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SHASNA MediaWatch

BOSTON, MA - October 05, 2001


SHASNA MediaWatch department follows news analysis, commentaries, trends, news reports and press releases of the week. We pay special attention to Somali news in general, and to Arab financed and UN supported ‘ARTA TERROR CELLS’ in particular. We analyze, digest and separate facts from fiction. With so many news outlets and so many groups, each one vying for your attention, we will try our very best to fairly analyze what you have read or missed reading.

New York, USA

New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, an un-sunken hero and the first NY leader to address the UN General Assembly since 1952 when Vincent Impellitteri attended the opening of the U.N. compound on New York’s East River in 1952, on Monday spoke with the United Nations and told them who they really are and who they should strive to be! He reminded them that " The evidence of terrorism’s contempt for life and the concept of peace is lying beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center, less than two miles from where we meet today."

Mr. Guiliani looked straight at the chamber and continued "Look at that destruction, that massive, senseless cruel loss of human life. And then I ask you to look in your hearts and recognize that there is no room for neutrality on the issue of terrorism. You are either with civilization or with the terrorists." And aware of their incompetence and lack of will, he reminded them "…This is not a time for further study or vague directives."

Dear Mayor Guiliani, we wish you and the U.N. good luck; but please don’t cross your fingers, and remember: seated in that honorable chamber are members who voted for the expulsion of the U.S. from the Human Rights Commission and replaced it with the great Democratic State of Sudan! Also seated in that emotion filled chamber are members who aid and abet terror cells all over the world and East Africa in particular. Yet, they will hypocritically pledge to partake this strategy to combat and eradicate terror cells from our world.

Meanwhile, in concert with H.E. Mr. Kofi Annan, we hope "Out of evil can come good," and that "…The task now is to build on that wave of human solidarity, to ensure that the momentum is not lost, to develop a broad, comprehensive and, above all, sustaining strategy to combat terrorism and eradicate it from our world."

Your Excellency, we will surely hold your feet to the fire. But, before we do that, let us remind you and our readers to dust off the following recent analysis and news reports:

- SHASNA Report, Boston, MA, Sept 21, 2001 – "Another fact is the bonding of these cells and the Arta TNG throughout Somalia. Even though most Somalis are divided along clan lines, these terror cells, previously dispersed and dismantled either by Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed or the Ethiopian army, are amazingly all of a sudden well organized and united behind Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan’s new cell, the Somali TNG." "…And of course, the U.N. political officers, IRIN organization and the U.N.’s Somali Aid Coordination Body (SACB) based in Nairobi and headed by Mr. Randolph Kent recognize them as "rehabilitated" government police forces or TNG allied militias."

- AFP, Nairobi, Kenya, Sept 24, 2001 – Islamic group in Somalia among US most wanted: "AIAI helped establish Somalia’s Islamic courts and then ceded control of these courts to the Transitional National Government (TNG) that was set up in Somalia last year, a decade after the fall of the previous regime, which was led by Mohammed Siad Barre."

- Telegraph, Nairobi, Kenya, Sept 28, 2001 – Banks-to-terror conglomerate faces US wrath (news.telegraph.co.uk): " Al-Itihad Al-Islamiya, a radical Islamic group that owns banks and other businesses, joined forces with Al-Qa’eda in 1992 after its leaders met Osama bin Laden in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, where bin Laden was living." It continues, "Al-Itihaad certainly supports Salad [Head of the TNG Terror Cell]. It has posts in his government [council] and runs its headquarters openly in the capital, Mogadishu."

Your Excellency, having that in mind and, through high level secret briefings, aware of the status of the UN supported and Djibouti appointed TNG cell in Somalia, why would your political officers, in New York and in Nairobi, support and invest so much capital in Mr. Salad Hassan, his Council and political faction? And why would the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, IRIN, support a suspicious group and its councils; a council supported and funded by the Al-Itihad group and their sponsors in the Middle East? Where does the final responsibility for this IRIN organization rest; and if this UN humanitarian information unit, does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations or its agencies, whose views does it really reflect?

