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EE SOOMAALIYA                                            SOMALIA







 Presentation of the President of Puntland State of Somalia, H.E. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, to the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers  on the Government program for the Transitional Period, 1998 - 2001. 

Introductory Speech  

Your Excellencies,  

First and foremost, please  accept my warm greetings. 

As you are all well aware, Article #7.1.  of  Puntland Charter illustrates that the Government of Puntland for which you have recently elected me as its leader, is composed of the following three segments :- 

The Legislative Council

The Judicial Organ

The Executive Council


These divisions are parallel in role significance, the powers entrusted to them, rights of implementation of functions and national responsibility; but they have separate job descriptions and different operational functions. The major objectives of this administrative framework are based on the following  points :


Planning and specification of relevant divisions of labor.

Control of wrong decision-making and abuse of power.

The general check and balance of power.


We can deduct from the above principle of administrative division of labor, that the three powers of the Government cannot separately and  successfully operate without the collaboration of the other. Therefore, successful accomplishment of the designated political, social, economic, cultural and national goals shall depend on the full co-operation and collaboration of the three power organs of  the Government, with the expectation that they will demonstrate honesty, sense of responsibility and a co-operative spirit.


Your Excellencies,


After we have experienced thirty years of mal administration and eight years of disintegration, it is fortunate and a great pleasure for us all to meet here today in GOVERNMENT FORM. Article #8.1 of Puntland Charter allocates the legislative power to the House of Representatives, elected throughout the regions by the people of Puntland State, and  specifically Article #10.3 section (x), defines that the House of Representatives has the right to accept or reject the Council of Ministers after the nomination by the  President, and also has the right to approve or disapprove the Government program for the transitional period.


Your Excellencies,


I, being the President of Puntland State, the political leader of the nation, and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, am here today participating in your first ?session as the chairman of Council of Ministers, presenting members of my council and the Government program for the transitional period  (1998 - 2001), and as referred above both are constitutional and require your official ratification.


Your Excellencies,


I request that you allow me in this historical opportunity, to outline certain points that are prerequisites to the establishment of Puntland State of which we are involved in its creation and also related to the different political stages we went through the last thirty eight years. As you are aware, the former Somali Governments have totally failed the nation due to their -practices and inappropriate public administration, among which are the following :


·      Lack of social and legal justice and favoritism.

·      Violation of  the law and  lack of legal enforcement, lack of protection of human rights and civic rights, and abuse of power.

·      Corruption, nepotism, robbery, misuse and  mismanagement of  the financial public resources which became the rule  and the objective of all.

·      The use of tribalism as a political weapon and politicization of clans.

·      Lack of patriotism and sense of nationalism.

·      Lack of national planning and balanced socio-economic programs.

·      Ignorance


Your Excellencies,


Those political strains have emerged from the beginning of the first self Government of Somalia in 1956. It could be said , therefore, that Somali people have never experienced a proper governmental ruling. The accumulated political frustrations and mismanagement of so a called democratic national Governments of the first nine years after  independence (1960 - 1969),  have ended  up in the assassination of the President and made inevitable that the political power of the nation fall into the hands of a military dictatorship in October 1969.


Leave alone progress and constructive development, the military regime strongly increased the already existing dilemmas and problems. Due to these excessive political obstacles, political opposition movements and armed guerrilla fronts have directly confronted the military government that resulted in the downfall of the dictatorial system in January 1991.


Your Excellencies,


The disintegration caused  destructive tribal civil wars, which further brought heavier problems than those we experienced during the thirty years of national Government. This painful war, new in the history of Somalia, and perhaps of mankind, resulted in a continuous crisis. The downfall of the central Government brought in heavy human disaster, perhaps punishment and curse from heaven. Among these painful men and material toll were the following :


·      Bloodshed, death, genocide, injuries, enmity and hostility.

·      Dispersal, displacement and refugees.

·      Power struggle to rule and reign by illegal means such as using force, corruption and by politicization of tribalism.

·      The creation of artificial boundaries between Somali clans, confining each ethnic group in its original indigenous roots.


This misguided philosophy of self-centered politicians segmented the country into small blocks and sheikdoms. The power greed and the continuous struggle to reach the top undermined the positive objectives of the nation and the continuous efforts of the reconciliation process which started from 1991 and continued to 1997 in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen, Kenya, Egypt, Somalia.


Your Excellencies,


The last setback was Sodere event in Ethiopia, specifically the failure of  previously reached agreements by NSC, particularly the cancellation of the Bosaso Conference following Cairo Declaration of 1997. The cancellation of Bosaso National Reconciliation Conference gave way to despair and shattered any hope for national reconciliation in the foreseeable future. This situation led to the people of Puntland and Jubaland to rethink and redefine their political future. This resulted in the Garowe Consultation Conference of March 1998. At that Conference, as you may recall, a fateful decision had been taken to hold  The Garowe Constitutional Conference of May 15, 1998, to establish the Puntland State of Somalia.


The Garowe Consultation Conference of March 1998 made a decision of far-reaching consequence for the Somali National Reconciliation Process: The notion of recreating Somalia from Top-down Approach had been abandoned with the replacement of a new concept: The Bottom-up Approach, the establishment of separate regional administrations, leading to negotiations between equal regional states to pave the way for the reconstruction of a central federal system of Government in Somalia.


Thus, the Puntland State is an experiment and first step towards the new Somalia.

Moreover, the creation of Puntland  State was a by- product of the instability and confusion of Somali political arena, and of the failure of so many efforts in the national reconciliation process. Consequently, the people of the regions of Sool, Sanaag, Nugaal, Mudug, Bari and Buuhoodle District who share common ancestry  decisively agreed upon to move forward to form Puntland State of Somalia.


Your excellencies,


I personally witnessed all these successive dilemmas. I also lived through the then prevailing social injustice of the previous governments and thus, struggled for three decades (1968 - 1998) to make substantial changes in the socio-political system and to re-direct the destiny of the nation to proper perspective. I confronted oppression and numerous personal and family hardships in the process.


Thanks to God. Today we are setting up right the foundations for the new Somalia, starting with the grass-root level.


I am confident as a head of Puntland State that I can rely on you, and you will give me full support and co-operation to accomplish the above essential objectives.


In the meantime, I hereby present respectfully to you, my Council of Ministers and the Government program during the transitional period of 1998 - 2001. In this regard, nine Ministries have been created, with the intention to advance religious, political, security, economic, social and cultural affairs of Puntland State of Somalia.


Your Excellencies,


Once again, I salute you. I hope that Allah will assist you in  your new endeavors and responsibilities that the communities you represent entrusted in you.


Thank you!



political PROGRAM

external relations

1.  Puntland State shall respect and endorse all international principles and laws, and shall implement in its domain all international  treaties, agreements, and laws that previous Somali governments have lawfully entered into and signed in the interests of the People of Somalia.

2.  The Government of Puntland State endorses  and shall practice The United Nations Charter, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Convent of  Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Moreover, Puntland State shall strongly abide and fully implement the organisational and regional charters such as those of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC), The Arab League,  Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and IGAD.

Puntland  State believes that conflicts and disputes that prevail in many areas of the world can be solved by dialogue and by peaceful negotiations between parties concerned.


Puntland State is strongly interested to have good relations with the International Community, in general and the neighboring countries, in particular.


A.    Security and Political Affairs.


The prolonged and destructive Somali Civil War has caused the loss of lives of thousands of people and the destruction of the socio-economic system as a whole and displacement of hundreds of thousands to the extent that this dispersal is the today’s  "Somali Diaspora".


Furthermore, we have inherited from the civil war that followed general confusion and apathy, a loss of psychological  balance, loss of hierarchical discipline of society, lack of conformity to  religious and cultural norms, and violation of law and order. Worse of all the most dangerous the after-effect of the civil war was the fact that all weapons indiscriminately fell into the hands of irresponsible youngsters, who unlawfully used them as a means of economic resources, and who in the pursuit of that objective terrorized, robbed and hijacked innocent people..


Although, this instability greatly affected all areas of Somalia, nevertheless, Puntland State was relatively calm and more peaceful, more cohesive and when compared with the other regions of the country. The prevailing relative stability and more peaceful atmosphere attracted thousands of people outside its original indigenous groups,  to Puntland,  which doubled the socio-economic and security burdens of this area.


Therefore, recognizing the importance of peaceful environment, the Government of Puntland State, shall focus on and give first priority to  SECURITY, and shall immediately restore law and order in its domain of administration,  by re-establishing legal enforcement organs such as  Police force, courts and prisons. To fulfill these objectives the government shall carry out the following steps ;


1.      The Government shall immediately create a strong Police force, which can enforce the legal norms and safeguard the security of Puntland State. This Police force shall consist of two major segments :-

a.   Local Police :   The local Police is the peace enforcement institution largely concerned with the maintenance of law and order in urban set-ups.

b.   Border Police:  Darawish Police Force whose function is to protect and safeguard the general security of Puntland State, including the rural areas and Sate boundaries.

The Police force shall be selected from the former trained national police force, trained militia and suitable citizens.


There should be disarmament and demobilization of militia and the general public by designing specific schemes and program related to retraining, and job creation as an effort to overcome the disastrous effects of the civil war. In General, since peace and security are prerequisites to viable socio-economic development, Puntland State Government shall focus on and put all possible emphasis on the issue of security. The Government shall establish communication networks for demobilization and reorientation of  the masses, in particular, directed to the youth  such as radio programs, articles on in the news media as well as launching public debates on these issues. The Government will also plan programs for de-mining the lands of Mudug, Sool and Sanaag regions and Buuhoodle District.


