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  • [SW Country](Galkayo - PL ) PRESS RELEASE DGPL  : Posted on [12 Oct 2001]

Galkayo, September 9,2001  


Information reaching this Office from Port City of Bosaso, Puntland State, says that since the launching of USA led offensive against terrorism in Afghanistan, AL ITIHAD movement has stepped up recruitment and training of the unemployed youth in Bari and Sanaag regions of Puntland State of Somalia. 

According to this report, military training camps had been set up in undeveloped areas not far from towns of Bosaso and Eelayo and Las Korey of Sanaag region. 

It is believed that AL Itihad organization of Mogadishu has been sending newly conscripted youth to Bosaso in an intention to assist in its plans to overthrow the Administration of Puntland State of Somalia after convening a non-participatory and openly provocative congress in Garowe, Puntland State. 

Earlier, one hundred nineteen young men, whom were transported secretly from Mogadishu had been captured in a police checkpoint in Mudugh (Galkayo).

They were on their way to Bosaso. Galkayo police has learned through interrogation that at least four hundred youth from Mogadishu had  entered Bosaso in a covert operation for either training purpose or they were already trained men on their way to give support to Usama Bin Laden in accordance with Al Itihad’s recent statement in Mogadishu following September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. 

The Prime Minister of the Arta Faction (TNG) had announced that his administration was 'behind the Garowe Conference' to destabilize the Administration of Puntland State, in a recent interview picked up in voice and written by most Somali websites. 


Ismail H. Warsame

Chief of Cabinet - DGPL


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