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  • [SW Country] ( Baydhabo) SRRC  Policy  STATEMENT : Posted on [15 Oct 2001]

Somali Republic


Somali Reconciliation &  Restoration Council 

H.Q Baidoa, Somalia

X6/6/SRRC/09916/2001 - Badioa, Wednasday, 10. October 2001


Issued by the SRRC Presidential Bureau


From the moment the Art group took place the stage of politics and national crisis in Somalia, under the false claim of being a government . some countries have come forward, unscrupulously,  to pump money and weapons into Somalia to bolster the  the military ,and financial capacity of the group by using, as a cover up ,the legitimacy of the international personality of the state of Somalia for a sinister motivation, as all post Art development of events prove .

It is clear to all observers that, in the absence of an internally recognized legitimacy, functioning, as an agreed national authority in Somalia, the international state personality of our country would be automatically devoid of any legal content according of any to norms and acceptable  practice of the international law.

Any action, not respecting these precincts of international law is nothing but a  conspiracy with a disastrous  effect on the prospects  of peace and stability in Somalia and nearby countries too, in an open contrast to the vital interests of the Somalia people to shape their own destiny and form the kind of authority, state structures and leadership they would find appropriate for the solution of the root causes of the  conflict in Somalia, whether it is political, clan complexity, constitutional, military of form governance, etc.         

Outside imposed formula, cannot override or circumvent the wishes of the Somali people, what ever may be the volume of he accountable aid it may be receiving as life substance It is a pity and rather astonishing  to see like Libya , Egypt , Saudi Arabia , Djibouti ,Qatar , Yemen and surprisingly, Italy , getting involved in this dangerous game of extending financial, political, military and material support to a non existing authority in Somalia .

Arms delivery through  Ballidogle airfield from Egypt , Libya, Yemen and Djibouti : plus tons of food aid shipment and logistical supplies  such as fuel, are being ferried, by see and air lift, to Somalia, through Merca , El-ma,an (Mogadishu), and Shimbirale to enable the Art group impose itself  as a fictitious government, despite an all out rejection it is suffering in all corners of the country  and the desperate enclave survivalist life it is experiencing within the capital, Mogadishu, itself over a year now. 

Italy's role in support of the Arta group, by indirect means and unviable and dubious schemes,  such as fictitious demobilization programmers  and other so called instructional civil protection and Admintrative capacity building, intended  for self enrichment, self armament  and private militia sustenance , is too, a source of grave concern to the Somali people and constitute serious threat  to peace and reconciliation taking advent in Somalia.

The big question is : what  are the aims of these countries or the central point of their collusion; and in whose interest they are acting ?

Obviously , it is not for peace ; neither for the well being of the Somali people, nor it has an altruistic objective, to be any value.  The strange collusion in behavior can only have (5) aims; 

1. To keep Somalia under  a perpetual turmoil denying it stability and development, in complete disregard to the vital intrinsic interests of our nation to live in peace with it self and with its neighbors .

2.To use Somalia, as a staging point for strategic encirclement of the  Nile sources, simply transforming our country into empty lunching pad, under the control of unrepresentative groups, using false pan Arabism or extremist pan Islam ideology, as instructions of power grapping and destabilization of neighboring countries as much as possible.

3. To prevent independent patriotic thinking forces from taking over the reigns of leadership and promote peaceful democratic transition to restore Somalia back into one and united state .

4. To keep Somalia hostage of the past cold war politics and the revival of dark days of hated, enmity, fundamentalism, narrow nationalism and military confrontation, as basics of the ideological  line charted for the Arta group.

5. To generate aid resources for dubious uses and unlawful gains, 

These five elements and other scandalous financial  aid schemes are the factors, which influence and guide this untenable attitude, harboring no good for Somalia and its people; as the reasons of the unholy involvement, fully, demonstrate. In a nutshell, this strange behavior reveals shattered moral values and a crisis investment conspiracy, to sacrifice the national interests of Somalia to all sorts of careless whims, for a purpose which cannot be concealed any more, as the logics of rationality testy to.

Is it conceivable to pretend fighting extremist terrorist forces at home, with international dimension, while emboldening it in Somalia, just for the sake of blind strategic encirclement purposes and waste of resources, at the detriment of peace and stability in Somalia and the region as a whole? is it reasonable to work for peace and bend on generating conflict in Somalia? is it palatable to pretend assisting Somalia, in its present shape, and look  for windfall reaps or gains?

The SRRC denounces this  attitude and calls upon the countries involved in this doubt  standard conduct to take off their hands from Somalia and stop aggravating the conflict in our country further more.

The SRRC, in the case of persistence on negative and inimical course, contrary  to the interests of the Somali people, finds itself compelled to drastically review its stand  visa-vis those countries, which are part of these anti- peace collusion in Somalia.

It also strongly appeals to the Arab league and to European Union intervene in the matter before it affects negatively the good links of Somalia with the Arab countries enlisted in this statement and  with  Italy, as well; if the attitude above referred remains unchanged.  

In the same guise, the SRRC officially urges the IGAD member states and its Executive Secretariat  to freeze the IPF membership of the countries mentioned above; since their role, on relation to Somalia, has shown to be in function of continuous desalinization in the region and pre-empting all genuine peace efforts in Somalia to evolve .

The SRRC also appeals to the United Nations, the OAU, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to take appropriate measures to redress this situation in the interest of good understanding among all parties involved in the search of peace and reconciliation in Somalia on unbiased ground .

Best regards.

Eng. Hussein M.F.Aideed

Chairman of SRRC



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