Your Excellency, when the whole world is busy searching the bases of these terror cells; when all the world’s information agencies are busy tracking them; the UN’s IRIN organization defends the un-defendable and gives us the following headlines:

Nairobi, 26 Sept (IRIN) – Somalia: President says terrorist individuals "may be present" – "Interim President [head of the council] Abdiqassim Salad Hassan has said his security forces have no knowledge of active terrorist cells inside southern Somalia…"

Your Excellency, even Osama bin Laden has denied being involved in the attack on America! And to boot, IRIN had an interview with the head council, vainly attempting to cleanse him out with the usual softball questions from his beloved brother! Softball questions to enhance the sub-clan and the group’s fortunes and public relations, and intended solely for the consumption of foreign correspondents and UN officials who - while not in their luxurious compounds - gather daily in and around the shades and watering holes of Nairobi’s Grand Regency and Intercontinental Hotel, in-search of the latest news.

Nairobi, 26 Sept (IRIN) – Somalia: Islamic courts used despite "nationalization" – "Most of the Islamic courts have since ceased to function independently from the TNG."

Your Excellency, we wonder what such statements really mean; could it be the other way around? The TNG is a continuation of the Islamic courts that are in turn a continuation of Al Qa’eda network! We seriously wonder what the next IRIN headline would be like when the sub-clan is soon caught red-handed!

Nairobi, 26 Sept (IRIN) – Somalia: Muslim clerics condemn attacks on US – "The meeting was attended by representatives of most of the most prominent tariqahs in Somalia [?]."

Your Excellency, we have no idea what that means! While most Somalis outside of the TNG agree with President Bush’s admonition that "those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah" we don’t know of representatives from all over Somalia attending such a meeting; and besides, such a meeting would not take place in a one sub-clan dominated city! A city whose former residents where either butchered or expelled, and their land and properties confiscated by the members of the sub-clan! But we are well aware of what IRIN did NOT report: there were widespread demonstrations against the US and for Osama bin Laden. Similar demonstrations also took place in the newest of the terror cells in Garoowe and in the port city of Boosaaso, Puntland.

Nairobi, 1 October (IRIN) – Somalia: Bank denies terrorist link – "The Chairman of Barakat Bank has denied press reports that his bank is owned by Al-Itihad al-Islami…"

Your Excellency, while we have no concrete testimony of Barakat’s involvement with Al-Qa’eda, we can present the following clear and compelling evidence:

  1. Everywhere in Somalia, it is a well-known fact that shareholders and even employees of this organization are proud members of Al-Itihaad group. They say so, and they are proud of it. If some of their fellow citizens are not members of the group, they recruit and encourage them to be members. So, why deny it now when they were proud of it yesterday?
  2. During General Morgan’s recent brief liberation war of Kismayo and surrounding areas, it was a well-known fact that his men were defeated by two Al-Itihaad groups and related sub-clan militias: one came from Mogadishu and Marka with Al-Barakat’s militias and technicals; the other is the more secretive and less-known group based in Ras Kamboni, South of Kismayo, and according to the Telegraph of London news report by Andrian Blomfield, an American missionary crossed to this less-known area and was murdered within few hours. General Morgan and his men were viciously caught in the middle, and they were no match to Al-Itihad’s organization and firepower. During this liberation war, IRIN together with the BBC Somali section coined this name: Jubba Valley Alliance. Of course it was an alliance; but is was not an alliance that IRIN and the BBC Somali Section wanted to delve too much into! We wonder why?
  3. In Mogadishu, one of the more dangerous cities in the world, there is only one untouchable. Neither an individual nor a tabloid with a physical presence in this city can write a word about Al-Barakat’s activities. Barakat is the most heavily armed and secretive entity in Mogadishu. And all that weight is thrown behind Mr. Salad Hassan’s TNG. Currently they are fortifying their presence in the port city of Boosaaso, Puntland. The question is: how does a company, established in the late 1970s, with one owner/employee in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the Somali money transfer business, within years become a conglomerate with sophisticated telecommunications business and in partnership with AT&T? A conglomerate doing money transfers all throughout the Middle East and the Horn. A conglomerate that amazingly knows its members, future recruits and to be shareholders from the rest of society. We hope our readers don’t misunderstand us. This is a brilliant and successful organization as the eye meets. This is a company Somalis should be proud of, provided however, that they are engaged in legitimate businesses. In the meantime, they have to answer some serious questions. We have analyzed some of their telecommunications businesses; their infrastructure; their monthly investments in on-going projects; their idle investments in Berbera, Hargeysa, Garoowe and Qardho and other numerous areas in Somalia; their cash flows, net of agency transactions from the Hawilaad business (pure cash transfers); and there are more than that meets the eye. Sometimes, the Company and the group operations do come across like a welfare state with no profit motives; and yet, their numbers don’t add up! Their overall net profit margins can’t support the investments in their infrastructure, their militias and welfare state! Where does this net positive cash flow from operations come from when close to an estimated 35% of their telecom subscribers are non-paying customers, and their most lucrative Hawilaads in North America never transfer funds on time with receivables aged over 90 days? With that kind of aging, where do the funds to pay local Somalis come from? They tell us there is no debt service in their balance sheet; and they insist there is no outside equity, and yet their sole and known financial backer remains the Islamic Bank of Dubai. A bank even considered very dubious by the UAE bank regulators.