B.    Decentralization system


1.      Puntland Government shall carry out decentralization of regional administrations in which the  masses participate in the decision-making process as illustrated in Article #18. of the Puntland Charter.


2.      The Government shall nominate a State Committee for population census and statistics for animal resources of Puntland State  as  illustrated in Article #28 of the Puntland Charter.


3.      After the completion of Puntland Constitution by the legislative body  (The House of Representatives), the Government shall establish a committee to carry out a countrywide  referendum on the draft constitution of Puntland State.


C.    National Reconciliation Process


Reconciliation efforts started in Djibouti in 1991 through Cairo in 1998, and all attempts and even signed agreements totally failed. Among the major reasons  for their lack of success in the process are:


1.      The major participants had no common ideology nor common framework of reference to be the basis for binding reconciliation and everlasting solutions.


2.      Some of the Somali faction leaders were demanding unjustifiable rights and unwarranted privileges as a condition for reconciliation.


3.      Foreign intervention has been diverting the real objectives of the negotiations and reconciliation.


Puntland Government and its people, however, are strongly concerned about the prolonged national disintegration and the absence of a central Government resulting in continuous enmity, mistrust, instability, socio-economic backwardness as the biggest obstacles to national reconciliation.


The fact that Puntland Government is the first regional administrative State of the Federal system of Somalia, it shall take pioneering steps towards the realization of a United Somalia, as illustrated and fully defined in Article #1 of the Puntland Charter.


Therefore, the Puntland Government will welcome an open and constructive dialogue and peaceful negotiations with any Somali group(s) with a similar regional administrative system, based on grass-roots support. The formula and framework which Puntland State believes in and endorses to be the basis for lasting reconciliation, reunification and re-establishment of a central government in Somalia are the following;

1.   To abandon the former administrative structure of Somalia which was the "top down approach"  and  replace with the "bottom up approach".

2.   The reconciliation process should start with neighboring  regional communities which still have unsettled disputes between them.

3.   Any faction or group who occupies by force any regions, districts, and/or areas should evacuate immediately and return to its indigenous people as the civil war began  in Somalia.

4.   All new planned aggressions towards any other territory should be immediately ceased.

5.   Private and public assets of the Somali nation unlawfully held by factions, groups and/or persons should be openly discussed and agreed upon on the mechanism and timing for their return as among the first conditions for national reconciliation.

6.   To establish separate regional administrative states with common ethnic, geographical or cultural base as an  objective foundation of a future Federal Somalia.

7.   To negotiate for  an objective and realistic power sharing formula between all parties concerned.

8.   The Future Capital City of the Central State should be a subject for negotiation and a bargain chip in the power-sharing formula. Such City must have special legal status to prevent  any future claim by a state in the federation or clans in the vicinity of the Capital..

Given the above terms are accepted as basis for national reconciliation, the Government of Puntland State is willing and  prepared to sit down with any interested party ies) for reunification of Somalia, and shall establish an office in this regard.





D.    Puntland State and its Neighbors


Among the founding principles of Puntland State is to live peacefully with the World, in general, and with other Somali parties, in particular. In this regard, the Charter of Puntland State clearly illustrates that the population of Puntland is a peace-loving one which is determined to peacefully co-exist with their neighbors.


Considering the close relations, intermarriages and cultural ties, physical and geographic proximity, and commercial inter-actions, Puntland Government is prepared to call and have brotherly dialogue with all neighboring communities on co-operation,  collaboration,  socio-economic development of  the sub-region. The State is committed to the protection and safeguarding of the workers of the international  community and local NGOs involved in the social welfare, regardless of their political views and ethnic identity.


Furthermore, Puntland State shall put emphasis on having direct communication with the neighboring regions such as North West Regions of Somalia.





The  people of Puntland are blessed with vast natural resources of which livestock and fisheries are the backbone of the economy. Animal husbandry and fishing are the main stay of the subsistence and the lifestyle of the population, most of whom are nomads and fishermen.


Live animals and fish products are the main exports of Puntland, thus providing foreign exchange to support the import capacity of the country; and , forming the basis of practically all trade and business activities, export and import.

Economic development and social progress in Puntland will be founded on policies plans, and strategies that are closely linked to animal husbandry and fisheries. Accordingly, the Government of Puntland will take the following steps, among the others :


1.   The Government will make urgent contact with the Government of Saudi Arabia to lift the ban imposed on Puntland livestock export by Saudi Arabia.


As fundamental policy, the Government :


a.   Supports free business enterprise and private ownership of property.

b.   Welcomes private foreign investment, separately, and/or in partnership with Puntland citizens, and will grant legal protection (i.e. security, transfer of capital and profits), and other appropriate facilities such as land and licensing permits.

Among the primary duties of the Government of Puntland are the development and the protection of the natural resources of the country, among which are livestock, fisheries, environment, and minerals.




Live-stock is the first pillar of the economy in Puntland. For this reason, the Government will soon take steps for the development of the general live-stock industry, including measures to

safeguard the quality of  the animals exports, and indeed other exports of Puntland for that matter :


1.   The Government will develop animal health services in order to establish

internationally accepted Health Certificates for livestock export from Puntland State.

2.   The Government will protect and improve the environment for animal husbandry,

grazing, water resources etc.

3.   As a matter of urgency, the Government will prohibit, by law, the export of female and uncastrated animals.

4.   The Government will soon prohibit, by law, trading in and  the import of certain

industrial products that have been classified as harmful to the environment and livestock such as certain plastic materials.

5.   The Government will reorganize the marketing system of livestock export, which is currently  under non-documentary trading in foreign markets and subsequently

eliminate business risks and financial heavy losses, e.g. lack of guaranteed prices and

payment through letters of credit, for example.


6.   The Government will initiate programs to secure International  markets for the

products of Puntland fishermen.

7.   The Government will encourage legal arrangement between the citizens of Puntland

State and  big international fishing companies for joint ventures. Such arrangements will require the on-shore establishment of fish processing plants and purchase of the output of local fishermen.

8.   The Government will take urgent and serious measures against the wide spread

poaching on Puntland seas by foreign fishing vessels, and  further follow up the suspicion of poisonous waste dumping in Puntland waters.

9.   The Government will soon put in place marine guards with appropriate equipment to safeguard Puntland seas marine resources.




Agricultural production in Puntland is generally small, although the potential for expansion exists in some of the regions. Aware of the special importance of agriculture for food production,  the Government will  :


1.   Provide technical services, training, and equipment to existing farmers, and encourage others to enter farming.

2.   The Government will encourage small mixed farming.

3.   The Government  will undertake extensive research programs concerning the

development and expansion of agricultural production.




The Government will give serious attention to the encouragement of food production andrelating processing facilities with a view to attain food self sufficiency and food security  in the Puntland State. This should generally be based on the natural resources of Puntland, mainly livestock, fish and agriculture.




1.   The Government of Puntland will encourage the establishment of industrial plants in the country, based on local natural resources in meat, hides, skins, milk, fish and gum products.

2.   The Government will soon rehabilitate  industrial plants which have been idle since the beginning of the civil war. In so doing, the Government will seek assistance from private businessmen.

3.   The Government will undertake  assessments  regarding industrial needs for water, power, industrial sites, etc.

4.   The Government will give all possible encouragement to local businessmen to create small scale industrial plants to help in job creation and the acquisition  of industrial skills.

5.   The Government will give preferential treatment to local industrial goods in  port

tariffs and other import charges.




Even though no comprehensive investigation has yet been made on the minerals potential of Puntland, traces of many minerals are known to exist in the country. For this reason, the Government of Puntland will :

1.   Work towards agreements with International companies for mineral exploration in the country.

2.   Make contacts with the companies previously engaged in petrol exploration in the

country for them to resume operations with a view to explore the possibility and  exploit petroleum resources in the country.

3.   Put in place laws on the exploration of mineral and other natural resources of the

country for the development and protection of these resources.


G.   Energy


1.   The government will encourage the utilization of water, wind and Solar energies.

2.   The Government will increase the awareness through publicity of the population

regarding the use of more modern domestic stoves (Burjikooyin) to use energy from organic sources (Charcoal of the dry wood) more efficiently.


H.   Public Finance


There has been no organized public finance from the start of the Civil war in Somalia. But now that Puntland has been established as a regional Government of future Somalia,. it is necessary that the Government Finance:

1.   A budgetary framework which :-

a.   Balances revenues with expenditures.

b.   Identifies sources of revenues, tariffs, etc.

2.   The Government will soon reconsider the present tariff system and rates for the

country's export-import trade.


I.   Economic Agencies and Trade  


Public economic agencies serving trade and business have been non existent in Somalia, Puntland included. These include banks and insurance companies. To close this gap, the Government will encourage:


1.   The establishment of private Commercial banks and Insurance's, in order to create

saving and Loan facilities for the Citizens and Businessmen of Puntland.

2.   The Government will temporarily introduce measures to substitute for the absence of Banks and Insurance company to deal with the current difficulties facing our Businessmen, such as lack of International guarantees through confirmed letters of credit.

3.   The Government will  encourage the existing Chamber of Commerce to reactivate its functions.

4.   The Government will immediately establish a State Bank whose main function initially will be in the form of  Government Treasury. The Bank will initiate steps for ways and means to issue new notes to replace the aging  Somali banknote.


J.   Economic Infra-structure

The economic infra-structure of Puntland includes sea-ports, airports, roads, power stations, etc. ; These facilities all suffered the devastation of the civil war through lack of maintenance and non-completion of works pertaining to them particularly in the cases of Bosaso Port and Galka’yo Airport. To deal with these weaknesses the Government of Puntland will:

1.   Undertake maintenance works for the completion of Bosaso Port .

2.   The Government will undertake maintenance and extension works to the relatively bigger airports such as Galka’yo, Garowe, Bosaso, Las-anod and Baran.

