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  • Title: [SW Column] ( AbdiBarre - SRRC) New Breed of Somali War Criminals are on the rampage in the Guise of Somalia Transitional Government.
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Re:New Breed of Somali War Criminals are on the rampage in the Guise of Somalia Transitional Government.

Northa America Spokesmen of the SRRC

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Your Excellencies;


Somalia has had the misfortune of being the battleground of ruthless Warlords for over a decade now. Each generation of warlords gives way to a new breed of more pitiless ones.

The latest of such crimes against humanity, however, is committed in the guise of Somali National transitional Government where warlord's clan had not been enough to enable one to grow fatal horns, alliance with other clans have been sought to exact the annihilation a warlord had in mind. 

In a conference on late July, 2001, the clan warlords of Ayr, Duduble, Murursade and Mareehaan communities had agreed on forming a common faction called the Jubba Valley Alliance (JVA), in an effort to sustain the uprooting of the inhabitants of the rich Jubba Valleys as part of their strategy to capture and own this valley.

The meeting for the creation of this faction took place at the official residence of Mr Abdiqasim Salad Hassan, the so-called president of "the Transitional Government of Somalia "(TNS), a faction recently formed in Djibouti in the guise of being an interim Somali government, but better known among the Somalis as "Arta Group".

The respective clans of the alliance put up the JVA militias. In the patch-up, the Ayr clan mustered 115 "technicals"- battlewagons - 70 of which were gained with the help of the financial aid by the Kingdom os Saudi Arabia.

Murarsade's force accounted for twenty-seven battle wagons led by Mohamed Qanyare, the TNS's minister of Fishing and Marine Resouces, while the Duduble militias supported by eighteen "technicals" owned by two prominent businessmen -Ibrahim Afgoye and   Qorfane.

Marehan's forces led by Gen. Ahmed Warsame, Gen. Abdicasis Ali Barre iyo Col. Barre Hiiraale, accounted for a militias supported by nine battle wagons.

The Ayr contingent of the JVA militia was put under the command of Deyleef, a close relative of Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan, Gen. Galaal, another relative of the same man and the players like Col. Seeraar, Goobaale and Cirfo. Part of this contingent was deployed in Balli Doogle zone while others were deployed in Shabelle, Lower Jubba and Upper Jubba Zones.

What is so saddening is that the JVA was deployed at the behest of a faction that calls itself "the transitional Somali government" and that the international economic aid to Somalia by well-meaning countries was

channeled for the use as logistics support for these militias. This aid, which was never supposed to serve as fuel for the blaze in Somalia, had not only resulted in the displacement of large communities in most of the towns where the militias were deployed, but was instrumental in subjecting the residents of these areas to massacre, rape, displacement or intimidation.

Cities like Qoryoley, Brava and Kismayo witnessed horrendous crimes against humanity in recent days when the Somali Council (SRRC) militia challenged them in the area and JVA launched a final solution ethnic cleansing against the inhabitants of these cities.

In an interview on the BBC Somali Service on August, Mr Abdiqasim had admitted that he had sent reinforcements to the JVA militias, which operated mercilessly in the above-mentioned areas where heinous crimes against humanity had been committed.

In the last week of August, "the Transisitional Government’s" JVA militias massacred 115 people in Kismayo alone. The victims are subjected these crimes for resisting to be uprooted or were accused of being the sympathizers of the rival SRRC

In many appeals to the United Nations, the Somali intellectuals abroad decried these crimes against humanity and called on the concerned international organizations to take an action and stop this madness.

The SRRC appeals to the human rights organizations, the International Court of Justice and international war-crimes tribunals to look into this gross human rights violation in these areas and bring to book Abdiqassim Salad Hassan and the other war criminals involved.

SRRC also appeals to the international community to recognize as accomplices those countries whose financial aid to the TNS faction and their affiliates like JVA had been detrimental. 


Northa America Spokesmen of the SRRC

Abdibarre  jabriil62@hotmail.com


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