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  • Title: [SW Country] Appeal to Suspend Assistance to the Arta Group in  Somalia.
  • Posted by/on:[AAJ][3 Sept 2001]

H.E. The Secretary General of the United Nations
H.E. The President of the United States of America
H.E. The President of the European Union
H.E. The President of the Organization of African Unity
H.E. The President of the Arab League
H.E. The President of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia
H.E. The President of the Republic of Kenya

August 31, 2001

Your Excellencies,

RE: Appeal to Suspend Assistance to the Arta Group in  Somalia.

Allow me to submit the facts of this appeal to Your Excellencies, and I promise to present a case that is
clear, with objective facts that can be supported by independent observers.

1- The Art Group ( so called Transitional national  Government) in Somalia does not represent the Somali
people. Their administration is limited to a section of the capital city Mogadishu, more accurately in a small hotel in the heart of city.

2- Humanitarian assistance donated by some members of the Arab League, has been diverted from its good
intentions and objectives to the deployment of militia to destroy, commit atrocities and kill the people of Juba, Shebelle regions and in particular, the inhabitants of Kismayo.

3- The invasion of Kismayo by the Arta Group is an evidence that their leader, Abdiqasim, has tribal and
not national objectives, since it its his tribe that is occupying Kismayo and is committing atrocities against innocent civilians.

4- Some of the humanitarian donations by Arab league members and the international community, went into
foreign bank accounts of the Arta leaders. This was reported in their parliament two months ago.

5- The Arta Group, having failed in its attempt to impose itself upon Somalia, has embarked on a de-stabilization policy against those peaceful areas of Somalia. It has and is, using money donated by the
international community for reconstruction    and restructuring, to create chaos, disintegration, and lawlessness in self administered regions of Somalia that enjoy constitutional governments, peace, and stability. The above stated facts can be verified by independent sources. I, as a nationalist, and a politician, here appeal to all Your Excellencies on behalf of the Somali people, who are voiceless and not represented in the world arena, to suspend economic and humanitarian assistance to the Arta Group and to redirect all humanitarian aid to the Bay, Bagol, the Juba regions, Puntland, Somaliand and other regions of Somalia that enjoy peace and good administration. I would like to express my appreciation for the United States of America's policy toward Somali reunification and its cautious attitude toward the Arta Group. I have no doubt that if the United Nations, the Arab League, the OAU, the European Union, international governments and NGO, were as caring, concerned, open and cautious as the United States of America, the Arta Group would not have dared to invade Kismayo and commit crimes against the Somali people.

The Arta Group advocates violence, atrocities and lawlessness at home while presenting itself to the international community as the Transitional National Government in Somalia, committed to national reconciliation. The only way the world can stop the crimes of the Arta Group against the Somali people,
is to deny them financial and humanitarian assistance. I hope my appeal on behalf of the Somali people will
succeed in convincing Your Excellencies to act urgently with determination before another Rwanda like
tragedy takes place in Somalia. I thank you very much.


Mohamed Abdirashid Ali Sharamrke
Chair of the Somali Committee for Popular Democracy and Candidate for the presidency of Puntlnad State of
Somalia - email address: maarashid@yahoo.com


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