3.   The Government will give special attention to the maintenance of the paved roads

which link the Regions of Puntland.

4.   The Government will, as a matter of  urgency, re-organize the management of an

strengthen the security of ports, airports and roads.




I.          Institutions of Social Control


The Social behavior of a given Society is generally controlled by the Cultural, religious and the legal structures that exist. Therefore, aside from local cultural values and  religion, jurisprudence and the written laws are the major institutions of Social Control. These are the fundamentals for the continuation and the smooth running of societies. Therefore, realizing the importance of the  Institutions of social control, the Constitution of Puntland State makes the Judiciary System an independent state branch, and gives both the Supreme Court and Attorney General full Powers. However, the Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs has been largely created for co-ordination and linkage with different functions and grades of the judicial system in one hand and the executive administrative apparatus on the other hand .


Further more, Puntland Government will ascertain that justice is served and that proper manifestation of the legal  system reach every member of the society, and insure equal rights and equal opportunities for all regardless of sex , regional residence, political ideology and Philosophical view points:


To realize the above objectives,  Government shall implement the following:


1.                     To serve justice, and provide legal equality to all citizens which the Islamic religion constitutes.

2.                     To promote religious education by:


a) Raising the standards of the syllabus of religious education of both formal and informal, public or private.

b) Creating an Institute of Religious Studies as a source of religious knowledge and clarifies  complicated religious and sharia issues.

c) Raising the levels of education of the personnel of the judicial system and men of religion.

d) Conducting public awareness programs on the proper practice of religion and true manifestation of Islam.


3.  Respecting and fully implementing the Charter, strengthening and practicing other laws of the State, UN and other International Laws, treaties and agreements and specifically conforming to human rights laws such as personal rights of the individual, the freedom of expression, respect of political ideology, protection of private properties,  etc.

II.      Social Services


Puntland State shall attempt to re-activate and improve all necessary  Social Services, that have been neglected in the past and have been brought to stand-still during the eight years period of national disintegration. Social service institutions and programs that require immediate and priority attention are the following.-



            Labor and Personnel

            Youth and Sports

            General Communications ( Land, Sea, Air and Telcom).

            Water and Electricity

            Culture Heritage

            Social Welfare


            However, of all these social services, education and health  are the fundamental institutions since they affect the lives of the Population and the basis for economic prosperity, they deserve the most attention.


A.      Education


Education is essential and is high priority of the state, and is the key factor to the maintenance of knowledge and special skills that give the individual the ability, development of character and mental capacity.  Educational system can be defined as the factory producer of the nation’s manpower (  Intellect or skilled Labor). It’s the basis of national human resources, the determinant and major contributor of the socio-economic development of the country.


However, for some time the quality of education of the country as a whole was low, and has been in limbo since 1980's and was totally destroyed and brought into stand still during the disintegration period.


Therefore, the Puntland Government shall put emphasis on the restoration, quality of education in general, and to realize these objectives, the State shall take the following steps:-


1.                     To offer all possibly assistance to education in general (formal , informal , public or private).

2.                     To legally make up to intermediate level of education a compulsory requirement.

3.                     To highly improve the quality of the existing educational syllabus by reviewing and redesigning  the educational programs.

4.                     To immediately evacuate class rooms and all school-compounds, rehabilitate them and provide all essential equipment and educational materials as soon as possible.

5.                     The Government shall put emphasis on Technical Education, particularly Functional Education such as Veterinary Schools, Fishery, Teachers and Health assistants Training Institutes, Home Economics, General training of technicians ( mechanics, electricians, welders and masons, managers and accountants).

6.                     The Government shall put great effort to restore historical role and significance of the Somali Teacher, by promoting his/her education and making Teacher’s Training Institute a major national priority, by upgrading his/her socio-economic status, ( i.e. raising  salary-scale ) and by up-lifting his/her moral and psychological well-being.

7.                     The Government shall set programs and common reference that unify private and public education of Puntland State.

8.                     The Government shall register the names of students who have University level education and shall attempt to obtain higher educational sponsorship from abroad .

9.                     To build and open library centers ( at least in all capitals of the regions ) that provide supplementary reading materials to students and contribute to the general education of the public.


B.      Health


Health facilities are essential priority However these did not receive the attention needed and at the present  Health Department lags behind other less relevant institutions and activities. In this new era the Government shall attempt to promote Health service by undertaking the  following:


                            To spread Primary Health Centers to all Puntland region areas, (i.e., Up to Village level), particularly MCH Centers and attempt to obtain essential health equipment;


C.    Sports    


Sports contributes to both the physical and mental development of youth and at the same time sports prevents the youth from getting involved in mischievous behavior and wrong doing such as drug abuse endangering personal health and the future of  tomorrow’s generations. Consequently,  the Puntland Government shall put emphasis on sport development.


D.      Labor and Laborers


Both blue and white color Laborers are considered to be the major human resources of a country.  At the same time, they plan and implement the national developmental projects and programs, Thus , they are considered the  back-bone of the socio-economic system. Therefore , Puntland Government considers Labor development essential and intends to undertake the following steps in this regards:-


1.                     Civil servants  shall be highly selective, quality shall precede quantity and proper division of labor shall be maintained, (the right man for the right job).

2.                     The Puntland Government shall establish Civil Service Commission which shall in general be responsible for maintaining the  welfare of both Public and private employees and protecting their rights, defining their duties, and in particular shall be responsible for the recruitment , promotion, termination and the granting of rewards and taking of disciplinary measures for all Civil servants. Specific rules and regulations regarding Civil Servants shall be issued.

3.                     In order to serve justice, reward honest, reliability and productivity, the Government shall adjust Civil Servant salaries ,  type of job or kind of  function conducted, and the prevailing labor market conditions.

4.                     The Government shall set specific working hours and civil servants shall be evaluated according to their productivity, improvement of level of education and technical skills and know-how, nature of work. These and the Civil Servant code of conduct shall be defined in specific by-laws to be worked out.

5.                     The Civil Service Commission protects the welfare and rights of both public and private employees.


E.      Communication


Communication is among the major social services that are the basis of socio-economic development. In general, the Puntland Government intends to conduct the following with regards to the promotion of the sector:


1.                     To build Radio Net-work Transmitter with enough powers to reach at least the Somali-Community Population residing in the middle East and East African countries, representing the voice of the Government on specific issues, putting emphasis on Rehabilitation, Demobilization, Reconstruction and maintenance of Law and Order.

2.                     To establish National Printing Agency.

3.                     To encourage the establishment of Tele-Communication net-works for both internal and external services, whether publicly, privately or jointly owned.

4.                     The Government shall re-establish the previous Postal Services which have been dysfunctional during the disintegration period.

5.                     The Government shall put special emphasis on the rehabilitation of major roads of the country and shall design plans and budget estimates for rehabilitation of existing roads and for the construction of new ones.

6.                     Among immediate Government Plans is to expand, rehabilitate and supply essential facilities and equipment to Bosaso Harbor, and also Construct smaller new ones when possible.

7.                     Specific regulations and plans shall be designed for future land transport vehicles importation. Direct correlation estimates shall be made on national requirements as well as local market needs.

8.                     To rehabilitate, reorganize and supply essential equipment and facilities and insure the total security of the regional airports of Puntland State.

9.                     To regulate the proper usage of Land tenure and specifically concentrate on urban set ups and design future town planning regulations.

The Puntland Government shall take over all physical assets owned by former Governments. Registration, rehabilitation and reconstruction shall be made on those Government buildings, and shall be used for common national interest. furthermore, new ones are to be  constructed when time  and resources permit.


F.      Electricity and Water  supply


Water and Electricity are among the essential social services which are indispensable for daily living of every individual and the community as a whole. In this technological age, they play an important role in all socio-economic activities and in business. The Puntland State Government shall put emphasis on the development of these two social services and shall consequently attempt to  expand them to all parts of the country. To achieve these objectives the following steps shall be undertaken :-

1.                     The target plan of the Government shall be to install in towns water supply sufficient to the daily life requirement of urban dwellers, and to dig wells for  nomadic communities.

2.                     Emphasis shall be put to obtain for people and livestock suitable water for drinking.

3.                     The Government shall attempt to install electricity to most parts of the country. The Government shall involve the business community participating in the ownership and management of power industries.


G.      Social Welfare


1.                     The Government shall design specific projects and  programs aimed at registering, collecting and assisting the most disadvantaged vulnerable groups of the society such as orphans, the retired, the handicapped, the refugee, the displaced and the very poor.  These being the victims of the civil war  and result of   "Defend thy self" wars, deserve the most humanitarian assistance.

2.                     Puntland Government shall focus on rural development.


H.      The Cultural  Heritage


Communal traditions and internalized cultural values set the basis of societal normative system, which generally direct and control social behavior, and accordingly, rewarding conformity and sanctioning violations.


Moreover, it equips the individual with the psychological confidence, pride and sense of collective, togetherness and "we feeling" attitude. It is a symbol of a continuous identity, one's own indigenous folk community. Therefore, the Puntland Government considers the development of cultural heritage, among its major duties, and intends to


1.                     To develop the Somali Heritage, and the culture value system which do not contradict with the Islamic shari'a and modern scientific learning.

2.                     To develop the Somali language and Somali Literature in general, and to conduct systematic research on both.




The preceding ambitious program of Puntland State for the transitional period (1998 - 2001) is largely designed to be accomplished on self help basis but to be fully effective it requires more viable socio-economic assistance from Aid donor countries and the international community as a whole on the following areas :-

1.                     Expertise on the re-establishment and the revitalization of the Governmental administrative apparatus presently in process ( institutional capacity building).

