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  • [SW Country]( Galkayo- Puntland) AN OPEN LETTER TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY :Posted on [16Oct 2001]

Galkayo, October 14,2001

Attention to:     

UN, EU, Arab League, OAU, IGAD, OIC, INGOs 


 Your Excellencies, 

On behalf of the people of Puntland, in particular, and Somali people, in general, please allow me to give you a synopsis of the Somali dilemmas of late.

Your Excellencies, in an otherwise unstable Somalia, the 'Recovery and Transitional Zones,' together with their people and the world community, have made real progress in keeping the peace, re-instituting the educational foundations, developing water sanitations and rehabilitating the doomed infrastructures. Since its creation, Puntland State has succeeded in establishing the basic government institutions, and has enacted laws that guarantee the basic human rights and protect the environment. We have succeeded in banning charcoal production. We have also banned wildlife exportation and have removed from Puntland territorial waters an estimated 3,000 foreign vessels, mostly from Italy, that illegally fished in our waters or engaged in toxic waste dumping. We have rehabilitated thousands of militias and created strong police forces. We were hopeful for the resuscitation of the Somali State.

Your Excellencies, having kept the peace and created an environment conducive to business development and investments, the world community, former colonial powers, some close friends and the UN had turned the tables on us. Foreign conceived and financed so-called Arta peace process had been imposed on us and it has since hijacked all Somali peace processes. We initially supported this Djibouti peace process, but unfortunately was used for the demise of Somalia and was hijacked by Al-Itihad fundamentalists and subsequently supported by the willing unemployed previous Siad Barre Ministers. This peace process also has hijacked all UN peace intentions for Somalia and is dominated by foreign interests. It is a process that is extending the civil war flames in Somalia and in each day results more deaths of innocent Somali men, women and children. It is a process that rekindled the clan wars in Somalia for the benefit of few individuals and an ambitious sub-clan. It is a misguided process that we have warned about in numerous Press Releases. The by-product of this peace process has used world and UN donated funds for Somalia for the benefit of few individuals and a sub-clan, and is tirelessly being used for the destruction of the few and proud achievements of Somalis.

Your Excellencies, more than one year later, after more hardships and sufferings, after more deaths and debilitations, after unaccounted for millions of dollars of donor funds, this process has finally been claimed, on a BBC program, by the Arta Premier to be flawed and that it has created more warlords within. He continued on that he, as the Premier of this organization, had no idea of any achievements and was severely disturbed by the constant flow and exchange of cash in and out of his group; cash funds that he claims had no idea where it originates from. He also warns of more deaths and debilitations. Your Excellencies, to prevent more Somali bloodshed, the by-product of this foreign imposed process has to be halted as soon as possible.

Your Excellencies, initially, this process has not appealed to the international community, which supported the trials and tribulations of the Recovery and Transitional Zones. And as earlier observed by the UN General Secretary in his Somalia report GENERAL S/1999/882 16 August "As a country without a national government, Somalia remains unique," but acknowledged the, "fact that administrations in some parts of the country, notably in north-western Somalia (Somaliland) and northeast Somalia (Puntland), have began to provide some basic services to their people." He continued, "This move towards decentralization is fuelled by the need to survive. The International Community, therefore, needs to support economically these regions. We must reward those who have made serious efforts to restore security and peace to protect human rights."

Your Excellencies, far from being supported and rewarded, whatever little progress and achievements we have so far made, is slowly being taken away from us; and new seeds of civil war is being planted right in front of the world community. This foreign imposed peace process hijacked the deeds of the UN Secretary General and the world community concerns for Somalia. Now, almost over one year later, the UN and the world community know where that process has ended up.

Your Excellencies, the UN and the world community should know that this has been an alien process. A process Somalis never had any input, but has been hijacked by special interests serving their own agendas. It is a process handpicked, supported and funded by Middle East special interests; special interests committed to having their own way or nothing else. These are special interest spearheaded by Al-Itihad Al-Islamia of East Africa. These foreign dominated special interests have slowly taken control of all key Somali economic resources. These economic resources are today used to control and manipulate Somali masses, their way of life and independent nature. These foreign dominated special interests are today being represented by what the UN wrongfully calls the Somali Transitional National Government.

Your Excellencies, by way of their amazing scheming, these special interests today use the all too familiar logo of TNG, and they are aided and abetted, mainly, by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Italy. This TNG consists of disgraced former officials of Siyad Barre, Al Itihad and foreign imposed Islamic courts. It is a TNG that is not a government but hijackers of Somali will, wants and desires.  These are men whose special interests and schemes have deep roots in today's Somali dilemmas. Men who knowingly are used by other men of sinister motives. The world community must once and for all put to stop aiding and abetting the destroyers of Somali builders. Today, one thing should be clear to all: It is easy to destroy but hard to recoup and rebuild.

Your Excellencies, it is our little desire to ask the world community to help the desperate Somali people and rebuild the long awaited Somali peace process. Please, don't take it lightly; these special interests have deep roots and many unlikely friends; let us fight the entrenched evil forces.  

Your Excellencies, we trust the UN and the world community will help us with our 'bottom-up approach' and help us establish a federal system of governance for Somalia.

Your Excellencies, Puntland would like to pick up this opportunity and express its thanks and appreciation to the international community, the UN, EU, Arab League, OAU, IGAD, OIC, NGOs and all those who expressed their sympathy to the Somali situation or relieved the suffering of the Somali people.

I thank you very much,

Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed


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