There are lots of questions that their friends in IRIN and at the BBC Somali Section don’t understand, will not understand and can’t figure out. Let the experts inquire about it and come up with the truth about Al-Barakat. And while at it, let the world find out why Somalia has been punished, year after year, with a severe livestock ban? As always, we have the answer: it is to weaken the average Somali whose life grossly depends on livestock and thereby strengthen the hand of Al-Barakat and Al-Itihad movement. And surely it has, as Barakat and friends are today one of the few stronger and wealthy powerbrokers left in all of Somalia.

Having all of the above in mind, Your Excellency, would the UN now admit defeat in your nation building, leadership appointment and government sponsorship process in Somalia? Or Your Excellency, would you wait until the good offices of the UN are again used, abused and humiliated by special interests? These special interests are roaming amongst us and do remain at-large in this new world order. Your Excellency, the world is watching and waiting, unless of course, the whole exercise is public relations eyewash!


New York- Sometime soon, members of the Security Council will receive a "comprehensive report of the Secretary-General" on the Somali situation. This report will be prepared by none other than Sir Kieran Prendergast’s political officers in Nairobi, namely " Aid-Lords" Mr. David Stephens and Mr. Randolph Kent. Will the fairy tale continue and Mogadishu’s TNG terror cell and its council be given U.N. recognition or will another Somali Peace conference be convened in Somalia?

So far we are pleased about the disgraced ‘representative’ of the TNG terror cell still unable to proceed to any known direction. But we are extremely disturbed by the use of Ambassador Jean-David Levitte of France’s good name by this ‘representative’ of the Arta TNG. Mr. Hashi claims to have met Mr. Levitte, but we hope that meeting was imaginary and therefore a feigned meeting over a cocktail napkin!

We are also extremely disturbed by the alleged printing of passports in France by representatives of the Arta TNG terror cell. These passports, if printed under the supervision of the UN and the French government, could be used as new identities by members of the world’s terror cells. The French government cannot, on one hand, claim it is fighting terrorism, and on the other hand, together with the corrupt Djibouti elite, print fake passports for terror cells worldwide. We trust the President of the Security Council believes in sustaining the "strategy to combat terrorism and eradicate it from our world." Let us not, at least, give a helping hand to known terror cells in the Horn!

The Hague – The war criminals who directed Siad Barre’s war against all Somalis, and headed by none other than Mr. AbdiQasim Salad Hassan, related terror cells and certain entourage in Hotel Ramadan, are also today directing other crimes against humanity: the massacres of Baraawe and Kismayo; and the torching of Garasweyne, Hejmacood and Kuunyo-Barrow villages and where most of the resident were either massacred or chased away by the so-called Islamic court militia terror cells and sub-clan militias from the coastal town of Marka, south of Mogadishu, and Ras Kamboni, south of Kismayo. We hope the UN and their highly regarded political officers pay close attention to these devastating wars and heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Arta sub-clan. These men in Hotel Ramadan and many others, members of the UN pet project, got us where we are today. The UN should not only pay lip service to human rights abuses, but also should lead the way and show some action. Unless of course, as always, crimes against the Blackman and Africans in particular are not considered real crimes! We sincerely hope it ain’t so.

By the way, would Djibouti officials please provide travel documentation of Mr. Salad Hassan and entourage during their stay in Djibouti and related travels to and fro Khartoum and Dubai? Would Djibouti officials please provide the base’s personnel incomings and outgoings during their conference in Arta? Would Djibouti officials, Mr. Ghelle, Mr. Boreh and the French embassy please provide the details of the financial web and wire transfers in and out of Djibouti banks during their bought and paid for conference? Would Djibouti officials please explain how a dubious professor with a well-known track record, Mr. Ali Khalif Galaydh of Syracuse University, all of a sudden becomes a cigarette mogul and telecommunications giant in partnership with Al-Barakat in Djibouti, Dubai and in Somalia? Let us, for now and for once, pull out all the stops. Let us, for a change, never again rely boilerplate answers from Mr. David Stephens and his "Aid-Lords." Your Excellency, let us put to stop the middle of the night Middle East provided weapons to the TNG, to their secretive council members in Ras Kamboni and to the newest base of the terror cell in the port city of Boosaaso, Puntland. Let us, for a change, try to combat terrorism and eradicate it from our world.