2.                     Expertise and economic  assistance in the  demobilization, retraining and job creating for militia.

3.                     Encouragement of all international NGOs presently operating in Somalia ( and other major international organizations) to fully participate in the on-going rehabilitation and reconstruction projects and programs of Puntland State.

4.                     The International Community is advised to be more active, more committed and more effective in its participation in the reconciliation process of the Somali people, preferably through the coordination of the neighboring countries (IGAD member states), though decision-making on the issue of destiny shall always belong to the Somali people themselves.

5.                     Assistance in social services.

6.                     Demining of lands affected by the civil war. 

Finally,  the Government of Puntland is aware of the positive role which the international community has played in the national reconciliation process and the humanitarian assistance it has offered to the Somali people. Furthermore, it is grateful to friendly countries of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Egypt, USA and Italy and the UN, OAU, IGAD, OIC, EU and the Arab League, who have greatly and continuously contributed to the endless struggle for Somali national reconciliation and reconstruction of a Central Somali State.



DAWLADDA PUNTLAND                    PUNTLAND  STATE         EE SOOMAALIYA                                                                OF SOMALIA      



Garoowe, 4/9/1998 



I.                     ARRIMAHA CAALAMKA


Dawladda Puntland waxay xushmaynaysaa kuna shaqaynaysaa mabaadi’da iyo qawaaniinta caalamiga ah, waxayna gobolladeeda ka hirgalinaysaa wixii mucaahado, heshiisyo iyo xeerar caalami ah ee ay dawladihii hore ee Soomaaliyeed si sharciga iyo danaha dadweynaha Puntland waafaqsan u galeen una saxiixeen.


Dawladda Puntland waxay ogoshahay, ilaalinaysaa kuna dhaqmaysaa Axdiga Qaramad midoobay, Baaqa caalamiga ah ee xuquuqda bani-aadamka, mucaahadooyinka caalamiga ah ee xuquuqda madaniga, kuwa siyaasadeed, dhaqaale, bulsho iyo dhaqanba. Sidoo kale waxay dawladda Puntland isku waajibinnaysaa una hogaasan tahay Axdiyo Gobolleedyada Jaamacadda Carabta, Ururka Midowga Afrika (OAU), Urur Gobolleedka Horumarinta Geeska Afrika (IGAD), iyo Ururka Mu-tamarka Islaamka (OIC).


Dawladda Puntland waxay aaminsan tahay in khilaafaadyada iyo murannada ka jira goobo badan ee Adduunka ka mida lagu xalliyo dariiq nabadeed iyo wada hadal dhex mara dhinacyada ay khusayso. Dawladda Puntland waxay si xoog leh u danaynaysaa in ay xiriir wada shaqayn la yeelato dawladaha caalamka guud ahaan, gaar ahaan; kuwa dariska ah ee ay danaha darisnimo iyo walaalnimo ka dhexeeyaan.




Burburkii dawladdii Soomaaliyeed waxaa laga dhaxlay jaah wareer iyo kala daadsanaan nolosha bulshada ka saameeyey dhinac kasta. Dagaaladii sokeeye ee dalka Soomaaliya ku baahay waxay sababeen dhimasho boqollaal kun oo dad ah, burbur dhaqaale iyo dhaqan, iyo kala irdhow ummaddii Soomaaliyeed. Waxay keeneen in hubkii uu si xad dhaaf ah oo aan taariikhda Soomaaliya horay u soo marin gacanta ugu galo bulshada inteedii badnayd siiba dhalinyarada. Kuwaasoo maanta ka dhigtay qalab xoogsi iyo il dhaqaale, iyadoo lagu xalaaleystay burcadnimo, boob, dhac iyo afduub gaaray heer  w+ax ka qabadkoodu adkaaday. Inkasta oo ay xasilooni la’aantu aag kasta saameysay, hadana marka dhanka kale laga eego ee la barbar dhigo qaybo kale ee dalka Soomaaliya ka mid ah. Gobollada Puntland ammaankoodu guud ahaan waa wanaagsan yahay, waxaana la isku dayey in gobollada qaarkood laga dhiso unugyadii aas-aaska u noqon lahaa maamullo.

Jawigaas nabad-galyo ee ka jira gobollada Puntland wuxuu horseeday in ay ku soo qulqulaan dad badan oo kasoo bara kacay qaybo kale ee Soomaaliyeed oo dagaalada sokeeye ku riiq dheeraadeen, kuwaasoo culays nabad-galyo iyo mid nololeed dhaqaale ku noqday gobollada Puntland.


Si kasta xaaladu ha ahaatee, dawladda Pntland waxay sanadka kowaad ee jiritaankeeda mudnaanta kowaad siinaysaa, xoogeedana saaraysaa, wax ka qabashada arrimaha nabad-galyada, waxay si deg deg ah ugu hawl galaysaa in la soo nooleeyo awoodoodiina la soo celiyo hay’adaha fulinta sharciga ee Ciidanka Booliiska, Maxkamadaha iyo Xabsiyada. Dawladdu waxay u hawl galaysaa in la helo jawi nabadeed oo suurta galiya in sharciga iyo kala danbaynta gacanta sare ay yeeshaan iyo in la abuuro qaab kalsooni loogu qabi karo hay’adaha ammaanka ee dawliga ah.


Si hadaba loo fuliyo barnaamijkaan baaxadda leh waxay dawladdu qaadaysaa tillaabooyinka soo socda:


1.      Waxaa si deg deg ah loo dhisayaa ciidan booliis oo awood tiro iyo tayo u leh fulinta sharciga dawladda iyo gacan ku haynta nabad-galyada dalka Puntland. Ciidankaasi wuxuu noqonayaa laba nooc oo kala ah; a) Daraawiish hanata nabad-galyada guud ee Puntland iyo arrimaha gurmadka deg degga ah ee sugidda nabad-galyada iyo ilaalinta xuduudaha ee gobollada Puntland, hase yeeshee Abuuridda ciidanka daraawiishta wax u dhimi mayso nabad-galyada darisyada iyo isdhex marka dadweynaha Soomaaliyeed ee danuhu ka dhexeeyaan. b) Ciidan Booliis magaalo oo gacanta ku haya arrimaha nabad-galyada magaalooyinka, tuulooyinka iyo deegaamada. Dhammaan Ciidamada Booliiska waxaa laga xulayaa;


- Ciidamadii hore ee tababarnaa intooda awooda u leh xag caafimaad  iyo xag da’ba.

-  Maleeshiyada tababaran

-  Iyo Ciddii kale ee loo arko in ay xilkaas qaadi karto.


2.      Hub kadhigidda dadweynaha iyo maleeshiyada hubaysan, iyadoo dhalinta hubka laga dhigay loo abaabulayo barnaamijyo wax barasho iyo dhaqan celin oo ku astaysan xarumo wax barasho xirfadeed iyo dhaqan celin, si looga badalo hab nololeedkii ay ka dhaxleen dagaaladii sokeeye iyo burburkii dalka. Haddii aan tillaabadaas la qaadin waxay dawladdu u arragtaa in dhalintu halis ku noqonayaan nabad-galyada iyo xasiloonida, khatarna galinayaan ammaanka shacabka Puntland, Ajinabigaba iyo Darisyadaba.


Sida hadba loogu guuleysto barnaamijkaan ayey dawladdu u aragtaa in uu saldhig iyo tiir dhexaad u yahay dhammaan qaybaha kale ee barnaamijka dawladda, sidaas darteed waxaa lagamaa maarmaan ah in lagu dhammay tiro mudo kooban oo aan ka badnayn 1 (hal) sano, iyadoo loo samaynayo barnaamij si cilmiya loo qorsheeyey oo kala xilliyeysan.


3.      Dawladdu waxay u aragtaa in baahinta xukunka iyo awoodda dawladnimo ay xubin muhiim ah ka yihiin xasilinta nabad-galyada iyo deegaamaynta bulshada, sidaas darteed iyadoo ka amba qaadaysa qodobka 18-aad ee Axdiga Puntland waxay dawladdu mudo dhow qaadaysaa tillaabo xukunka lagu gaarsiinayo Gobollada iyo Degmooyinka dalka Puntland, ujeedada arrintaan laga leeyahayna waa in la soo celiyo sharcigii iyo kala danbayntii dawladnimo ee degmooyinka isla markaasna dadweynaha laga qeyb galiyo xukunka, talada, canshuur ururinta iyo in ay bartaan ismaamul iyo is xukun dhexdooda ah.


4.      Dawladdu waxay u hawl galaysaa sidii loo tira koobi lahaa dadweynaha Puntland iyadoo la magacaabayo guddi farsamo ee hawshaas qabta.


5.      Dawladu waxay gacan siinaysaa Guddiga diyaarinta dastuurka kadib markii Golaha Wakiilladu magacaabo.


Dagaalkii sokeeye wuxuu raad xun iyo dhaawac weynba ku reebay garashadii iyo dareenkii dadweynaha, waxaa dhumay shaqayntii caqliga iyo kala danbayntii bulshada, taasoo sababtay fawdo iyo aamin daro ku baahda dadka dhexdiisa oo ay dhacday in laga fogaado dhaqankii iyo diintii oo dad badani xallaalaystay waxyaalihii xaaraanta ka ahaa diinta iyo dhaqanka, waxaa xarago iyo isugu faan noqday burcadnimada, dhaca iyo boobka oo ah xubnaha ugu waaweyn ee keena nabad-galyo xumada beelaha dhexdooda. Si hadaba taas loola dagaalamo, waxay dawladdu xoogeeda saareysaa sharciyada nabadgalyada ka sokow, warbaahin iyo wargeysyo lagu wacyi galinaayo dadka si maskaxdooda dib loogu soo celiyo.


