidooyinka ay waxbarashadu leedahay.

Xafladaasi waxaa soo agaasimay Axmed Dani Cabaas Faarax iyo C/xamiid Yuusuf Aw-Ciise

Faarax K.K






The Puntland State of Somalia expresses grave concerns on the abrupt decision by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ban Somalia livestock import without prior warning Puntland Authority and the business communities were taken by surprise by the news of the ban. Puntland is full aware of the medical and economic consequences of diseased livestock export, and therefore took all precautionary measures  to check and certify that all livestock export form Puntland are free from diseases. There are veterinary doctors that check and certify the livestock for export, and we are not aware of any medical problems or finding from the livestock exported from the Puntland so far.


A series  of bans imposed by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States had a crippling effect on the economy and livelihood of people who critically depend on livestock export earnings.


We sympathize with the victims affected by the diseased animals, and do not intend in any way minimize Saudi Authority's concerns. We however would ask the Saudi Authorities and other Arab Gulf States that banned our livestock to make an effort to establish the facts by sending medical team (s) to Puntland. We believe it is the interest of all parties to establish the facts and act accordingly. Puntland well assist such a mission in any way we can.


Based on the findings such a medical mission and should the mission medically clear our livestock.

Puntland State of Somalia appeals to the Authorities of Saudi Arabia to consider reversing decisions on livestock import ban.


The State Government of Puntland also appeals to the International Community to assist in finding an acceptable solution to this crises. We can not emphasize enough how


important the livestock is to the economy of our people and State. A parallel to this issue would typically be stopping the oil export from Saudi Arabia and/or  other oil exporting countries .


In the light of the above development, PUNTLAND STATE OF SOMALIA again appeals to the members of the international Community to act now in order to avert an economic disaster looming ahead for Puntland State of Somalia. We request the International Community to work out a relief and compensation plan or package for the livestock business community to avoid a catastrophic consequence of the export ban.

Isma'il H. Warsame

Chief of Cabinet, Office of the President.




Dhammaan dadweynaha ku nool degmada garoowe iyo nawaaxigeeda, waxaa lagu wargelinayaa inaysan maamulka gobolka iyo wasaaradda arrimaha gudaha & amniga mid koodna u soo aadi karin arrimaha dhulka laysku haysto iyo wax la mid ah.


Laga bilaabo 01/10/2000 waxaad kala xiriiraysaan wixii arrimo dhul ah maamulka dawladda hoose ee degmada garoowe, maadaama ay mas'uul ka yihiin arrimaha dhulka iyo wixii la xiriiro oo dhan.


Sidoo kale, waxaa la farayaa maamulka dawladda hoose ee degmada garoowe inay arrimaha dacwadaha dhulka la wareegaan, deg degna wax uga qabtaan uguna gudbiyaan si de deg ah cid allaale iyo cidii shaki galo maxkamadda shareecada islaamka.




Ugu danbayntii waxaa la farayaa Dadweynaha ku nool Degmada Garoowe in ay ilaaliyaan jaran jarada shaqada iyo kala dambaynta iyo ilaalinta nidaamka dawladnimo.


C/laahi Xasan Faarax (Baasaweyne)

Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Nugaal




Diidane:- Waaryaa Dhuxdhule afkeennu waa issu ammaane!!! Kii ina Salaad-Booy ahaa turubkiisii haad uu ku booleeyo miyuu ka waayay!!!


Dhuxdhuxle:- Xassan Abshir wuxuu ka baqayaa in uu ku majeerteenoobo Cali Khaliif, wuxuu isleeyahay wuu kaa dallad weynaanayaa...... oo hadduu liqo wuu haduu tufana wuu........Cismaan Kalluun waa nin hadal cad oo ina Salaad noocaas kuma dhaco....waar ina Buubaaga Ismacil ah oo dan dedeg ah ku raadsanayo ama Barawaaniga ah Maxamed Cismaan.... Meelahaas ayaa niyadiisu miranaysaa....


Diidane:- kuwan Trafic-ga ahi maxay u ganaaxi waayaan Baabuurtan magaalooyinka bartankooda Fast-ka waallida ah ku xiimaya???!!!


Dhuxdhuxle:- Waar inta badan baabuurtaasi iyaga Trafic-ga ah ayayba siddaa...oo meel ay kaga haraan kula cararayaan!!! Afkeennu waa issu ammaanne!!!