Mogadishu – In this devastated city, competed by clans, sub-clans and religious zealots, you have tabloid journalists and real journalists. One such brilliant and brave journalist is Mohamed M. Ali of Midnimo.com (www.midnimo.com) and Editor of Panorama weekly newsletter in Mogadishu. Mohamed has been chronicling Mogadishu’s TNG since inception and arrival in Mogadishu, and has also extensively reported about their associations with the Middle East terror cells and financial web and relations with the corrupt Djibouti elite. Unfortunately, because of his writing, reports and exposés, Mr. M.M. Ali’s life has been seriously threatened. And as mentioned above, there are lots of news items that he can’t even imagine, let alone report about it, lest he compromises his dear life. We urge all organizations and individuals capable of helping Mr. M.M. Ali to extend a helping hand. We also urge the UN’s security personnel to keep an eye on Mr. Ali, and for the TNG’s sub-clan and so-called Islamic court militias to refrain from intimidations and take downs of innocent lives.

IRIN – UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, a misnomer, should be appropriately renamed the UN Office for the Coordination of instability in East Africa! We still await their humanitarian reports dealing with the sad humanitarian affairs in Somalia! When was the last IRIN-East Africa report that dealt with the massacres, depredation, looting, uprooting, rape and torture of Baraawe, Marka and Kismayo city residents? One more recent and widely publicized story is the daylight murder and slaughter of Asho Sharif’s two very young children, members of the Banadiri community, by Mr. Salad Hassan’s sub-clan militia. We are not surprised but extremely disturbed that IRIN, the UN’s Humanitarian arm has yet to raise a finger! Time will tell if the UN’s IRIN organization is witting or unwitting collaborator of Mogadishu’s TNG terror cell and sub-clan militias!

BBC Somali Section – The sub-clan militia radio broadcasters at the BBC Somali Section and their reporters in Mogadishu are in full alert! Warning: don’t believe their news reports, as always, it is an outlet for the sub-clan and other associated militia fantasies. Just like their IRIN online sister magazine, they are always out to justify the evil actions of team members. On Sept 29, they also came out of the woodworks to fire softball questions to Barakat’s Bank Chairman; one of the alleged US targeted banks worldwide.

As mentioned earlier, where IRIN is responsible for the TNG’s foreign matters and international relations, the BBC Somali Section’s propaganda and misinformation is intended to terrorize the hearts and minds of innocent Somali listeners; and it is strictly for domestic consumption only. But fear none, Somali people know who is who and who is involved in what. Sleep tight, the days of misinformation are over!

By the way, as a footnote to your incompetence or deliberate misinformation, on Sept 28, 2001, you posted a notice to British citizens in Northern Somalia, informing them who and where they should call. Please try again and correct the telephone number on your website as follows: All British citizens in Somaliland and Puntland, please call this number in Addis Ababa at (251) 161 2354 and not (251) 161 2345 as shown on our previous BBC Somali Section website posting.

Again, please never rely this outlet for information and do exercise caution wherever you might be.

We trust that Her Majesty will soon inquire if they BBC Somali Section is a witting or unwitting supporter and collaborator of the Middle East terror cells based in Mogadishu!


Thank you very much for your support in the ARENA OF IDEAS in these trying times. The true and tested hard working and devoted Somalis need leadership and unbiased information. We will try our very best to provide that. To other Somalis on the fence: the days of one clan forcefully dominating the other are over. If each one of us doesn’t clean his/her own house, nobody will clean it for us! For all the young men and women: don’t waste your time in this clan rubbish. Stay in school; we may need you someday. For the few who disagree, please be specific in where we err, if we do at all!

SHASNA* Editorial Board
cc: SHASNA Members

*SHASNA is an advocacy group based in Boston, Massachusetts. It stands for the unity and peaceful coexistence of Somali people. It supports the creation of a federal system of governance to safeguard the emerging free markets of the Recovery Zones. SHASNA encourages corporate and individual investments in the Recovery Zones. It has presences in both Puntland (Boosaaso, Garoowe, Buurtinle, Bacaadweyn and Galkayo) and Somaliland (Hergeysa, Berbera and Burco).


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