Dawladdu waxay deg deg wax uga qabaneysaa nabadgalyada jidadka oo dhalinyaro badani ka dhigatay il-dhaqaale oo aan wax sharciya waafaqsanayn taasoo dhibaato weyn ku haysa gaadiidkii iyo ganacsigii isaga gooshaayey gobollada dalka oo dhan. Waxay dawladdu abaabuleysaa siminaaro iyo kulanno looga doodayo farqiga u dhexeeya nabadda, colaada iyo ku dhaqanka sharciga iyo xeerarka.


Dagaaladii jabhadaha iyo kuwii sokeeye ee Soomaliya waxay sababeen in gobollada qaarkood (Mudug, Buuhoodle iyo Sanaag) la galiyo miinooyin xad dhaaf ah oo halis ku ah nolosha dadka iyo duunyada, sidaas darteed dawladdu waxay u hawl-galaysaa sidii dhulka looga sifayn lahaa.




Dadweynaha iyo dawladda Puntland waxay aad uga walaacsan yihiin fawdada dawlad la’aantu keentay oo dalka ka aloosan, colaadda siyaasadeed ee beelaha qaarkood dhex taal iyo xasillooni la’aanta gobollada Soomaaliyeed qaarkood oo xujo iyo lugjiid ku noqday geedi socodka dib-u-heshiisiinta qaran. Dawladda Puntland waxay isu xil saareysaa in arrimahaas lagu maareeyo habab nabadoonnimo iyo isu bura deyn ku dhisan. Siyaasadda dawladda Puntland ee arrimaha dib-u-heshiisiinta waxay si sugan ugu qeexan tahay Axdiga Puntland Qodobkiisa 1-aad, kaasoo si cad u muujinaya in ay Puntland tahay qayb ka mida Soomaaliya oo aan ka go’i karin, sidaas awgeed dawladda Puntland waxay u hawl galeysaa sidii dib laagu dhisi lahaa Qarankii burburey, hase yeeshee markaan ku dhisan nidaam federaal midaysan.


Dawladda Puntland waxay soo dhawaynaysaa qayb kasta oo u habaysan nidaam dawladnimo oo doonaysa wax wada qabsi waafaqsan mabaadi’da siyaasadeed ee ku wajahay dib-u-heshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed. Waxay shacbiga Soomaaliyeed iyo beesha caalamkuba xusuustaan shirarkii badnaa ee la qabtay sagaalkii sano ee la soo dhaafay, kuwaasoo xal loogu raadinayey dhibaatooyinka iyo murugooyinka ka taagan dalka Soomaaliya laguna baadi goobaayey xal waara oo loo helo. Waxaase nasiib darro noqotay in ay kuligood ku dhamaadeen hungo iyo natiijo la’aan.


Shirarkaas waxaa dhammaantood soo qabanqaabiyey ururo iyo dawladaha aan dariska nahay iyo kuwo kale oo dano inaga dhexeeyaan. Miro dhal la’aanta shirarkaas waxaa ugu wacnaa:

1)      Ka qayb galayaasha oo aan wada lahayn qorshe iyo aragti ku wajahan xal u helidda dhibaatada Soomaaliya.

2)      Is hortaag kooxaha qaarkood oo mar walba doonayey sad-bursi iyo dano gaar ahaaneed oo ka fog xaqiiqada, taariikhda iyo waayaha Soomaaliya oo dhabta ah, sidaas darteedna ku noqday dib-u-heshiisiinta caqabad aan la dhaafi karin.

3)      Dawladaha qaarkood oo ku hayey faragalin aan u adeegeyn midnimada iyo isu keenidda kooxaha Soomaaliyeed ee is haya.


Si kastaba ha ahaatee dawladda Puntland waxay soo dhawaynaysaa tillaabo kasta, ha ahaato mid dawladdo iyo ururo soo jeediyaan ama haka timaado is-xilqaan Soomaaliyeed oo xal loogu doonayo dhibaatada sii dheeraatay ee Soomaaliya. Hase yeeshee waxay dawladda Puntland qabtaa in xal u helidda mixnadda Soomaaliyeed ay saldhig u yihiin:


*         In loo wada arko lana qirto in habkii hore ee kor ka dhiska lagu fashillay sidaas darteedna la qaato habka hoos ka unug kor u dhis oo isaguna ku imaanaya loona marayo wadadaan;


a) In duulaamada kooxaha qaarkood abaabulayaan la joojiyo

b) In dib-u-heshiisiinta laga bilaabo beelaha deegaanku ka dhexeeyo ee collaaddu dhex martay;


t) In la amba qaado dhisme maamul ama dawlad gobolleedyo ku saleysan isirro ama deegaan wadaag, kuwaasoo asaas u noqda dawlad federaali ah oo Soomaaliyeed.


j) In beelaha xoogga ku haysta gobollada iyo deegaanada ayan isir ahaan u lahayn ka baxaan kuna noqdaan gobolladii ay ka soo duulleen.


x) In meel la isla dhigo lagana wada xaajoodo hantidii guud ee Qaranka iyo tii gaar ahaaneed ee kooxaha qaarkood xooga iyo xaq darada ku haystaan kagana faa’iideystaan.


kh) In meel la isla dhigo lagana wada hadlo Caasimadda dawladda federaaliga ah ee mustaqbalka.


d) Iyo in si caddaalad ah Awoodda dawladda loo qaybsado.


Dawladda Puntland iyadoo ka amba qaadaysa aragtideeda dib-u-heshiisiineed ee kor ku xusan kana duulleysa dabeecaddeeda dawladnimo, waxay si deg deg ah u abuureysaa xafiis u xil saaran arrimaha dib-u-heshiisiinta Soomaaliya. Dawladda Puntland waxay aaminsan tahay in talada iyo go’aanka dib-u-heshiisiinta ay Soomaalidu leedahay ayna xaq u leeyihiin ka talinta aayahooda iyo masiirkooda siyaasadeed ee mustaqbalka.




Dawladda Puntland waxaa siyaasadeeda sal dhig u ah nabad ku waarta adduunka guud ahaan, gaar ahaan Soomaaliya. Axdiga dawlad gobolleedka Puntland ayaa tilmaan cad ka bixinahaya siday dadweynaha Puntland uga go’an tahay nabad jacayl iyo daris wanaag ku salaysan ehelnimo iyo wada dhaqan taariikheed sidaas darteed dawladda Puntland waxay gacan walaalnimo oo nabadeed iyo daris wanaag u haadinaysaa dhammaan beelaha iyo gobollada Puntland la dariska ah, waxayna soo jeedinaysaa in la isugu yimaado fadhiyo iyo doodo joogto ah ee heerar beeleed iyo wax garad, si loo horumariyo iskaashiga gobollada ee arrimaha nabad-galyada, ganacsiga iyo is dhex marka dadka iyo sohdin ka tillaabidda ururada caalamiga ah iyo kuwa aan dawliga aheyn (NGOs) ee ku hawlan daryeelka bani’aadamnimo iyadoo aan la kala soocin aragtida siyaaso iyo nidaamyada gobollada kala duwan ee Soomaaliya. Puntland waxay rumaysan tahay in ay lagama maarmaan tahay in la dhiiri galiyo lana hagaajiyo isku xirnaanta dhaqan, dhaqaale iyo bulsho ee gobollada dariska ah.


Dawladda Puntland waxay soo dhawaynaysaa qaybaha Soomaaliyeed ee dhistay maamullada, waxayna diyaar u tahay in ay la gasho wada hadal ku wajahan wax wada qabsi iyo is af-garad, waxaan aad usoo dhawaynaynaa daris wanaagga dadweynaha iyo gobollada deegaanku naga dhexeeyo si gaara kuwa Waqooyi Galbeed iyo Qaybta Soomaalida ee dalka Etoobiya oo horey u dhistay nidaam dawladdeedyo, sidoo kale kuwa dariska nagala ah koofurta oo dhammaantood ay naga dhexeyso taariikh saaxiibtinimo iyo xiriir dhaqan iyo qaraabo oo fac weyn. Annagoo ka duulleyna mabda’a wada tashiga waxaan doonaynaa in aanu walaalahayaga Soomaaliyeed ku wada noolaano is qadarin iyo isu garowsho.




Dadka reer Puntland waxaa Eebe ku manaystay khayraad dabiici ah oo ballaaran kuwaasoo ay ugu waaweynyihiin xoolaha nool iyo Kalluunka oo ah laf dhabarta dhaqaalaha Puntland. Wax soo saarka xoolaha nool iyo kalluumaysigu kuma koobna oo kaliya nolol-maalmeedka dadkeena u badan reer guuraaga iyo kalluumaysatada, ee waxaa kaloo ku dhisan baayacmushtarigeena oo dhan, gaar ahaan wax dhoofinta  iyo soo dajinta, waxaa kale ee soo raaca hargaha iyo xabkaha, kuwaasoo aynu dhammaantood ka helo lacagta adag ee aynu dibadda wax uga soo iibsano.


Horumarka dhaqaalaha iyo bulshada ee Puntland wuxuu ku dhisnaanayaa siyaasado, qorshayaal iyo himilooyin ku xiran xoolaha nool iyo kalluunka. Tillaabooyinka dawladda Puntland waxay ku wajahan yihiin ujeedooyinka la xiriira khayraadka dabiiciga ah, iyagoo ay ka mid yihiin:


1.      Dawladda Puntland waxay si dhakhso ah ula xiriiraysaa dawladda Sacuudi Caraabiya sidii Xoolaheenna looga qaadi lahaa xayiraada ay ku soo rogtay.

2.      Siyaasadda dhaqaale ee dawladda Puntland waxay ku dhisan tahay ganacsiga suuqa xorta ah iyo lahaashaha gaar ahaaneed.

3.      Dawladda Puntland waxay soo dhaweynaysaa, siinaysaana dammaanad sharci iyo ta’siilaad shaqo maal gashadayaasha shisheeyaha ah.

4.      Dawladda Puntland waajibaadkeeda hore waxaa ka mid ah ilaalinta iyo horumarinta khayraadka Puntland oo ay ka mid yihiin xoolaha nool, kalluunka, deegaanka iyo macdanta.




Xoolaha nool ee Puntland waa tiirka kowaad ee laf dhabarta dhaqaalaha, sidaa darteed dawladda Puntland waxay si dhakhso leh u qaadaysaa tillaabooyin lagu horu marinayo xoolaha nool ee Puntland, sidoo kale waxay ku dadaaleysaa in la ilaaliyo tayada xoolaha nool iyo badeecooyinka kale ee aynu dibadda u iib-geyno:


1.      Dawladdu waxay horumarinaysaa caafimaadka xoolaha nool si xoolaheenu u helaan aqoonsi caafimaad oo caalami ah.

2.      Dawladdu waxay horumarinaysaa deegaanka xooluhu ku dhaqmaan sida daaqa iyo biyaha.

3.      Dawladdu waxay si deg deg ah u joojinaysaa dhoofinta xoolaha dhedig iyo kuwa aan dhufaaneyn.

4.      Dawladdu waxay si dhaqso ah u mamnuucaysaa soo dajinta iyo ka ganacsiga waxyaabaha deegaanka iyo xoolaha wax yeelada u leh sida bacaha iwm.

5.      Dawladdu waxay sameynaysaa barnaamijyo dib loogu habaynayo ganacsiga iyo suuq gaynta xoolaha nool oo ay hadda haystaan dhibaatooyin khasaaro leh, kuwaas oo ay ka mid yihiin  dammaanad la’aanta xagga qiimaha iibka dibadda.

6.      Dawladdu waxay si dhakhso ah u joojinaysaa Dhuxusha iyo Ugaarta dibadda loo dhoofiyo.



Kalluunka iyo khayraadka baddu waxaa weeye tiirka labaad ee dhaqaalaha Puntland, sidaa darteed dawladdu waxay horumarinaysaa ballaarinaysaana wax soo saarka khayraadka badda iyadoo qaadaysa tilaabooyinkan:


1.      Dawladdu waxay xooga saareysaa in ay taageero farsamo iyo qalab u fidiso kalluumaysatada, iyadoo isla markaana abuuri doonta iskaashatooyin kalluumaysato.

2.      Dawladdu waxay samaynaysaa barnaamijyo sidii suuq caalami ah loogu heli lahaa wax soo saarka kalluumaysatada.

3.      Dawladdu waxay dhiiri galinaysaa heshiisyo kalluumaysi oo ay muwaadiniinta Puntland si sharciyeysan ula gali karaan kambaniyaasha kalluumaysiga ee caalamiga ah, kuwaasoo dawladdu ka rabto in ay ka sameeyaan xeebaha Puntland warshado ka shaqeeya habaynta kalluunka kana gadato kalluumaysatada wax soo saarkooda.

4.      Dawladdu waxay tillaabooyin adag oo deg deg ah ka qaadaysaa joojinta xatooyada shisheeyuhu ka wado baddeena iyo waliba in ay dabagal ku sameyso tuhunka sun ku daadinta baddeena.

5.      Dawladdu waxay si deg deg ah u diyaarinaysaa ciidankii iyo qalabkii lagu ilaalin lahaa baddeenna iyo khayraadkeeda.




Wax soo saarka khayraadka beeraha ee Gobollada Puntland caam ahaan waa yar yahay in kastoo gobollada qaarkood la ballaarin karo wax soo saarka beeraha. Muhiimadda gaarka ah ee beeruhu inoo leeyihiin waxaa ka mid ah, dejinta reer-guuraaga, dib-u-dejinta qaxootiga soo noqonaya iyo dhaqan-celinta maleeshiyooyinka, sidaas darteed:


1.      Dawladdu waxay u fidinaysaa taageero farsamo iyo mid qalab beeraleyda jirta, iyo abuuritaa beeraley cusub.

2.      Dawladdu waxay ku dadaaleysaa barnaamijyo isku dhafaya beeraha iyo xoolaha.

3.      Dawladdu waxay bilaabaysaa baaritaan buuxa oo cilmi ah kuna saabsan sidii loo horumarin lahaa wax soo saarka beeraha.





Dawladda Puntland waxay xil weyn iska saareysaa, dhiiri galinaysaana wax soo saarka iyo warshadaynta cuntada, taasoo loola jeedo in la gaaro isku fillaansho kayd cunto. Taasoo inta badan ku dhisnaan doonta xoolaha, beeraha iyo kalluunka.




1.      Dawladda Puntland waxay dhiiri galinaysaa ahmiyad weyna siinaysaa abuuritaanka warshadaha, kuwaasoo ku dhisnaan doona khayraadka dabiiciga ah ee wadanka sida hargaha, caanaha, kalluunka iyo xabkaha.

2.      Dawladdu waxay si dhakhso leh dayactir ugu raadinaysaa warshadihii dawladdii hore lahay ee fadhiyey mudadii burburka iyadoo la kaashanaysa dad maal-qabeen ah.

3.      Dawladdu waxay samaynaysaa baaritaan buuxa oo ku saabsan baahida warshadeed ee Puntland sida Korontada, Biyaha iyo sahminta meelaha ku haboon rugo warshadeedyo.

4.      Dawladdu waxay ku boorinaysaa kuna dhiiri galinaysaa ganacsatada Puntland abuuritaanka warshado yar yar oo wax ka tara kor u qaadidda dhaqaalaha iyo aqoon xirfadeedka dhalinyarada.

5.      Dawladdu waxay fiiro gaara siinaysaa ka khafiifinta tariifo-canshuureedka qalabka wax soo saarka iyo horumarinta.




In kasta oo aan baaritaan buuxa lagu samayn macdanta Puntland hadana waxaa jira in raadad badan oo macdanaha qaaliga ah lagu arkay dhulka Puntland sidaa darteed:


1.      Dawladdu waxay ka shaqaynaysaa in ay heshiis la gasho kambaniyaasha caalamiga ah ee macdanta baara.

2.      Dawladdu waxay si dhakhso ah ula xiriiraysaa kambaniyadii baaritaanka batrool ka wadi jiray gobollada Puntland si dib loogu billaabo baaritaano cusub iyo soo saaridda Shidaalka.

3.      Dawladdu waxay si dhakhso ah u soo saareysaa, xeerar ku wajahan macdanta iyo khayraadka kale si loo horumariyo ka faa’iidaysigooda iyo ilaalinteeda.


Quwadda iyo Tamarta kale


1.      Dawladdu waxay dhiiri galinaysaa ka faa’iideysiga tamarta Dabaysha, Qoraxda iyo Biyaha.

2.      Sidoo kale dawladdu waxay dadweynaha ku wacyi galinaysaa kuna caawinaysaa isticmaalidda burjikooyinka casriga ah ee tashiila dhuxusha iyo xaabada.




Waaxyaha maaliyadeed ee dawladnimo ma aysan jirin mudadii burburka, marse haddii aynu dawlad noqonay waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in dawladdu si deg deg ah u samayso:


1.      Dawladdu waxay si dhakhso ah u diyaarinaysaa miisaaniyadii dawladda.

2.      Dawladdu waxay isu dheelitiridoontaa kharajka iyo dakhliga soo gala.

3.      Dawladdu waxay si deg deg ah u habaynaysaa ilaha canshuuraha ee Puntland.

4.      Dawladdu waxay dib-u-eegid ku sameynaysaa tareefooyinka laga qaado waxa dhoofa iyo waxa soo dega.




Hay’adihii dhaqaalaha iyo ganacsigu wey burbureen sida baannankii iyo caymiskii, sidaa darteed:


1.      Dawladdu waxay dhiiri galinaysaa abuuritaanka baanan ganacsi iyo shirkado caymis, si muwaadiniinta Puntland u helaan nidaam kaysi lacageed iyo maal-gelinta mashaariicda.

2.      Inta ka horeysa soo celinta adeega Baananka iyo Caymiska dawladdu waxay qaadaysaa tillaabooyin farsamo oo lagaga gudbo dhibaatooyinka haysta baayacmushtarigeena, sida la’aanta dammaanadda caalamiga ah (letter of credit).

3.      Dawladdu waxay xoojinaysaa hawlaha Rugta ganacsiga (chamber of commerce).

4.      Dawladu waxay si dhakhso ah u abuuraysaa Bangi dhexe oo shaqadiisa ugu weyni noqon doonto wax ka maamulidda maaliyadda dawladda iyo in uu bilaabo baaritaan ku saabsan helitaan lacageed.




Kaabayaasha dhaqaalaha ee Puntland waxaa ka mid ah;  Dekedaha, Ayraboorada, Waddooyinka iyo Korontada. Kaabayaashaas dhaqaale ee Puntland waxaa soo gaaray dhibaatooyin burbur, dayactir la’aan, dhamaystirid la’aan dhismahoodii sida Dekedda Boosaaso iyo Ayraboorka Galkacyo, sidaas awgeed:


1.      Dawladdu waxay qaadaysaa tillaabooyin lagu horumarinayo kaabayaasha dhaqaalaha ee Puntland sida dayactiridda iyo dhamaystirida dhismaha Dekedda Boosaaso.

2.      Dawladdu waxay dayactirid iyo ballaarinba ku samaynaysaa Ayraboorada waaweyn sida Gaalkacyo, Garoowe, Boosaaso iyo Laascaanood.

3.      Dawladdu waxay ku dadaaleysaa dayactiridda waddooyinka laamiga ah ee gobollada isku xira.

4.      Dawladdu waxay dib-u-habayn deg deg ah ku samaynaysaa maamulka iyo ammaanka Dekedaha, Ayraboorada iyo Waddooyinka.




I.        Xaddidayaasha Ficil-faleedka Bulsho (Social Control)


Arrimaha xaddididda ficil-faleedyada qofka iyo kan mujtamaca guudba (hagidda damiir ka sokow) waxaa xukuma diinta, garsoorka iyo sharciga, kuwaasoo bar tilmaameed u ah arrimaha bulsho isla markaana ah halbowlayaasha waaweyn ee waraabiya habsami-usocodka iyo jirtaanka wax ku oolka ah ee bulsho.


Hadaba in kasta oo ay caddaaladdu madax bannaan tahay hadana waxay xukuumaddu leedayahay kaalinta isku xiriirinta guud ee arrimeed. Sidaas darteed waxay xukuumaddu ku dadaaleysaa in ay caddaaladdu gaarto xubin kasta oo bulshada ka tirsan dhinac kasta ha noqotee (xag shaqo, xag garsoor iyo xag nololeedba) iyadoo si gaar ahna u hubinaysa in mujtamaca si isle’eg oo isku mid ah wax loogu qaybsho, iyadoo aan loo eegin jinsi, deegaan, amaba aragti falsafadeed mabda’.  Sidaas awgeed waxaa xukuumadda Puntland xil weyn iska saareysaa:


1)      Hirgalinta iyo ilaalinta caddaaladda, sinnaanta iyo garsoorka xaqa ah ee diinta Islaamku tusmayso.


2)      Xoojinta barashada Diinta Islaamka, iyadoo:


                        ·        Loo hawl galayo tayaynta iyo kor u qaadista manaahijta iyo aqoonta waxbarasho-diineed (formal education) sida dugsiyada sare, dhexe iyo hoose ee tacliinta tooska ah iyo kuwa dadban sida malcaamadaha iyo waxbarashada dadka waaweyn.

                        ·        Waxaa dadaal dheeraad ah loo galayaa abuurid machad diineed sare, oo noqka mambaca aqoonta cilmi iyo marjaca arrimaha diiniga ah. isla markaasna loo adeegsan karo muran ka saarida qodobada shareecada ee khilaafyadu ka yimaadaan iyo iftiiminta mas’alo diineedyada adkaada.

                        ·        Waxaa kor loo qaadayaa aqoonta iyo waxbarashada garsooreyaasha iyo culimada iyadoo tababaro gudaha iyo dibadda la siinayo.


3)      Waxaa xoog la saarayaa baraarujinta iyo wacyi galinta bulsho oo ku salaysan si hoboon ugu dhaqmidda iyo ku walaalowga Diinta islaamka.


4)      Xushmaynta iyo ku dhaqmidda Axdiga Puntland, adkaynta iyo hirgalinta shuruucda kale ee dalka, xeerarka iyo qawaaniinta qaramada midoobay, shuruucda iyo heshiisyada caalamiga ah iyo ilaalinta xaqa gaar ahaaneed ee qofka sida xoriyadda hadalka, ra’yiga, hantida iyo mihnadda.




Waxaa xukuumaddu guud ahaan ku dadaalaysaa in adeegayaasha bulsho ee dib u dhaca weyni gaaray la dhaqaajiyo dibna loo wada habeeyo, kuwaasoo ka kooban; Waxabarashada, caafimaadka, shaqada iyo shaqaalaha, ciyaaraha iyo dhalinyarada, isgaarsiinta gaadiidka (Dhul, Bad, Cir iyo xiriirinta hawada) biyaha iyo nal galin, hidaha iyo dhaqanka iyo daryeelka dadweynaha. Adeegayaashaas bulsho waxaa bartilmaameed u ah waxbarashada iyo caafimaadka oo toos u saameeya nolol qofeedka xubin kasta oo bulshada ka mid ah.


b)         Waxbarashada


Waxbarashada oo ahmmiyadda kowaad u leh ummadda, waa aqoonta kobcinta iyo kaalmeeyaha garaad maaneedka qofeed iyo warshada soo saarka muruq -maskaxeedka iyo muruqmaalka farsamayaqaan ee daleed, kuwaas oo sal dhig u ah horumarinta iyo hinjinta dhaqan-dhaqaale umadeed. Hase yeeshee intii muddo ahayd tayo ahaan aqoontii waxbarashada dalku waa hagaastay, taaso ilaa 80-kii daalaadhacyeyneysay, 8-dii sano ee burburkana isa sii daba raacday. Hadaba sidaa darteed maamulka cusub ee Puntland wuxuu awood gaar ahaaneed saarayaa soo nooleynta iyo tayeynta waxbarashada guud taas oo lagu meel-marinaayo tillaabooyinka soo socda:


·      In waxbarashada guud ahaan mid toos ah iyo mid dadbanba, mid dawlo iyo mid madax-bannaanba, la siiyo taakulo iyo taban-taabin intii suuragal ah.

·      Waxbarashada dugsiyada hoose dhexe khasab laga dhigo.

·      In kor loo qaado tayada waxbarashada xagga manaahijta siiba kuwa Diinta, aqoonta cilmiga iyo aqoonta dabeecad cilmiyeedka ee Puntland.

·      In sida ugu deg deg badan loo banneeyo dugsiyadii waxbarasho ee aaga Puntland oo dhan, dayactir iyo qalabeyn haboonna lagu sameeyo.

·      Waxaa awoodda la saarayaa waxbarashada farsamo siiba, waxbarashada manfaca leh sida xoolaha, kalluumeysiga, tababarka macalimiinta, kalkaaliyayaasha caafimaadka, dhaqaalaha guriga, farsamada gacanta (makaanikada), koronto yaaqaanimada, maareynta iyo xisaabaadka.

·      Waxaa xukuumaddu xoog isugu taxalujinaysaa soo noolaynta waxku-oolnimadii taariikhiga ahayd ee macalinka, iyadoo tababarro iyo aqoon kordhin u fidinaysa, heerkiisa mustawe shaqaalena kor u qaadaysa mushaara ahaan iyo macnawi ahaanba.

·      Waxaa la dejinayaa qorshe iyo nidaam middeeya, is-waafajiya waxbarashada dawladda iyo kuwa gaar ahaaneed intii suurta gal ah.

·      Waxaa ardada heer jaamacadeed gaartay loo raadinayaa dhamaystir tacliin dibadeed.

·      Waxaa la abuurayaa xarumo wax-akhris iyo maktabado oo kaaba aqoon-dugsiyeedka waxbarasho ee kala gadisan iyo tan guud ee dadweynaha.


t)          Caafimaadka


Sida kor ku xusan daryeelka caafimaadku waa laf dhabar, sidaa awgeed waxay xukuumaddu xoogeeda saareysaa qodobada hoos ku qoran;


1)      Waxaa goobaha caafimaad ee asaasiga ah siiba xarumaha hooyooyinka iyo dhallaanka lagu baahinayaa dalka lana gaarsiinayaa ilaa heer tuullo, iyadoo lagu dadaalayaa in ugu yaraan ilaa heer gobol qalabka baarista cudurrada iyo qalabka takhaatiirta loo helo.

2)      Waxaa daawooyinka dalka soo gala loo koontaroolayaa si adag iyadoo laga eegayo xag tayo, mudo wakhtiyeed iyo qiimaba. Waxaana tababarro iyo aqoon kordhis joogto ah oo casri ah la siinayaa hawl-wadeenada caafimaadka.

3)      Ladagaalanka iyo ka hortagga cudurrada faafa iyo daaweynta kuwa halista ah.


j)          Dhallinyarada iyo Ciyaaraha


Ciyaaruhu waa kaabayaal caafimaad iyo miskaxeed oo dhisa jirka qofka isla markaas dhallinyarada ka hor joogsada u hanqal taaga ficil-falleedyo aan habooneyn, sida dayac-dareerka iyo barashada mukhaadaraadka khatarta ku ah caafimaadka iyo mustaqbalka dhalin yarada, sidaa awgeed xukuumaddu waxay ku dadaaleysaa horumarinta ciyaaraha.


x)         Shaqada iyo Shaqaalaha


Shaqaaluhu waa muruqa iyo maskaxda ummadeed ee lagu meel mari karo isla markaasna waa lafdhabarta dhaqan dhaqaale iyo furaha horumarinta daleed, kaasoo saldhig u ah horu kaca iyo hagaagga mustawe-mustaqbaleedka wadan kasta ku horumari karo, sidaa awgeed waxay xukuumadda Puntland lagama maarmaan u aragtaa in shaqada iyo shaqaalaha ahmiyad qarameed ee ay mudan yihiin la siiyo iyadoo lagu xaqiijinayo qodobada hoos ku qoran:


1)      Waxaa si adag loo xulayaa shaqaalaha dalka iyadoo tayo laga horumarinaayo tirada, xubin kastaana xilka ay buuxin karto lagu aadinayo.

2)      Waxaa la abuurayaa guddi shaqaale, oo u xil saaran daryeelidda iyo danaha guud ee shaqaalaha sida (shaqo qorista, shaqo ka saarista, dalacsiinta, casilaadda, anshaxa iyo abaalmarinta), kuwaas oo dhawaan laga soo saarayo xeerar hoosaadyo qeexaya.

3)      Waxaa la isku jaangoynayaa mushaarka shaqaalaha, nooca shaqada iyo maciishada dalka.

4)      Waxaa la xadadayaa saacadaha shaqada iyadoo wakhti sugan oo ugu yaraan 7-saacadood ah la shaqaynayo, isla markaas waxaa shaqaalaha lagu qaymaynayaa heerkooda wax soo saarka, heerka hawl-gudashada shaqo, heerka aqoonta, ahmiyadda iyo culeyska shaqada uu hayo, kuwaasoo dhammaan sharciyo sugan laga soo saari doono.




I.          Saacadaha Shaqada Dawladda Puntland waa hal saac ee subaxnimo ilaa sideedda duhurnimo (7:00 - 14:00) maalin walba, marka laga reebo jimcaha oo fasax ah.


II.         Maalmaha ciidda ah ee laga aqoonsanyahay dalka Puntland waa kuwa soo socda:


            a)         Ciidul Fidriga                                        Labo maalmood

            b)         Ciidul Adxaa                                        Labo maalmood

            c)         Mowliidka Nabiga (SCWS)                 Hal     maalin

            d)         Bilowga Sanadka Islaamka                   Hal     maalin

            e)         26 Juun                                                Hal     maalin

            f)          1-da uulyo                                            Hal     maalin

            g)         Ciidda Puntland (1-da Agoosto)           Hal     maalin

            h)         Ciidda calanka Soomaaliyeed               Hal     maalin

                        ( 12 Oktoobar)

III.       Sanad Miisaaniyeedka Dawladda          1-da Janaayo- ilaa 31-da Diseembar


IV.       Fadhiyada caadiga ah ee Golaha Wasiiradu waa sadexda subaxnimo -ilaa labada duhurnimo (9.00 - 14.00).


6)    Waxaa guddiga shaqaaluhu ilaalinayaa xuquuqda iyo danaha guud ee shaqaalaha madaxa bannaan


kh)       Isgaarsiinta


Isgaarsiintu waa adeeg bulsho oo muhiim ah iyo kaabe dhaqan dhaqaale oo lagama maarmaan ah guud ahaan waxyaabaha maamul xukuumadeedka Puntland, deg degna isugu xil saari doonto ka hawl galkooda waxaa ka mid ah:


1)      Dhisidda Idaacad wax-ku-ool ah oo war laliskeedu gaaro dhammaan oolimaadka dhow ee ummadda Soomaaliyeed, geeska Afrika iyo Bariga dhexe.

2)      Abuuritaan Madbacad dawladdeed.

3)      Soo saarid wargeys codka dawladda Puntland ku hadla.

4)      Waxaa xukuumaddu dhiiri galinaysaa abuuritaanka qaab-hawo ka xiriirka (telecom) gudaha iyo dibaddaba, hanoqoto mid dowlo, mid dadweyne ama mid la wadaago.

5)      Waxay xukuumaddu dib u dhaqaajinaysaa maamulkii iyo adeegii Boostada wakhtiga ugu horeeya ee suura gal ah.

6)      Waxaa la dayac tirayaa wadooyinka dalka isku xira iyadoo loo raadinayo hawlgal iyo qorshe dayactirkooda dabooli kara.

7)      Waxaa dhakhso loogu hawlgalayaa ballaarinta, dayactirka iyo qalabaynta Dekedda Boosaaso iyo isla markaas sidii loo dhisi lahaa marsooyin yar yar oo kale.

8)      Waxaa qorshe iyo jaangooyooyin ku sar-go’an baahida guud ee dalka loo dejinayaa gaadiidka la keensanayo, waxaana loo samaynayaa sharci iyo ruqsado ku lug leh maamulkooda iyo keenistooda, iyadoo kuwa dawladdu noqon doonaan noocyo ay sahlantahay dayactirkooda, qalab u helistooda iyo hagaajintooda.

9)      Waxaa nabadgalyadooda la sugayaa dayactir, qalabayn, dib-u-habayn iyo dib-u-hagaajina lagu samaynayaa isla markaana adeegooda la hagaajinayaa garoomada diyaaradaha ee dalka Puntland.

10)  Waxaa la daba-qabataynayaa qaabka dagidda magaalooyinka iyo habka dhul-bixinta kuwaasoo sharciyo iyo qorsheyaal hor leh oo haboon loo dejinayo.

11)  Waxaa xukuumaddu la soo noqonaysaa goobihii shaqo iyo deegaan ee dawladdii hore lahayd, kuwaasoo diiwaan galin, dayactirid iyo dib-u-dhis lagu samaynayo, si hawlaha dawladda loogu fuliyo isla markaasna waxaa la dhisayaa kuwo cusub oo daboola baahida hawl-fulineed ee dawladda markay suurta gal noqoto.


d)         Nalaynta iyo Biyo-galinta


Biyaha iyo nalku waxay ka mid yihiin daruuriyaadka lagama maarmaanka u ah baahi-nololeedka qof iyo horumarka bulshada, sidaa darteed dawladda Puntland waxay u hawlgalaysaa xoogana saareysaa siday labadaas adeege-bulsho dalka u gaarsiin lahayd, waxayna himiladaas ku meel marinaysaa sidaan:


1)      Waxay xukuumaddu xoog saareysaa galinta magaalooyinka biyo baahidooda u qorsheysan hawl-nololeedkooda guud iyo in ay ceelal baahidooda dabooli kara uga qodo aagagga dadweynaha iyo duunyada reer-guuraaga ah dagan yihiin, intii la awoodo.


2)      Waxaa helidooda lagu dadaalayaa xoogana la saarayaa biyo cabbitaanka ku haboon sidii loo suurta galin lahaa.

3)      Dawladdu waxay xil iska saaraysaa in ay tamar ku filan dalka gaarsiiso, gaar ahaan magaalooyinka waaweyn isla markaasna waxaa dadweynaha loo suurta galinayaa lahaanshaha, waxku-lahaanshaha iyo wax ka maamulka warshada tamarta dhaliya, keenista qalabka iyo fulinta hawl-farsameedka ku saabsan dhalinta tamarta. 

r)         Daryeelka Dadweynaha  

1)      Waxay xukuumaddu diyaarinaysaa barnaamijyo iyo qorshayaal jaangooyooyin sugan leh kuna wajahan diiwaan-galinta, ururinta, u gargaaridda iyo daryeelidda danyarta bulsho, sida agoomaha, hawlgabka, naafada, qaxootiga, dadka soo barakacay iyo caydha, kuwaas oo ah dhibanayaasha dagaaladii sokeeye ama ay saameeyeen dagaaladii is-difaaca.


2)      Waxaa xoogga la saarayaa horumarinta reer miyiga dad, duunyo iyo deegaanba.


s)         Hidaha iyo Dhaqanka 

Hidaha iyo dhaqanku waa astaan-sumadeedka iyo baadi-sooca bulshooyinka aduunka kuwaasoo ku camal falkoodu qeexo heerka qofku dhaqan-bulshadeedka uu ka tirsanyahay ka joogo laguna qiimeeyo, sidaa awgeed dhaqanka iyo hiddihu waa silsiladda isku xirta iskuna haysa mujtamaca hab-macaamilkooduna guud ahaan ku salaysan yahay isla markaana keenta is-ahaanta, isu hilowga, ehel isu noqoshada iyo is-tolaysiga bulshadeed, abuurtana ku kalsoonida macnawiga ah iyo u hanweynaanta hido asalleedka qofka, sidaa darteed waxaa xil-waajibaadyada Puntland ka mid ah in ay badbaadiso, horeyna u mariso astaamaha taariikheed iyo hidaha iyo dhaqanka soomaaliyeed ee soo jireenka ah, waxyaabaha ugu horeeya ee xukuumadu shiishka saareyso wax ka qabashdooda waxaa ka mid ah; 

1)      Horey u marinta hidaha iyo qiyam-dhaqameedka aan shareecada iyo aqoon-cilmiyeedka casriga ka hor imaaneyn.

2)      Horumarinta luuqadda Af-soomaaliga iyo suugaanta iyadoo laga samaynayo daraasado cilmiyeysan.

 Hadaba si loo hirgaliyo barnaamijkaan waxay dawladda Puntland beesha caalamka ka sugeysaa in ay u fidiso dawladda Puntland kaalmo intii hore ka muuqaal iyo tayo badan ee dhinacyada: 

1)      Khibrad u fidinta, dib-u-soo nooleynta iyo dib-u-dhiska hab maamulleedka dawladda.

2)      Dib-u-soo nooleynta iyo dib-u-dhiska dhaqan dhaqaale, dhaqan celinta iyo shaqo u abuuridda maleeshiyooyinka.

3)      Ku hawl-galinta ururada samafal ee jooga Soomaaliya, xirfadleyda iyo xoogsatada gaar ahaaneed barnaamijyo gurmad iyo horumarineed.

4)      Isku taxalujin kasii fir-fircoon xaga horumarinta iyo dhiiri galinta geedi socodka dib-u-heshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed. 

Si kastaba ha ahaatee, dawladda Puntland waxay u mahad celinaysaa dawladaha saaxiibka la ah, ururrada caalamiga ah iyo kuwa heer gobol, hawlaha dhex-dhexaadineed oo ay ka galeen dib-u-heshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed iyo arrimaha samafalka bani’aadamnimo, gaar ahaan Puntland waxay mahad usoo jeedinaysaa dawladaha Etoobiya, Djabuuti, Kenya, Yaman, Masar iyo Talyaaniga iyo ururrada OAU, IGAD, Jaamacadda Carrabta, EU, USA, iyo Jamciyadda Quruumaha ka dhexeysa oo rasmi ahaan isu xil saaray in ay dhibaatooyinka Soomaaliya wax ka qabtaan.



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